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30 Fun Things to Do during a 4-day City Trip to Barcelona.

Barcelona the city of sun, sea, Gaudi and Tapas.
Barcelona is therefore the perfect destination for a city trip in Europe.

Barcelona is a very big city and therefore several city trips are needed to see everything of this cool city. But in a city trip of 3 to 4 days you can certainly plan the best and most popular attractions and activities.

Read all about the best things to do during a city trip to Barcelona, ​​the nicest city in Spain!


Day 1, explore the old, historic center of Barcelona

The first day in Barcelona we explore the historic center and some of the coolest sights in this Spanish city. The historical center of Barcelona can be found in the Barri Gotic, but we will also visit the Eixample and La Ribera districts on this first day. We spend this day on foot, so you can fully absorb the atmosphere and history of Barcelona.


Do you need your dose of caffeine in the morning? Don't worry. In the gothic quarter of Barcelona there are many nice bars, where you can wake up with a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

Torradors Bon Mercat Llibreteria, a hip place where you get freshly roasted coffee. There is a wide choice of coffee flavors.

Address: Baixada de la Llibreria, 3, 08002 Barcelona

Meson del Cafe 1909, the cute facade hides an even more cozy coffee bar. 

Address: Carrer de la Llibreteria, 16, 08002 Barcelona

COTO COFFEE + COLMADO, the Gothic Quarter's top-rated coffee shops. This hip little bar is hella cool place.

Address: Baixada de Caçador, 1, 08002 Barcelona

1. Barcelona Cathedral, the heart of Barcelona

We start this day at one of the main attractions of the historic center of Barcelona.

Barcelona Cathedral is the heart of the Gothic Quarter, El Barri Gotic. It is certainly not the most famous church in Barcelona, but it is differentdid not eat this historic landmark in Barcelona. The interior of this church is certainly beautiful, but the coolest thing about Barcelona Cathedral is the top. You can take an elevator to the roof of this Cathedral. From this roof you have a  great view over the historic center of Barcelona. 


Address: Pla de la Seu, s/n, 08002 Barcelona

2. Pont del Bisbe, one of the most famous photo spots in Barcelona

Pont del Bisbe is one of the most popular photo spots in Barcelona. It is therefore a beautiful, historic bridge. Or not? No, not! Pont del Bisbe is completely fake and does not come from the Gothic period at all.

The bridge was only built in the twentieth century for the 1929 World's Fair. 

But despite the fact that it is not a Gothic bridge, we think a photo of this bridge is a must during your Barcelona city trip.

AddressC. del Bisbe, 08002 Barcelona

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Travel tips for a 3-day city trip to Barcelona b.jpg

5. La Rambla, Barcelona's most famous street

Does the Ramblas belong on this list or is it just an overrated street? A bit of both. Is the Ramblas really as special as they say, probably not. It is just a very large boulevard with shops, overpriced terraces and restaurants. But a pedestrian boulevard with palm trees, nice shopping stalls and street artists that color the streetscape. Are you going to be super impressed by the Ramblas, maybe not. But it simply belongs on your list when you visit Barcelona. 

6. La Boqueria, THE market of Barcelona

La Boqueria is Barcelona's famous market. You can buy fresh products here from early in the morning until late in the evening, but also a lot of delicious food and snacks. So if you are looking for a nice snack, La Boqueria is definitely the perfect place for that. 

From the Ramblas you walk directly into this colorful market.

Address: La Rambla, 91, 08001 Barcelona

7. Palau de la Música Catalana, an underrated gem in Barcelona

Palau de la Musica Catalana is one of the most underrated sights in Barcelona. But as far as we are concerned, this is definitely a building that you must see. It is grand, colorful, it has beautiful stained glass windows and the glass dome in the concert hall is a true work of art. The mosaic columns outside are perhaps the most characteristic of this attraction in Barcelona and you have certainly seen it somewhere. 


