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Things to Do in Prague;
20 Fun Things to Do on a 3-Day City Trip to Prague

What to do in Prague?

Prague, the city of 100 towers and the city with perhaps the most beautiful historic center in the world. Prague is a mix of different styles. From baroque, renaissance, gothic to jugendstil, all these styles can be found in Prague.


There is so much to see in Prague. The impressive Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock and the Prague Castle are only a small part of everything you can see in Prague. Moreover, Prague is also just a very nice and cozy city to eat and enjoy on a terrace. Read all our travel tips below for your next city trip to Prague.


Day 1, see the old and the new of Prague

Today the old center, Stare Mestro, is on the program. In the center of Prague you can see no less than 1,000 years of history. It is therefore one of the best preserved cities in the world and this historic center is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

We start our first day in Prague on the impressive city square of this city, Staroměstské náměstí. This square, like the rest of Prague, has a rich history. It was once the trading center of  city, but was it also a square where death sentences were carried out and where 27 Protestants were once beheaded at the same time. 

Now it is mainly a very beautiful square, with many cozy terraces. Staroměstské náměstí is surrounded by beautiful, historic buildings. And yes, also many terraces. Although you should not drink or eat something on this square with the idea that the Czech Republic is so cheap, because then you will be disappointed on this square.

Like any capital where tourism is an important source of income, prices in Prague are not comparable to other places in the Czech Republic. And on this square, an important attraction in the city, prices are slightly higher than in other places in the city.

But then you are also on the most beautiful square in Prague with a fantastic view and a great atmosphere.

AddressStaromEstske nám., 110 00 Josefov, Czech Republic

Prague, a complete travel guide for a 3-day city break to Prague. Packed with tips and travel inspiration to plan your perfect city trip to Prague in the Czech Republic.

The Astronomical Clock is perhaps Prague's most famous landmark. This famous clock, in the middle of the town square Staroměstské náměstí, is therefore a special attraction. 

In addition to the time, this clock also indicates the days, the sidereal time, the position of the moon and the position of the sun. 

But that's not why dozens and sometimes hundreds of people gather around this clock on Prague's Town Square every hour of every day.

Every hour you can enjoy a special spectacle when the clock strikes. Every hour the famous figures of this clock come out here. The spectacle lasts less than a minute and yet it is one of Prague's biggest attractions. 

Legend has it that the Prague government was so proud of this clock that they burned the clockmaker's eyes so that he could never make another clock like it again. 

Strangely enough, there is an exact replica of this astronomical clock in the capital of South Korea. 

AddressStaromEstske nám. 1, 110 00 Josefov, Czech Republic

Buy your tickets here for the most beautiful sights and best activities in Prague

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More Prague..

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The Jewish Quarter is the best preserved Jewish Quarter in Europe. During World War II, most of the Jewish Quarters in Europe were destroyed. Prague's Jewish Quarter, however, was spared.

The story behind this is that Hitler wanted to retreat to Prague after the war and turn this district into a museum that would show the demise of the Jews. Today, the Jewish Quarter in Prague is just the opposite and symbolizes the loss of Hitler. 

This Jewish Quarter in Prague, like the historic center, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Firstly, because it is the largest Jewish Quarter in Europe. And second, because the Jewish Museum is located here in Prague. What makes this Jewish Museum so special is that all the belongings of the Jews who were deported to the concentration camps were sent to this Museum. The Jewish Museum in Prague is therefore a place full of history about the Jews during World War II. 

You can visit different things in Prague. Besides the museum, there are several synagogues and also a cemetery to visit.

Prague, a complete travel guide for a 3-day city break to Prague. Packed with tips and travel inspiration to plan your perfect city trip to Prague in the Czech Republic.

This work of art by the artist Matej Kren can be seen in the Municipal Library of Prague. This municipal library is located in the Jewish quarter. It's a funny and short stop on this first day in Prague. But since you're in the Jewish Quarter anyway, we'd definitely stop here, as this artwork sure is a funny illusion. 

This tunnel of books seems endless. 

Address;Marianske name. 98/1, 110 00 Josefov, Czech Republic


Time for Lunch. In the Jewish quarter you will find many restaurants where you can eat well. Below are some suggestions.

La Veranda - elegance & style, luxury dishes in a homely atmosphere

Address: Elišky Krásnohorské 2/10, 110 00 Staré Město, Txèquia

Trdelnik & Coffee, Street food in Prague, a sweet snack

Address: Josefov CZ, U Starého Hřbitova 42/2, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha, Txèquia

Dim Sum Spot Palackeho, the best Dim Sum's in Prague

Address: Palackého 110 00/717/11, 1 Nove Mesto, Txèquia

Like every big city, Prague also has a famous river that flows through the middle of the city, the Vltava.

Walking along the Vltava is wonderfully relaxing.  But you can also rent a kayak or pedal boat if you are still looking for a fun activity in Prague. We walk along the Vltava to the next attraction in Prague.

Prague, a complete travel guide for a 3-day city break to Prague. Packed with tips and travel inspiration to plan your perfect city trip to Prague in the Czech Republic.

