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16 fun things to see and do during a 3-day city trip to Budapest

Let's discover the enchantment of of Budapest together! This Eastern European pearl buzzes with energy and offers a unique mix of historic splendor and vibrant nightlife. Wander through the narrow streets of the cozy Jewish quarter, enjoy a goulash soup on a sunny terrace in the city center and then let yourself be carried away by the lively nightlife scene.

Whether you're looking for historic sights, art, hip coffee shops or glorious ruins for a night of dancing, Budapest has it all! This city is full of surprises and will amaze you too.

And what is also a bonus, it is a wonderful destination for a "cheap" city trip. Discover the capital of Hungary, Budapest!

Stedentrip Boedapest - wat te zien en doen tijdens een 3-daagse stedentrip naar Boedapest

The first day in Budapest we start on the most enchanting side of Budapest; the "Buda" side.

In our opinion, this side is where you will find the most beautiful sights in Budapest; such as the enchanting Fisherman's Bastion.

But this neighborhood is so much more. It is a colorful mix of trendy coffee shops, street artists and cozy squares where you can hear the locals chattering. Everywhere you smell the scent of fresh pálinka (the local brandy) and roasted pepper sausages. Don't worry if you get lost, because every side street will take you to a new surprise: from underground clubs to animated cheese markets.
Be surprised by the "Buda" side of Budapest.



Do you really need your dose of caffeine in the morning? No worries. You will also find many nice coffee bars in this trendy neighborhood.


Pest Buda Bistro , a cozy bistro with authentic Hungarian style and dishes just away from the hustle and bustle around the fishing bastion. Opens early in the morning for a nice coffee, but also a good place for lunch.

Address : Budapest, Fortuna u. 3, 1014 Hungary

Walzer Cafe , not a hip coffee bar, but a lovely cozy coffee shop. A truly authentic Hungarian coffee bar.

Address :   Budapest, Táncsics Mihály u. 12, 1014 Hungary

Matthias Church is the most colorful church in Budapest, a true kaleidoscope of colors and patterns! This medieval gem boasts bright hues and beautiful mosaics, from the flamboyant neo-Gothic facade to the gabled walls and spires. Inside it is a real feast for your eyes: colorful stained glass windows, painted vaults and murals make you dizzy from all the splendor. This church is a true candy store for every eye that loves art and color!

Both the Matthias Church and the Fisherman's Bastion surprise you with the most beautiful views of Budapest.

Address : Budapest, Szentháromság tér 2, 1014 Hungary

What to see and do in Budapest? A complete travel guide for a city trip to Budapest - Kisses from us

The Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest is one of those places that immediately makes you feel like you're in a fairy tale! This beautiful building from the 19th century looks like a castle from q fantasy story. With its white towers, arches and terraces, it is a nice, picturesque spot to enjoy a glass of ginger while looking out over the Danube and the city.


The Fisherman's Bastion was once a defensive wall, but fortunately nowadays you no longer have to fight wars there - except for a fierce battle against the temptation to keep taking pictures of this charming gem from another era!

Fisherman's Bastion is by far our favorite sight in Budapest. You want to take photos everywhere here and the view over Budapest is truly incredibly beautiful.

Address : Budapest, Szentháromság tér, 1014 Hungary

What to see and do in Budapest? A complete travel guide for a city trip to Budapest - Kisses from us

Budapest Castle, also called Budavári Palota, is the mighty royal palace that sits enthroned over the Hungarian capital. This enormous 13th century building once housed Hungary's kings and queens and is now one of Budapest's most popular attractions.

The Budavári Palota covers an area of 4.8 square kilometers. This royal palace has a facade of no less than 300 meters long in a typical Baroque style. The palace is divided into six wings and houses the Museum of the Hungarian Workers' Movement, the Hungarian National Gallery, the Budapest History Museum and the National Széchényi Library.

Next to the palace you will find the Várnegyed district, a colorful labyrinth of streets and squares where you can enjoy cozy terraces, street musicians and art galleries. A visit to the castle and a walk through Várnegyed is like a journey back in time to old Budapest!


It's probably time for lunch by now, so here are a few restaurant suggestions in the area around the Arc de Triomf.

Restaurant Spaccanapoli Barcelona, for a delicious Italian lunch

Address: Carrer del Rec Comtal, 6, 08003 Barcelona

Elsa and Fred, just super good food.

Address: Carrer del Rec Comtal, 11, 08003 Barcelona

Secrets of the Mediterraneani, for authentic, Spanish dishes in a luxurious jacket

Address: Pg. de St. Joan, 28, 08010 Barcelona

The most beautiful sights in Budapest

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City trip Budapest - what to see and do during a 3-day city trip to Budapest
City trip Budapest - what to see and do during a 3-day city trip to Budapest

6. The thermal baths of Budapest, end your day on a relaxing note

The thermal baths of Budapest are a real treat for body and mind! These bubbly, steamy gems of relaxation are scattered throughout the Hungarian capital as warm, wellness oases amid the bustling urban hustle and bustle. Each seaside resort has its own character and tap water: from the beautifully tiled Art Nouveau beauties to the robust Turkish steam rooms.