Address: C/ Palau de la Musica, 4-6, 08003 Barcelona

The most beautiful sights in Barcelona

Click on the photo for more information

City Trip Barcelona, 10 Must-see sights in Barcelona a.jpg
Most beautiful sights in Barcelona, Casa Mila Gaudi.jpg
Most beautiful sights in Barcelona, Parc Guell.webp
City Trip Barcelona, 10 Must-see sights in Barcelona b.jpg
City Trip Barcelona, 10 Must-see sights in Barcelona e.jpg
City trip Barcelona, 10x Must See sights d.jpg
Most beautiful sights in Barcelona, Camp Nou.webp
Most beautiful sights in Barcelona, Casa Vicens.webp

8. Arc de triomf, a copycat in Barcelona

The Arc de Triomf in Barcelona? Yes, this triumphal arch in Barcelona is itself inspired by the original version in Paris. This Arc de Triomf was built for the World Exhibition in Barcelona, for which this arch formed the entrance.  This Arc de Triomf is certainly not as impressive as the triumphal arch in Paris, but it is a nice sight in Barcelona.

Adress: Passeig de Lluis Companys, 08003 Barcelona


It's probably time for lunch by now, so here are a few restaurant suggestions in the area around the Arc de Triomf.

Restaurant Spaccanapoli Barcelona, for a delicious Italian lunch

Address: Carrer del Rec Comtal, 6, 08003 Barcelona

Elsa and Fred, just super good food.

Address: Carrer del Rec Comtal, 11, 08003 Barcelona

Secrets of the Mediterraneani, for authentic, Spanish dishes in a luxurious jacket

Address: Pg. de St. Joan, 28, 08010 Barcelona

9. Parc de la Ciutadella, a moment of tranquility in busy Barcelona

Parc de la Ciutadella is Barcelona's most popular park. This city park is the perfect place to retreat to the greenery and relax. 

But Barcelona wouldn't be Barcelona if there wasn't a lot to see in this city park as well. There are even a number of sights in Parc de la Ciutedella that you really want to see. The most impressive of these is the fountain with all the royal details. Decorated with gold and statues, you can only call this fountain decadent. Read HERE more about Parc de la Ciutadella.

10. The two coolest museums in Barcelona

Barcelona has a lot of great museums. The most famous and popular museum in Barcelona is the Picasso museum with no less than 1 million visitors per year.  There are only three Picasso museums in the world. Barcelona has the largest collection of these three museums. 

It is therefore a major attraction for art lovers. 

Next to the Picasso museum you will find the Moco Museum. This Moco Museum is a museum with a Dutch touch, because it was founded by Dutch people. 

This Museum is not at all comparable to the Picasso Museum. It is a modern museum with young art. Especially the digital art on the first floor is also very nice for children and young people.


Address Picasso Museum: C/ de Montcada, 15-23, 08003 Barcelona


Address Moco museum: C/ de Montcada, 25, 08003 Barcelona

11. Platja de la Barceloneta, the city beach of Barcelona

Just a few meters from the center of Barcelona, you will find the popular sandy beach of Barcelona. It is a fairly large sandy beach. But because it is so close to the center, it is very busy here, especially in the summer and it looks like Scheveningen, where you lie with your towels against each other. But nevertheless it is a nice place to cool off in the hot summers of Barcelona. 

Moreover, you will also find many nice beach bars here for a nice cocktail or a bite to eat. 

12. La Vila Olimpica del Poblenou, the Olympic Games in Barcelona

From the beach of Barceloneta you can walk straight into Vila Olimpica. Here too you can cool off on the beach. But it is especially the interesting architecture on the boulevard that will attract attention. 

13. Rambla del Poblenou, a cool neighborhood in Barcelona

Rambla de Poblenou is the little brother of the DE Ramblas in Barcelona. The big advantage of this smaller brother is that you can still take a nice quiet walk here and enjoy a snack and a drink, because you don't have to make your way between the thousands of tourists here. 

It is therefore a wonderful place to end the day in one of the many restaurants you can find here. 

This neighborhood is also a very cool neighborhood for street art enthusiasts. 


La Tavernicola, a cozy restaurant with tasty grill dishes.

Address: Carrer de Roc Boronat, 70, 08005 Barcelona

Terra del Fuego, even more tasty grill dishes

Address: Carrer de Venero, 18, 08005 Barcelona

GatsbyBarcelona, a luxury dinner show experience with super food.

Address: Carrer de Tuset, 19, 08006 Barcelona

L'Autentic, don't feel like Spanish food? Then this Lebanese restaurant is perfect!