When you walk along the Vltava from the Jewish Quarter, you will automatically arrive at the next sight on our list, the Charles Bridge Tower. The Tower is the gateway to Prague's most famous bridge; the Charles Bridge.

With a height of 43 meters, it is one of the most important towers in Prague. The tower is decorated with various works.

You can climb this tower uncle and enjoy the view over Prague and the Vltava river. 

Prague, a complete travel guide for a 3-day city break to Prague. Packed with tips and travel inspiration to plan your perfect city trip to Prague in the Czech Republic.

Charles Bridge is probably Prague's most famous and beloved landmark. This bridge runs over the Vltava River towards the castle complex of Prague, which we will only visit on day 2 of this city trip to Prague.

The construction of this historic bridge was completed in the 15th century. At first it was just a bridge, a bare bridge. But over time, this bridge became more and more decorated and you can now admire no fewer than 30 sculptures on this bridge. 

The sculptures combined with the street performers and artists who gather daily on this bridge make this bridge a much loved attraction in Prague. You really feel the atmosphere of Prague when you walk across this bridge.

It is a challenge to take a picture with the sculptures, because there is a constant stream of tourists on the Charles Bridge in Prague.

We do not cross the Charles Bridge, but go back to the same side as we came today to discover that side of Prague even further.

From the Charles Bridge we walk further along the Vltava towards a special sight in Prague. During this walk you walk along the Legion Bridge. This bridge also crosses the Vltava and is not that special at first glance. What makes this bridge so special is the small park in the middle of this bridge; Strelekky Island.

This small island is a green haven in lively Prague. The perfect place to relax or have a picnic.

The Dancing House is definitely the strangest building in Prague. It actually stands out a bit strangely against all the old and historic buildings in this city, and yet it is an absolute must-see during your city trip to Prague.

This modern building was designed by a Canadian and a Czech architect.  The intention is that this building depicts Yin and yang, or communism and democracy in the form of two dancing people.

I don't know whether you can fully see that in this Dancing House, but it is a very cool and different building in Prague. Although you can see the two dancing figures in this work of art if you look closely. 

Prague, a complete travel guide for a 3-day city break to Prague. Packed with tips and travel inspiration to plan your perfect city trip to Prague in the Czech Republic.

After a long day of walking along the main sights in Prague, we are basically done for today.

But that doesn't mean your first day in Prague has come to an end. We advise you to just go into the historic center of Prague. Go shopping or just sit on a terrace and taste the atmosphere of Prague, because that atmosphere is what makes Prague the best.


is it time to eat yet? In Prague you can eat street food in many places. We love this and found everything we ate on the street very tasty. Prague is a top city for street food. But of course Prague also has a lot of nice restaurants. Below are some of our suggestions.

Restaurace U Dvou velbloudů, a lot of meat, real Czech and good food

AddressKozna 474/4, 110 00 Stare Mesto, Czech Republic

TRITON Restaurant, luxury food in a special and excentrique interior

AddressVáclavske nám. 784/26, 110 00 Nove Mesto, Czech Republic

Maitrea restaurace, a zen restaurant with tasteful dishes

AddressTynska ulicka 1064/6, 110 00 Stare Mesto, Czech Republic

Day 2, romance in Prague

The second day of our Prague city trip we cross the Charles Bridge and spend it on the other side of the Vltava, where there are many more beautiful sights to see. 

If you think the center of Prague is romantic, you'll love this side of the river. 

Mala Strana is definitely the most charming district of Prague.  In this district, on the banks of the Vltava, the streets are filled with colorful and luxurious mansions. The streets that lie at the foot of the palace are beautiful to walk through.

You can also discover some beautifully landscaped gardens here.

The most famous garden is the garden under Prague Castle. Tickets for this cost 2 euros.


Prague, a complete travel guide for a 3-day city break to Prague. Packed with tips and travel inspiration to plan your perfect city trip to Prague in the Czech Republic.

Mala Strana is also the neighborhood where you can find the famous Lennon Wall. This graffiti-covered wall was created in memory of John Lennon and the pacifism he stood for. 

The message of this wall has now expanded and is full of political statements.  But all with the aim of spreading the love.  It is especially a popular photo spot in Prague.

Prague Castle is the largest castle complex in Europe. This complex has even made it into the Guinness Book of Records with its size.

Prague Castle consists of several parts that you can all visit. You can also choose to visit just one or two of these attractions.

There is the Royal Palace of Prague, the Saint Vitus Cathedral and the Golden Lane, which are all beautiful.

You can both admire the Royal Palace and St. Vitus Cathedral from the outside, without buying tickets. To enter, you obviously need tickets.

The Golden Street can really only be seen with tickets. 

Is it necessary to visit all parts of Prague Castle? 

For the complete experience, of course. But when you walk through the castle complex you already get a good idea of how large and impressive this castle complex is. So it is not necessarily necessary.

We personally thought the Golden Street might be a bit expensive for what you actually see.

But on the other hand, you naturally want to see all of Prague during a city trip to this city.

Prague, a complete travel guide for a 3-day city break to Prague. Packed with tips and travel inspiration to plan your perfect city trip to Prague in the Czech Republic.


