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Mexico, the land of beautiful, white beaches, colorful underwater life and the land of the Maya.  

You can relax on one of the snow white sandy beaches with endless palm trees for that tropical feeling.  

You can sniff culture at the many beautiful Mayan ruins or in the beautiful villages. If you're lucky, you'll walk into a local party in one of the villages where the ladies are all dressed up in the most beautiful dresses and the streets are colorfully decorated.  

Looking for adventure? Then you can also go into the jungle of Mexico where you can spot some special animals.  

And don't forget Mexican cuisine. It is a party every night to eat in Mexico.  

Mexico is truly a unique country in Central America. 

Mexico is een droombestemming voor jouw volgende reis. Met prachtige witte stranden, cultuur en heerlijk eten is Mexico een van onze favoriete landen. Lees nu al onze reistips voor jouw volgende reis naar Mexico op onze reisblog Kusjes van ons.

The best time to visit Mexico
is between December and April. 

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