Address: Rambla del Poblenou, 99, 08005 Barcelona

Day 2, Gaudi and the main sights of Barcelona

Barcelona and Gaudi are often mentioned in one sentence. Gaudi has really left his mark on this Spanish city. The buildings of this Spanish architect are the reason that more than 2 million tourists visit Barcelona every year.

 The most important sights of Barcelona are therefore planned for day 2 of your Barcelona city trip. 

14. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona's most popular landmark

TheSagrada Familia is not only Gaudi's most famous building, but also Barcelona's most famous landmark. 

The church is unlike any other church in the world. From all the special details on the outside of the Sagrada Familia to the special light from the many colorful stained-glass windows on the inside, everything is special about this unique building. 


During a city trip to Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia should definitely be on your must-see list. 

Although the inside of the Sagrada Familia can only be called spectacular, it is quite expensive to visit this church. In addition, the tickets are limited and must be purchased well in advance. 


But don't worry, if you can't visit the Sagrada Familia from the inside, the outside is definitely still worth a visit.



Address: C/ de Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcelona


If you want a unique look at the Sagrada Familia, then this rooftop bar is the spot for it. But you also have to book this in time. 

Bar-Terraza Ayre Rossello, Address: C/ del Rosselló, 390, 08025 Barcelona

15. Casa Batlló, a unique building in Barcelona

Like every building by Gaudi, tooCasa Batlo an absolutely unique piece of architecture. It is the most fairytale-like work of this famous Spanish architect. Gaudi was commissioned by a wealthy textile magnate to designCasa Batlo, an ode to the patron saint of Catalonia, Sant Jordi. You can see this, among other things, in the dragon's tail on the roof of this special building.

But if you think the facade is already impressive, the inside is even more of a surprise. The round shapes, the windows, the special roof terrace, there is so much to see in this building. 


Address: Pg. de Gracia, 43, 08007 Barcelona


16. Casa Milà-La Pedrera,  round shapes in Barcelona

Not far from Casa Batllo you will find another famous building by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, Casa Mila - La Pedrera. This apartment building is completely different from Casa Batllo, but because of the special shapes you will immediately recognize the hand of Antoni Gaudi in this building.


The facade is special, but it is especially the roof terrace of Casa Milala Pedrera that is the real highlight of this building. The use of color is completely neutral, but the strangely different shapes make it absolutely impressive. And you even have a view of the Sagrada Familia from this roof terrace.  


Address: Pg. de Gracia, 92, 08008 Barcelona


After visiting three impressive buildings by Antoni Gaudi, it's time for lunch. Both of these buildings are located on Passeig de Gracia, arguably Barcelona's main road with numerous shops and restaurants. Here are some suggestions for a nice lunch.


La Paleria, when in Spain, eat Paella. 

Address: C/ de Provença, 269, 08036 Barcelona

El Nacional Barcelona, a collection of restaurants and one of the nicest places in Barcelona

Address:Pg. de Gracia, 24 Bis, 08007 Barcelona

Vinitus, luxurious, but typical Spanish dishes

Address: C/ d'Aragó, 282, 08007 Barcelona

17. Casa Vicens, a piece of Asia in Barcelona

We are not done with our Gaudi day yet, becausecCasa Vincents is the next house designed by Antoni Gaudi which is on today's schedule. Casa Vicens is unlike any other Antoni Gaudi building.  It is one of Antoni Gaudi's less-visited buildings, but certainly no less beautiful. 

Casa Vicens is the very first building of this Spanish architect in the city of Barcelona. Where you see a lot of round shapes in his other designs, Casa Vicens is completely different. In this house you mainly see Eastern influences, because this house gives a special appearance.


Address: Carrer de les Carolines, 20-26, 08012 Barcelona


18. Park Güell, the most beautiful park in Barcelona

Parc Guell is definitely one of the highligts of Antoni Gaudi. Besides the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell is definitely a must-see during your Barcelona city trip.

Parc Guell is colorful and has so many architectural details that sometimes you don't know where to look. From the colorful mosaics, to the special column gallery to the giant salamander, everything is crazy and special in this park. 

