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5 Fun Things to Do on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is, in our opinion, the most beautiful costa in Spain. The rugged coast, the white beaches, the turquoise water and the picturesque villages make this costa an unforgettable travel destination.

We made special memories on the Costa Brava and this Spanish coast has really captured our hearts.

But what are the most beautiful places and best things to do on the Costa Brava?

Read all about the highlights of the Costa Brava below. 

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Actually, the entire coastal strip of the Costa Brava is beautiful to see. There are so many beautiful bays, so many beautiful villages that it is almost impossible to name only 5 fun things to do. But we tried to make a choice anyway. Below 5 fun things to do on the Costa Brava

Cadaqués is called one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and for good reason. Anyone who visits Cadaqués falls in love with the white houses, the picturesque beaches on the clear blue waters of the Costa Brava.


The whole village is so idyllic that it is also a popular destination among artists such asSalvador Dali andPablo Picasso, used to be.

The most beautiful sight of Cadaqués is actually the village itself. Strolling through the streets is definitely the best way to discover Cadaqués.


But of course there are also some sights that you don't want to miss in Cadaqués, such as the house of Salvador Dali, the Santa María de Cadaqués church and of course the beautiful beaches of Cadaqués.

Unfortunately, Cadaques is quite north on the Costa Brava. If you stay south of the Costa Brava, it is therefore quite a drive to this beautiful village. But as far as we're concerned, this trip is worth it. 

From Roses also go thereBoats to Cadaques.  You are also lucky enough to see the Costa Brava from the water.


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This beach is truly a little paradise on the Costa Brava. The turquoise water of the Costa Brava seems even brighter on this beach than on the rest of the Costa Brava. Unfortunately, many tourists have now also discovered this beach, so especially in the summer months it is very busy on this beach.


From Platja d'Aiguablava you can reach theCami de Ronda walk to Platja Fonda. This is definitely recommended, because on this route you walk along many small, beautiful bays with beautiful viewpoints.

The Cami de Ronda is also recommended, wherever you stay on the Costa Brava. On every part of this route, which runs along the entire coastline of the Costa Brava, there are beautiful bays and views.

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When youwalks along the coastline of the Costa Brava it is already impressive. But from the water you really see how impressive the high rocks of the Costa Brava are. 

The Costa Brava is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Spain to rent a boat. 

Blanes is one of the most beautiful places to rent a boat. From here you can sail towards Tossa de Mar, which is one of the most impressive natural areas of the Costa Brava. Around Tossa de Mar there are also a few caves, which you can only access from the water. 

Also be sure to take yousnorkel gear along, because here you really jump into the water between thousands of fish.

Another good place to rent a boat is Estartit. From here you can sail towards the Illes de Medes Islands, which is considered the most beautiful snorkeling area in Spain. 

Tossa de Mar is definitely our favorite town on the Costa Brava. It is authentic, lively, surrounded by rocks and beautiful bays and you can enjoy delicious food and drinks.


Tossa de Mar is an old fishing village and really has the looks of an old fishing village. On the other hand, it is comparable in terms of liveliness to the larger resorts on the Costa Brava.  One of the highlights of Tossa de Mar is definitely the old center, el Vila Vella. Walk through the medieval gates and walk through the picturesque streets of the old town. Here you really go back in time. And that with a view of the beautiful bays and the azure blue water of the Costa Brava. 

Jardí Botanic Marimurtra is a botanical garden on the outskirts of Blanes.


It is a particularly impressive botanical garden with a wide variety of plants, cacti and flowers. Lovely to walk through.


But there is something else that this botanical garden is famous for and that is the spectacular view over one of the most beautiful bays of the Costa Brava from a real temple.


When you're here early in the morning, it's also nice and quieter and you don't have to queue to get onephoto to do with the temple and the view from this temple.

Nice hotels on the Costa Brava

Visiting the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is located in the north of Spain. There are two airports in the Costa Brava area.


Of course the large airport of Barcelona, where daily flights from all over the world land. Depending on where you stay on the Costa Brava, it is between 30 minutes and 2 hours drive to your destination on the Costa Brava.

There are options to travel by public transport, but we recommend that you rent a car.

The city of Girona also has an airport. This airport is many times smaller than Barcelona and only receives flights from certain destinations. If you can come from a destination that Girona airport works with, you're in luck. Because the tickets are often slightly cheaper when you fly to Girona instead of Barcelona airport.

The best time to travel to the Costa Brava

In terms of temperatures, the summer months are the best to travel to the Costa Brava. The Costa Brava is located in the north of Spain, where you have average temperatures of 30 degrees in the summer months. The months of June and September are also nice to visit the Costa Brava in terms of temperatures. Then you avoid the busy tourism of the summer months and the prices are often a bit lower. 

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