You will also find many good restaurants in the area around Prague Castle. Below are some suggestions from us.

Café Creperie Pod Věží, for tasty and original crepes

AddressDrazického nam. 64, 118 00 Mala Strana, Czech Republic

Street Burger Bistro, for simply delicious burgers

AddressU Luzického semináře 15, 118 00 Mala Strana, Czech Republic

Code Restaurant, Luxurious food with a luxurious view of Prague

AddressTrzistE 368/9, 118 00 Mala Strana, Czech Republic

The narrowest street in Prague is a somewhat crazy sight in Prague. And if it weren't in the same neighborhood, it wouldn't be on our schedule for this second day in Prague. But since we're already in the area, you might as well visit the narrowest street in Prague.

Well what should you expect from it?

Not much. Because actually this narrowest street is just an opening between two buildings where they have a traffic light and a street name  datum. The street actually goes nowhere, because you end up at a restaurant with a beautiful terrace. But if you don't want to eat or drink anything there, you can turn around immediately. 

But hey, it's a funny sight in Prague, although it feels a bit made for tourism.

If there's one thing the Czech Republic is known for, it's beer. It is said that the origin of beer is even in the Czech Republic. And also in Prague there are all kinds of beer activities to book. Starting, of course, with beer tasting. There are many places in the city where you can taste different beers. There are even micro-breweries you can visit.  An evening of beer tasting is therefore part of a city trip to Prague. 

Some places where you can taste delicious beers are;

U Kunštátů - Craft Beer in Old Town

Address: Řetězová 222 /3, 110 00 Staré Město, Txèquia

Staropwindows brewery

Adreca: Nádražní 43/84, 150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov, Txèquia

Strahov Monastery Brewery

Adreca: Strahovské nádvoří 301, 118 00 Praha 1-Hradčany, Txèquia

Craft Beer Spot Prague

Adreca: Plaska 623/5, 150 00 Malá Strana, Txèquia

There are also tours of the city that you can book. They take you along the best places in Prague to taste the best beers.

Day 3, much more Prague

Do you have a third day in Prague? What a luck. One more day to feel the great atmosphere of Prague and see even more of the city and its surroundings.

You have already seen the most important sights of Prague during the first two days of this city trip.

So on this third day it's really just extra time to see and feel Prague.

Of course there are still plenty of fun things to do and see in Prague. So below are some of our suggestions for what to do on this third day.

During the first two days in Prague you have already walked several times along and over the Vltava. But it is also very relaxed to discover Prague from the water. Lovely over the water, hopefully with a sun, Prague is even more beautiful.

Prague, a complete travel guide for a 3-day city break to Prague. Packed with tips and travel inspiration to plan your perfect city trip to Prague in the Czech Republic.

As we mentioned above, beer is an important part of the Czech Republic and Prague. But you can take the whole beer experience a little further than just a beer tasting. You can go to the so-calledBeer Spa, where you can completely immerse yourself in Beer. I know several people who would be very excited about this.

And another bonus of this Bier Spa; unlimited beer!

Especially when you have booked a river cruise, you come close to the banks of the Vltava. Beavers are constantly appearing here in search of animals. Where you are probably a bit hesitant at first and careful you soon notice that these critters are just looking for food and are used to being fed by the tourists. 

Always be careful, as they are naturally wild animals, but in general they are very friendly.

Children especially love seeing these creatures from the river come so close. 

Prague, a complete travel guide for a 3-day city break to Prague. Packed with tips and travel inspiration to plan your perfect city trip to Prague in the Czech Republic.

Prague is one of the oldest cities in the world, so the legends and ghost stories about Prague go back many years. In Prague you can book various ghost tours, in which you learn everything about the myths, legends, executions and murders in Prague. You can also visit the underground tunnels of Prague, which are also very spooky. Or walk through the dark alleys of Prague when night has fallen and discover the dark side of this city.

There is plenty to do in the Prague area. There are several castles that you can visit, nature parks and also the most beautiful village in the Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov.

Cesky Krumlov is a village that wouldn't look out of place in a painting. The surroundings, the streets and not to forget the castle in the middle of the village. The Vltava that runs around this village completes the atmosphere of this fairytale Disney village.

Prague, a complete travel guide for a 3-day city break to Prague. Packed with tips and travel inspiration to plan your perfect city trip to Prague in the Czech Republic.

visit Prague

Prague is easily accessible via Václav Havel International Airport, where flights from all over the world land daily.

You can also reach Prague by train.

Explore Prague

Prague is a big city, but the center is quite compact. Prague is therefore extremely suitable for exploring on foot.

If you don't feel like walking a lot right now, you can also visit Prague with theHop-on Hop-off buses explore.

Best time to visit Prague

In principle, you can visit Prague all year round, because every season has its charm. 

In winter you have a chance of snow and in the month of December the Christmas atmosphere makes Prague extra magical.

On the other hand, the weather is probably nice in the summer and you can fully enjoy all the terraces in Prague. 
If you want to travel in the summer, we recommend that you go in June or September. Because then you still have the nice temperatures, but slightly less crowds in terms of tourism


Nice hotels in Prague

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