Parc Guell consists of two parts. There is a part that can only be visited with tickets, but there is also a part of Parc Guell that you can explore for free and which is definitely worth it. 

The real highlight is of course the part for which you need tickets. Make sure you get the tickets on time, because they sell out quickly.


Address: 08024Barcelona


19. Gracia, the Barcelona of the locals

Antoni Gaudi's Casa Vicens and Parc Guell are both located in the Gracia district. Gracia is certainly one of the nicest neighborhoods in Barcelona and is also called the Barcelona of the locals.  You will certainly encounter fewer tourists here. Here you will find unique shops and lots of nice bars and terraces. 


gastrorea, cosy, with good tapas

Address: C/ de Verdi, 39, 08012 Barcelona

Las Muns Gracia, this is the place to be for the tastiest empanadas!

Address: C/ de Verdi, 29, 08012 Barcelona

Enter hores- Tapas and Cocktails, the perfect way to end the day

Address: C/ de Verdi, 4, 6, 08012 Barcelona

The Quick Greek Gracia, the tastiest Gyros

Address: Carrr d'Astúries, Plaça del Diamant, 67, 08012 Barcelona

Nomo Gracia, for delicious sushi

Address C/ Gran de Gracia, 13, 08012 Barcelona

Day 3, the best views in Barcelona

There is so much more to see in Barcelona. And today we're going up in Barcelona and you'll see Barcelona from a completely different angle. For some of the activities on the program, we hope that you are not afraid of heights

20. With the cable car a unique view of the port of Barcelona

There are two cable cars in Barcelona and today we take them both. Today we start in the port of Barcelona, at the Transbordador aeri del port. This cable car is about 1.3 kilometers long and takes about 10 minutes. This cable car goes over a spectacular height of 70 meters and really gives you an amazing view over the port of Barcelona. If you are afraid of heights, this may not be the best activity, because when you hang 70 meters above the sea, it is quite exciting even for people without a fear of heights. 

This cable car does not take you to the top of Montjuic, but it does take you to a beautiful viewpoint halfway up this mountain.


Address Pg. de Joan de Borbó, 88, 08039 Barcelona

And then we go directly to the next cable car that will take you all the way to the top of Montjuic mountain. The ride with this cable car takes about 5 to 10. And of course you also have a great view over the city of Barcelona from these gondolas. Teleferico de Montjuic takes you to the top of Montjuic, where you can visit the castle of Montjuic, among other things.

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE DE Teleferico de Montjuic

Address: Avinguda Miramar, 30, 08038 Barcelona

Castell de Montjuic is the historic castle on top of Montjuic mountain. It was once built as a military fort, but was later converted into the castle it is today. Today it is a museum full of history that you can visit. We especially liked the views from Castell de Montjuic over the city of Barcelona. 


Address: CT. de Montjuïc, 66, 08038 Barcelona


If you are still looking for a nice place to have lunch, there are also a number of good restaurants on Montjuic. Read our suggestions below.

El Xalet de Montjuic, dining with a view

Address: Avinguda Miramar, 31, 08038 Barcelona.

Terrassa Martinez, good rice dishes with a good view

Address: CT. de Miramar, 38, 08038 Barcelona

Petit Montjuic, typical spanish dishes

Address: Carrer de Sant Isidre, 2, 08004 Barcelona

23. Père Lachaise, a different kind of cemetery on Montjuic mountain,  Barcelona

On the mountain Montjuic you will find a number of other sights, including the remarkable cemetery Pere Lachaise. When you flew to Barcelona by plane, you may have already seen this cemetery up against the mountain. The tombs are built against the flanks of Montjuic mountain. The architecture and atmosphere of this cemetery, which is also called the city of the dead, can only be described as different and remarkable.

And while it may be a bit of a crazy stop on a city trip, the Montjuic cemetery is well worth a visit during your Barcelona city break.

Address: C/ de la Mare de Déu de Port, 56, 58, 08038 Barcelona

24. Jardin de Mossen Costa i Llobera, a botanical garden with a view

And we linger for a while on the Montuic mountain. Because the next stop on our route is the gardens of Montjuic. 

