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The Netherlands, the small country known for cheese, tulips, windmills and dikes. Where according to the rest of the world we all eat croquettes and frikandellen, our dinner consists of potatoes, meat and vegetables and we all do everything by bike.  There are quite a few prejudices about the Netherlands. 

What strikes us most when we are in the Netherlands is that everything is so neat. The houses, the gardens, it's all so beautifully maintained. 

The Netherlands has beautiful cities. Modern cities with beautiful, modern art, but also beautiful old cities in which as much of the original character as possible has been preserved.

There is so much to discover in the Netherlands besides croquettes, clogs, tulips and cheese. 

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Ontdek Drenthe I Leuke Dingen om te Doen en Zien in Drenthe.jpg



Drenthe is a province in the north of the Netherlands. It is one of the most authentic and unspoilt provinces in the Netherlands. Drenthe is the perfect holiday destination for a quiet holiday among the greenery. Visit the beautiful villages, walk through one of the many nature parks or admire the prehistoric finds in this northern province of the Netherlands.

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