Whether you're looking for a cool hangout or an old-fashioned spa salon, these vibrant seaside towns offer something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the mineral-rich hot springs and feel your sore feet from walking all day in these wonderful thermal baths.

There are several thermal baths in the city and they are loved by both locals and tourists. The most popular baths are Rudas, Gellert and Széchenyi.



Day 2, explore the "Pest" side of Budapest

The Pest side is the hip, trendy area where you really need to be. Let yourself be carried away by the bustling streets full of street art, vintage shops and coffee shops with the tastiest homemade cakes. Have a great time in the cozy ruin bars or chill in one of the cozy beer gardens. The casual atmosphere in Pest is really something you have to feel.

Of course there are some sights you really don't want to miss on this side of the Danube, but be sure to go on a journey of discovery on this side of Budapest and be surprised by this great neighborhood.

The Parliament Building in Budapest is the most impressive building in this city!

This huge building with its beautiful dome and richly decorated rows of facades steals the show along the Danube. Inside you sit among the neo-Gothic splendor of mosaics, stained glass windows and sculptures. The corridors will make you dizzy with their enormous dimensions! Hungary knows how to tackle things when it comes to impressive architecture. A visit to this showpiece is a must during your city trip to Budapest!


Address : Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3, 1055 Hungary

What to see and do in Budapest? A complete travel guide for a city trip to Budapest - Kisses from us

There is a special monument on the Danube in Budapest: 60 bronze shoes of all shapes and sizes. They remind us of the atrocities of World War II, when thousands of Hungarian Jews were forced to take off their shoes here before being pushed into the river and executed.

These shoes tell the stories of sadness, oppression without words. It is good that a monument like this exists, so that we will never forget the stories of that time. And even though it is far away from us, this monument cannot not touch you.

Address : Budapest, Id. Antall József rkp., 1054 Hungary

St. Stephen's Basilica is the tallest church in Budapest and a must-see attraction! This neo-Gothic pearl from the 19th century rises no less than 96 meters into the air with its spectacular dome and towers. Inside you will find showpieces such as the carved pulpit and the relics of Saint Stephen, the first king of Hungary.

The detailed inside is something you will definitely want to see. And don't forget the panoramic view from the top!

Entrance to St Stephen's Basilica is free. Sometimes a donation is requested at the door. But for the full experience you can buy tickets for an organ concert.

Funny fact; buildings in Budapest are not allowed to be higher than the top of this basilica.


Address : Budapest, Szent István tér 1, 1051 Hungary


After 3 stops it is now time for coffee, I would say. You never have to search long for that in Budapest, so you will also find nice coffee bars in the area around St Stephen's Basilica.

ConTe Cafe Basilica , a hip place for coffee. Although you probably won't be able to resist the goodies they offer here.

Address : Budapest, Sas u 11, 1051 Hungary

Espresso Embassy, a very nice place for coffee. One of the hipper places. And most importantly, the coffee is delicious.

Address : Budapest, Arany János u. 15, 1051 Hungary

With two floors, the Great Market Hall is the largest indoor market hall in Budapest, and it is also the oldest in the city. This huge, impressive hall exudes history and shows off its beautiful, colorful domed roof. It is a mecca for foodies and a paradise for gourmets! Pamper your senses with the scents of fresh herbs, spicy sausages and steaming köfte skewers. Wander through the colorful stalls and be tempted by Hungarian delicacies such as lángos, kürtöskalács and real Tokaji wines.

Walking around here is a true sensation for your senses.

And are you still looking for souvenirs? Then this is definitely the place where you can find a Budapest souvenir.

Address : Budapest, Vámház krt. 1-3, 1093 Hungary

The Szabadság Híd Bridge is best known for the famous yellow trams that cross this bridge, which forms the backdrop for many pictures taken here.

This green, Art Nouveau beauty spans the Danube River in a particularly graceful way. With its beautiful sculptures and winding balustrades, it is a true work of art. Take a leisurely stroll across it and be enchanted by this Hungarian gem. Or take a boat trip and admire the bridge from the water - a picture to dream away! This bridge is a real eye-catcher and the way to cross Budapest in style.

What to see and do in Budapest? A complete travel guide for a city trip to Budapest - Kisses from us

12. Have lunch at Mazel Tov, the hotspot of Budapest

Want to have lunch at Mazel Tov, Budapest's hip hotspot? That's really chic! This cozy restaurant serves delicious dishes with a touch of Hungarian flair. From crispy flódni (Hungarian apple pie) to steaming halászlé (fisherman's soup), every bite is a true taste feast.

And the cozy setting with colorful tiles and vintage furniture? Simply melt away! Mazel Tov is the place to be for an unforgettable lunch in Budapest. Toast with a glass of Hungarian wine and enjoy this tasty discovery!

