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Slovenia is known as the land of water. You will find an infinite number of rivers, lakes and even springs with thermal water in Slovenia. Slovenia is therefore an excellent country to go to if you are ready for a wonderful wellness holiday.

Slovenia is becoming increasingly popular as a holiday destination. Road trippers in particular have Slovenia high on their bucket list. A road trip through Slovenia is therefore a truly unforgettable experience. You drive past high mountains, clear blue lakes, impressive rocks and cozy villages. The country of Slovenia is so varied, you will be amazed every time.

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Despite the fact that Slovenia is becoming increasingly popular among travelers, it is not yet a very well-known holiday destination. And that while Slovenia with its overwhelming nature is one of the greenest countries in the world. Slovenia is a Valhalla for nature lovers. Turquoise lakes, babbling brooks, flowing rivers, high mountain peaks and beautiful nature reserves, there is so much to see and do in Slovenia. Below we share five fun things to see and do in Slovenia.

Lake Bled is one of the most famous sights of Slovenia. It is therefore an absolute gem. A turquoise lake between the mountain tops of Slovenia with an island in the middle, it is a beautiful scene. The castle that stands majestically on the rock overlooking this lake only adds to the magical atmosphere of Lake Bled.

Lake Bled is a popular holiday destination. You will find several campsites and hotels around the lake here. And yet it is absolutely not mass tourism. It's just enough.

There is plenty to do on and around Lake Bled. For example, ride the little train around the lake, rent a paddle board to go to the island or enjoy the sunrise early in the morning.


Lake Bled is not really a day trip destination. We would really advise to spend a few days around this beautiful lake Slovenia

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Triglav National Park is the only natural park of Slovenia. It is the place to immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of this green country.

National Park Triglav consists of nothing but breathtaking nature. Hike through green valleys, find shade among the coniferous forests, cool off in the crystal clear streams and marvel at the high mountain peaks surrounding this national park in Slovenia.

There are many beautiful places in Triglav National Park 

And if the overwhelming nature in Triglav National Park isn't enough, you might also be lucky enough to encounter some wildlife. Ibex, lynx and bears live here, but unfortunately the chance that you will encounter one of these animals is quite small.

With all that beautiful nature around you, there is of course plenty to do. The most obvious is of course to go hiking in this park. There are endless hiking trails and you could easily hike here every day during your holiday in Slovenia.

But you can also climb, cycle or go rafting in Triglav National Park. Do you want some adventure on your holiday in Slovenia? Then book a Canyoning tour.

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Ljubljana is definitely something you must see during your holiday in Slovenia. This capital is not comparable to other capitals in Europe, but that also makes it one of the nicest capitals in Europe.

Ljubljana is a somewhat crazy capital. Ljubljana is a small, cute capital, which feels more like a village.


Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana, is built along the river that flows through the center of the city. On both sides of the river you will find the beautiful center of this capital.

Pronouncing the name of this city is a challenge in itself. In English it would be pronounced Loo-blyah-na or something similar. But the difficult name does not make the city any less fun. Anyone who visits Ljubljana will instantly fall in love with this unique capital.

Beside Lake Bled the caves of Postojna might be the most famous sight in Slovenia. 

The Postojna Caves are the longest cave system in Slovenia and it is the second largest stalactite cave in the world.

The first tourists visited these caves as far back as 1818 and since then it has been a major tourist attraction in Slovenia.

Although these caves also had another function during the Second World War, when these caves were used as ammunition storage and sleeping place.

The Postojna caves zare a system of stalactite caves of no less than 24 kilometers long. Some of them are still under water.


Of these 24 kilometers, only 5.3 kilometers are accessible to the public. And luckily you don't have to walk all the way underground for this entire 5.3 kilometers. You cover the first 3 kilometers in a train.

After the trip with the train, it is a one and a half kilometer walk where you can admire the various stalagmites, stalactites and rock formations.

A train will then take you back to the entrance.

Another fun fact about these caves; here you will find the only underground post office in the world.

The caves of Škocjan are a lot less known than the caves of Postojna, but secretly we find these caves much more impressive.

But what makes the caves of Škocjan so special? Firstly because it is a particularly high cave. Here you will even find the largest large hall in Europe. And the height of the cave hall is really spectacular.

The second thing that makes these caves so special is the clear blue river that flows through the caves of Škocjan; the Reka. There are 30 small and somewhat larger waterfalls through the river. The largest waterfall is 10 meters high.

The total river Reka is 54 kilometers long, 2.6 kilometers of it flows through the caves of Škocjan.

In the cave you walk on long paths with high bridges, which are built along the steep walls and give you a spectacular view over the cave and the river. The total length of all corridors is 6.2 kilometers, but of course you will not be walking these entire 6.2 kilometers during the tour.

The only way to visit the caves of Škocjan is with a guided tour. There is no train here either, but that makes the experience a lot more authentic than when you visit the Postojna caves. They deliberately keep the groups quite small here, so that you can admire these beautiful caves in peace.

The guides who show you around the caves are themselves very enthusiastic about the caves of Škocjan. As a result, they tell the stories about these caves with a lot of passion, which makes it really interesting to listen to.

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