On the mountain of Montjuic there are several gardens where you can really escape the hustle and bustle of the city of Barcelona. Our favorite garden is this; Jardin de Mosses Costa i Llobera.
In these gardens you can admire no fewer than 800 different types of cacti, from all over the world. 

Jardin de Mosses Costa i Llobera is certainly a special botanical garden.

Address: CT. de Miramar, 38, 08038 Barcelona

25. To the top of Tibidabo for the most beautiful sunset in Barcelona

To conclude the third day of your Barcelona city break, we'll keep up the altitude and head to a popular destination to watch the sun go down in Barcelona.  

With a height of 512 meters, Tibidabo is the highest mountain in Barcelona. On this mountain in Barcelona there are several fun things to see and do.

You will find the oldest amusement park in Spain on Tibidabo, of which you can see the small part with the famous Ferris wheel without tickets can visit. 

You can also go even higher for a view of Barcelona and climb the Torre de Collserola communications tower. Tickets for this can be purchased on site and cost € 5.60 per adult. 

And then there is also the Sacred Heart Church, Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazón. 

You can visit these for free. However, if you want to enjoy the view, you have to pay 5 euros to take the elevator to the roof of the church. 

But of course you can also just go to the viewing platform and enjoy the sunset. Although a sunset in the Ferris wheel on Tibidabo is of course also very romantic. 

Day 4, lots of fun things to do in Barcelona

When you are in Barcelona for a fourth day, there is still more than enough to see. Because Barcelona has many more great sights and fun things to do. We have listed a few more suggestions for you to do this fourth day in Barcelona.

26. Sant Pau recinte modernista, a unique hospital in Barcelona

Sant Pau recinte modernista is the old hospital Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. This hospital is an absolute work of art. And yet this nice sight is often skipped during a city trip to Barcelona, even though it is a real gem. It is the largest complex of Catalan modernism in the world. From the mysterious hospital corridors, to the colorfully decorated ceilings and the special rooms, nothing is as you would expect from a hospital.


AddressC/ de St. Antoni Maria Claret, 167, 08025 Barcelona


27. Spotify Camp Nou, for the football fans in Barcelona

Every football fan knows what Camp Nou is and for football fans this should definitely be on your must-see list when you visit Barcelona. This largest football stadium belongs to FC Barcelona and is absolutely impressive in size. Moreover, you can see all kinds of fun things from the history of this football club and you can also try to score yourself. 


Address: C. d'Aristides Maillol, 12, 08028 Barcelona


28. Parc del Laberint d'Horta, get lost during your Barcelona city trip

Parc Laberint d'Horta is the perfect place to escape the city for a while. And especially with children, this is a very nice place in Barcelona, because they can just run around here. Parc Laberint d'Horta is a beautifully landscaped park in which you can see different styles. But the absolute highlight is the labyrinth in the center of this park. 

Address Passeig dels Castanyers, 1, 08035 Barcelona


29. Zoo Barcelona, a fun activity with kids in Barcelona

When you visit Barcelona with kids, theZoo of Barcelona a nice change from all the activities in the city. The Barcelona Zoo is located in the center of Barcelona, in parc de la Ciutadella. 

It is certainly not the most beautiful zoo, but for a zoo right in the center, this Zoo is surprisingly large. 

Our children certainly enjoyed a visit to the Barcelona Zoo. 


Address: Parc de la Ciutadella, 08003 Barcelona

30. Shopping in Barcelona

If you have been too busy with all the sights during the first three days of this Barcelona city trip, then this fourth day is the perfect day to go shopping. But where should you go for shopping? 

For the tourist shops and unique shops you are in the right place in the old center, El Barri Gotic.

For the more unique, alternative shops, the Gracia district is perfect for shopping.

On Passeig de Gracia you will find all the well-known chain stores and you can shop to your heart's content.

If you find it too hot to shop, you can always visit one of the many shopping centers. 

It is the largest shopping center in BarcelonaWestfield La Maquinista mall. All well-known retail chains and brands can be found here. Moreover, this shopping center has an impressive food court on the top floor. There you will find so many restaurants that making a choice is even difficult.

Other good malls areEl Diagonal Mar and theMaremagnum shopping center, which is a lot closer to the center. 

Do you want even more inspiration for your visit to Barcelona? Here you will find all our articles to plan your trip to Barcelona.

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