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Birdwatching in Jardín del Papagayo

A tropical playground in the middle of the city with birdsong and hungry turtles. That is a very short description of the cool zoo, Jardin del Papagayo.

Not a fan of birds, so why go to Jardin del Papagayo

To be quite honest, birds are not high on my list of favorite animals. I think they are nice to see, but I don't get very enthusiastic about a visit to a zoo full of birds. But SURPRISE, Jardin del Papagayo is a really nice surprise and has much more to offer than just some birds in cages.

A tropical entrance at Jardin del Papagayo, Benicarlo

When you drive to Jardin del Papagayo, you have absolutely no idea what to expect. You simply drive through a residential area with empty fields on the left and right. But then you suddenly see the palm trees of Jardin del Papagayo come into view. As soon as you enter the parking lot of Jardin del Papagayo, these palm trees rise high above you.

The Tropical Fortress of Jardin del Papagayo, Benicarlo

Jardin del Papagayo consists of two parts. The original part, Jardin del Papagayo, and the Tropical Fortress of this zoo. You have to pay for this Tropical Fort separately when you want to enter. For an extra € 3.50 you can enter the Tropical Fort. The Tropical Fort of Jardin del Papagayo is a wooden construction with several floors. You can see some birds here, butterflies flying around and flamingos. The decoration of the Tropical Fort is especially nice.

Turtles in Jardin del Papagayo, Benicarlo

The highlight of the Tropical Fort of Jardin del Papagayo are, in our opinion, the turtles. The turtles roam free and leaf salad is handed out to feed the turtles. Feeding the turtles is a very fun activity especially for the children, and secretly also for the adults. Be careful though, because surprisingly, turtles have very sharp teeth.

Jardin del Papagayo, a big tropical party in Benicarlo

When you walk in to Jardin del Papagayo, it feels like you are walking into a tropical destination, a tropical party. The plants in this garden are the ultimate tropical surprise. When you walk through Jardin del Papagayo, it feels as if you are no longer in Spain, but in a distant, tropical destination.

The first bird cage at Jardin del Papagayo

The route is very clearly marked when you walk through Jardin del Papagayo and you will soon come to the first bird cage. But don't expect a birdcage, where you see the birds behind a fence or behind a wire mesh. No, you can enter this bird cage yourself. The birdcage is full of colorful and small birds that are all happily whistling around you and looking for that handful of food, which you got at the entrance.

Once you open your hand with food, the birds will sit on your arms and hands and eat the food from your hand.

Jardin del Papagayo is all about this interaction with the birds. It's a little bit exciting in the beginning, especially for kids, but after that it's really great fun. The kids will eventually be super excited, although the bigger parrots might be a little scary.

Jardin del Papagayo, so many different birds

From the first birdcage in Jardin del Papagayo you walk to the next and to the next. In each bird cage, other beautiful, tropical birds fly around. Big and small birds. The cockatoos were too big for me. But of course very cool that these large birds also just sit on your arm and come to eat from your hand.

Playing in Jardin del Papagayo, Benicarlo

Another fun part of Jardin del Papagayo is that they have built playground equipment for children throughout the park. Suspension bridges, balance beams, climbing frames, kids can do it all in Jardin del Papagayo. They can go on an adventure in the tropical garden of Jardin del Papagayo.

Other animals in Jardin del Papagayo, Benicarlo

In Jardin del Papagayo, as the name suggests, you can mainly see birds. But there are also some other animals to see, such as kangaroos. In the show of Jardin del Papagayo, a few meerkats pass by and other animals, which we leave a surprise.

The Bird Show of Jardin del Papagayo, Benicarlo

The bird show of Jardin del Papagayo is everything you can expect from a bird show, all clichés passed. The parrot that solves the puzzle, a parrot that passes by on a bicycle and the birds that fly over your head… But because it's cliché, that doesn't make it any less fun. In any case, the children (and the employees) had a good laugh.

Unfortunately the complete show is in Spanish and they also try to teach you a lot about the different birds and animals that pass by. But that amount of information can also feel a bit boring. It already feels that way for Spanish children, let alone if you don't understand Spanish.

Jardin del Papagayo is just a lot of fun

So our conclusion about Jardin del Papagayo is that it is a very nice park. It's not big, but it has everything for a nice day out. Children can enjoy themselves here for hours and it is fun for the parents too. We highly recommend Jardin del Papagayo and hope that we can come back here soon.


General fee € 16,00

Tropical Fortress € 8,50

General fee + Tropical Fortress € 19,50


Camí de la Ratlla del Terme

12580 Benicarló



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