It is wise to book here in advance, because there are always queues here and you don't feel like that during your city trip, do you?


Address : Budapest, Akácfa u. 47, 1072 Hungary

What an adventure to cruise the Danube at night and see Budapest from the water! The beautiful Hungarian capital shows its most beautiful side when the sun sets. The famous Castle Hill and the impressive Parliament Building are reflected in the calm water, surrounded by lights that decorate the bridges and quays.

While enjoying a glass of Hungarian wine, you will sail under the seven bridges and get a unique perspective of this vibrant city. An evening cruise is truly the ultimate way to experience the enchanting beauty of Budapest!


Day 3, the Jewish Quarter, more Budapest

The last day in Budapest we dive into the Jewish quarter of this city, the place to be.

The Jewish Quarter in Budapest is a colorful and vibrant part of the city, where you can discover the rich cultural heritage of Hungarian Jews! This neighborhood exudes history through its beautiful synagogues and monuments. But it is also a modern meeting point with hip cafes, boutiques and street art on every corner. Take a look at the Dohány Street Synagogue, the largest in the world outside Israel, or have a nice meal at one of the kosher restaurants. A walk through this neighborhood is like a journey through time - from sad but important history to vibrant contemporary life.

What to see and do in Budapest? A complete travel guide for a city trip to Budapest - Kisses from us

Are you also curious about the creative side of Budapest? When you walk through the Jewish quarter, you will be surprised by the amount of street art. Even though Budapest is not really known for its street art, we still recommend that you pay attention, because you can really see the creative side of Budapest reflected in the street scene.

Both national and international artists have provided the streets of Budapest, especially in the Jewish Quarter, with beautiful works of art.


15. Visit the Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter

In addition to the trendy shops, bars and restaurants, the synagogue is the biggest attraction in the Jewish quarter.

This beautiful facade, with its colorful mosaics and graceful towers, stands out like a proud peacock amid the charming streets. Inside there is an atmosphere of deep piety, but outside you can also feel the rich history and culture that is baked into the stones. It is a place where the past and present go hand in hand, and where you can dream away among the mystical scents of incense and cinnamon pastries from the neighboring bakeries. Truly a must-see during your visit to the Jewish Quarter in Budapest.


15. The tastiest street food in Budapest

In addition to many nice bars and restaurants, Budapest also has a number of nice street food gardens consisting of cheerful stalls with delicious (Hungarian) street food.

Among the colorful stalls you will find the tastiest Hungarian delicacies: from meat-inducing round steaks to delicious túrógombóc (a kind of cheese balls). And don't forget those chili peppers with creamy tzatziki! The smells alone make your mouth water.

One of the nicest street food gardens in Budapest can be found in the Jewish quarter; the street food caravan. A cheerful street with food stalls in cheerful colors, delicious food and colored lanterns. Everything for an afternoon or evening full of atmosphere. The perfect place for your last lunch in Budapest.

Street food may sound budget-friendly, but I wouldn't call it cheap at these markets. But fun!

Address : Budapest, Kazinczy u. 18, 1075 Hungary

Wat te zien en doen in Boedapest? Een complete reisgids voor een stedentrip Boedapest - Kusjes van ons

16. Have a drink at a ruin bar in Budapest

You can't leave Budapest without at least having a drink at a famous Budapest ruin bar.

These hip hangouts are located in dilapidated buildings from the communist era, but the atmosphere is anything but gloomy. On the contrary, they are colorful paradises where you can enjoy cheap beer, lively music and street performers as you make your way through the labyrinthine corridors. From graffiti to lavish gardens, each ruin bar has its own unique charm. They are the place to be for adventurers and bohemians.

There are several ruin bars in Budapest, but Szimpla Kert was the very first.

Address : Budapest, Kazinczy u. 14, 1075 Hungary


There are so many nice places to eat in Budapest, so here are some nice suggestions.

Dombrumba ,a hip place with worldly food. On this menu you will find a special mix of dishes in a nice atmosphere.

Address : Budapest, Dob u. 5, 1074 Hungary

Central Kavehaz , you can go here all day long for a snack or a drink. But actually this is one of the hotspots for a morning coffee with a delicious cake.

Address : Budapest, Károlyi utca 9, 1053 Hungary

Traveling to and in Budapest

Budapest is an easy city to visit in Europe, many flights arrive daily at the city's international airport.

From the airport there is a public bus line with a good connection to the city center of Budapest. Bus lines 100E and 200E both take you to a metro station where you can travel to your hotel or destination in the city.

Of course you can also take a taxi.

Unfortunately, there is no metro line that connects the airport with the center. However, in the city itself it is a nice way to travel through the city. Especially when you travel from Buda to Pest or vice versa. Some of the thermal baths are also located on the edges of the center, but do have good metro connections.

A one-way ticket on the metro costs less than one euro, but you can also opt for multi-day metro tickets.

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