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What to do in Drenthe I 10 Fun Things to See and Do in Drenthe

Drenthe is a province in the north of the Netherlands. It is one of the most authentic and unspoilt provinces in the Netherlands. Drenthe is the perfect holiday destination for a quiet holiday among the greenery. Visit the beautiful villages, walk through one of the many nature parks or admire the prehistoric finds in this northern province of the Netherlands. 

Read all about the 10x Fun Things to See and Do in Drenthe below, during your holiday to this beautiful Dutch province. 

We take you along the highlights of Drenthe.

Wat te doen in Drenthe I De leukste activiteiten en bezienswaardigheden in Drenthe.jpg

Relax among the greenery of Drenthe

Drenthe is definitely one of the greenest provinces in the Netherlands. You will find many nature parks with beautiful nature here. A holiday in Drenthe will therefore largely consist of walking and cycling through these beautiful forests and nature parks. Of course, Drenthe also has a few nice cities and beautiful villages for shopping and good food.  We made a list of the 10 best things to see and do in Drenthe.

The Hunebedden are absolutely unique in Drenthe. Long before Christ, Drenthe was inhabited by various prehistoric peoples. 

You can still admire the traces of these peoples in Drenthe, of which the most famous remains are the dolmens. 

These Hunebedden are spread over Drenthe. But the largest hunebed can be seen in the town of Borger. Here you can toohunebed center where you can learn all about these dolmens and the prehistoric peoples who left these remains in Drenthe.

Dolmens are absolutely unique sights in Drenthe, which you can also only see in the vicinity of this province in the Netherlands. When you go on holiday to Drenthe you can visit ithunebed center and don't miss the largest hunebed in the Netherlands.

AddressHunebedstraat 27, 9531 JT Borger, The Netherlands

Camp Westerbork is another glimpse into the history of Drenthe. Camp Westerbork was used by the Nazis during World War II as a transit camp. Jews were temporarily detained here before being deported to the concentration camps. 

More than 100,000 Jews were deported from camp Westerbork. 

You can still see remnants of this camp today. One of the most beautiful things to see at camp Westerbork is the monument of the thousand stones, in memory of all the Jews who were deported here. 

AddressOosthalen 8, 9414 TG Hooghalen, The Netherlands

Drenthe I 10x Leuke Dingen om te Zien en Doen in Drenthe I Een Complete Reisgids met de Hoogtepunten van Drenthe
Drenthe I Special sleeping in Drenthe at Landal Orveltermarke I Read our complete travel guide with the highlights of Drenthe now

This itinerary  you actually have to walk when you go to camp Westerbork. Of course you can also take the shuttle bus, but it would be a shame to skip this walk.

This walk of about 1.5 kilometers is especially fun for children.

During this walk on the Milky Way path, children learn everything about space. Everywhere you come across signs explaining the different planets. But there are also fun experiments you can do during this route. Even older children will enjoy this route. 

At the end of this route, when you are almost at Camp Westerbork, you walk past the radio observatory.

An impressive amount of satellites together, which together form the radio observatory.

AddressOosthalen 8, 9414 TG Hooghalen, Països Baixos

Drenthe I 10x Fun Things to See and Do in Drenthe I A Complete Travel Guide with the Highlights of Drenthe

The Blue Lake is a special lake in Drenthe. The name says it all, it is especially the deep blue color that makes this lake in Drenthe so special. 

That blue color is due to the glauconite that is in this lake. Glauconite is a mineral with a deep green color and is responsible for the deep blue-green color of this lake.

In the past, sand was extracted from this lake for the limestone factories, but today it is a popular hiking spot. And in the summer it is a popular place for sunbathing and swimming, although for a fee.

The walk around the lake is about 3 kilometers long.

The Plankenpad runs through one of the most beautiful nature parks in Drenthe, Dwingelderveld National Park. 

If you only go here to walk on the decking, the plank path may be a bit disappointing. Because of the 5.5 kilometers, only the last 1.5 kilometers contain planks or decking.

But then again, that's pretty cool.

However, this walk is not only about the platforms, it is also about the walk through this special nature park in Drenthe. Enjoy the beautiful nature and maybe you will come across a highlander.

Address: Oude Postweg 12, 9417 TG Spier, The Netherlands

Drenthe I 10x Fun Things to See and Do in Drenthe I A Complete Travel Guide with the Highlights of Drenthe

When you visit Drenthe with children, thenWildlands Emmen definitely one of the most fun things to do. This animal park was completely modernized not so long ago and in addition to animals, you will now also find some attractions here. Since the reopening, Wildlands Emmen has been one of the most popular zoos in the Netherlands. So when you're in Drenthe, you can't really skip a visit to this zoo. 

Address Raadhuisplein 99, 7811 AP Emmen, The Netherlands

Drenthe is still a truly authentic province in the Netherlands. There are also many small villages to be found. But the most beautiful village in Drenthe is Orvelte. Time has really stood still in this village in Drenthe. The picturesque, cobbled streets in combination with the authentic farmhouse really take you back in time in Orvelte. 

And in good weather and nice temperatures it is also very nice to stay on the terraces of Orvelte. 

Drenthe I 10x Fun Things to See and Do in Drenthe I A Complete Travel Guide with the Highlights of Drenthe

In the woods of UNESCO Geopark de Hondsrug you will find several prehistoric traces, such as the dolmens that you can find in this nature park. 

This nature reserve was created in the penultimate ice age, from which the megalithic tombs in this nature reserve also stem. 

These large boulders flowed to Drenthe through river currents from Scandinavia. These river flows also created the hills in the landscape of this nature reserve, which is where the name "De Hondsrug" comes from. 

There is plenty to do in UNESCO Geopark de Hondsrug. One of the nicest things to do in this nature reserve in Drenthe is walking one of the oertoers. 

A day in UNESCO Geopark de Hondsrug is mainly a day of walking through the beautiful nature of Drenthe.

If you want to see the forests of Drenthe in a different way, the Boomkroonpad is a good place for this. The Boomkroonpad is a walking route along the tops of the Drenthe trees, where you can admire the forest from above. 

You can only visit the Boomkroonpad against payment. You buy tickets at theinformation center.

Next to itTreetop path is also a very nice playground.

This stop during a holiday in Drenthe is therefore very nice, especially for the children.

Address: Steenhopenweg 4, 9533 PN Drouwen, The Netherlands

Drenthe I 10x Fun Things to See and Do in Drenthe I A Complete Travel Guide with the Highlights of Drenthe

The Drentse Aa National Park is one of the most beautiful pieces of nature in Drenthe. This national park is located in the north of Drenthe and mainly revolves around the Aa. The Aa is a flowing stream of water of no less than 28 kilometers with branches everywhere, which give this park a romantic atmosphere. 

But the Aa is of course the only thing you will find in this village. In this nature reserve there are several nice villages to visit, small lakes, heathlands and dolmens. So there really is a lot to see in this nature reserve in Drenthe.

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