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20 fun things to do during a 3-day city trip to Berlin

Berlin is one of the most interesting cities in Berlin.


And despite the fact that it is a city with a lot of history, this city feels very modern and unique.

The history can of course be found in the monuments from the Second World War and especially the Cold War, of which some unique sights can still be seen. ​

But it is the diversity in Berlin that impresses the most. And that counts not only because of the diversity of buildings and sights. It is also the diversity in people, shops, art and culture. Berlin is truly a fusion of history, style and people, a unique mix. ​


Read our complete travel guide below full of travel tips for a 3-day city trip to Berlin.

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Day 1, the great history of Berlin

As we all know, Germany played an important role in World War II. You can still see the remains of this throughout Europe, but especially in Berlin you can still see what caused this Second World War. Today we walk past some of these important historical sites in Berlin. 

1. Gendarmenmarkt, a first impression of Berlin

The Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most historic squares in Berlin and immediately gives you a good first impression of the grandeur of Berlin. On this square from the 18th century you are surrounded by history. You will find the beautiful concert hall of Berlin here; Konzerthaus Berlin.


And on the other side of Gerdarmenmarkt you will find two of Berlin's most important churches; the French Cathedral of Friedrichstadt and the New Church, which is popularly called the German Cathedral. 

There has always been a kind of rivalry between the two churches, hence the reference to the languages spoken by the heads of these churches, French and German. 

We especially like two beautiful buildings in Berlin.

2. Checkpoint Charlie, a World War II historic point in Berlin.

Checkpoint Charlie is one of the first sights we visit that reminds us of World War II. It is a stop that you should not miss when visiting Berlin. 

Checkpoint Charlie was one of the border posts where people could cross from West to East Berlin. 

Checkpoint is no longer completely original. For example, the guard's cottage is a replica. Checkpoint Charlie therefore feels a bit like a movie set. 

Nowadays it is especially a very popular photo spot in Berlin. 

But don't forget to reflect on the history of this place.

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3. Topographie des Terrors, the terror of the Second World War in Berlin

Topographie des Terrors is a place in Berlin full of historical. It is only a short walk from Checkpoint to this museum. This museum has both indoor and outdoor exhibits and takes you through the actions of the Nazis in Germany. It is told here how the Nazis came to power and what terrible deeds they did. So if you want to learn more about the Second World War  and especially the role of the Nazis, then this stop is definitely worth it on your Berlin city trip. 

Address: Niederkirchnerstraße 8, 10963 Berlin, Germany

4. Potsdamer Platz, an undivided square in Berlin

Potsdamer Platz is certainly not the prettiest square in Berlin. It is a newly developed commercial square. 

But this square was an important square during World War II, when this square was divided into two parts by the Berlin wall. 

After the Second World War, almost the entire square was destroyed. Almost no building was left standing. 

Today nothing can be seen of it. With all the modern buildings that are here now, you would almost forget what ever happened here. 

5. Holocaust Memorial, an important memorial site in Berlin

The Holocaust Memorial is an important memorial site in Berlin. This artwork is designed to commemorate all victims of World War II. 

At first glance it seems like a lot of concrete blocks, but when you spend a little more time here, this special place does something to you. 

A kind request from us is to treat this place with respect. People and children run over these blocks, which we understand because it could certainly be a playground for children. However, this place is to commemorate all victims and should be treated with respect.

And if you don't do it, then the security will, who are constantly sending everyone off all blocks. It seems like a slightly frustrating job to me, but someone has to do it. 

Address: Cora-Berliner-Strasse 1, 10117 Berlin, Germany

6. Brandenburger Tor, the old city gate of Berlin

We step away from World War II sights and head to our next stop; Brandenburg Gate. 

Branderburger Tor was built on the remains of an old city gate by King Frederick William II. This famous and grand landmark at the end of the long Unten den Linden boulevard is today a European symbol for unity and peace. 


Brandenburger Tor is the perfect place for a snack. Here you will see all kinds of food trucks and food stalls with Pretzels, Currywurst and of course Pommes Frites.

Would you rather have lunch in a restaurant? Here are some of our suggestions in the Brandenburger Tor area.

China Club Berlin, a fantastic restaurant with an even better view!

Address Behrenstraße 72, 10117 Berlin

BavariaBerlin, a piece of Bavaria in Berlin

Address: Hannah-Arendt-Straße 3, 10117 Berlin

Dolcini, a wonderful Italian restaurant. Always good!

Address: Jägerstraße 70, 10117 Berlin

7. Tiergarten, relax in Berlin's largest park

When you admire Brandenburger Tor, you will see a large park on the West side. That's Tiergarten. And no, this is not a zoo, although there is a zoo nearby. Tiergarten is the name of Berlin's city park. This park of no less than 210  hectare is a wonderful place to walk through and escape busy Berlin for a while. 

8. The Reichstag, Germany's parliament in Berlin

Another important landmark in Berlin is the Reichstag. This beautiful building was once built to house the parliament. Unfortunately, there was a fire in 1933, which partially destroyed the building.

For years, this building was not done and was left partly destroyed. 


In 1999, the renovated Reichstag was reopened. In addition to the renovations, a gigantic glass dome was also added on the roof of the Reichstag, from where you have a special view over Berlin. 


The parliament is now also housed in this interesting building where old and new are fantastically combined. 

AddressPlatz der Republik 1, 11011 Berlin, Germany



Are you still looking for a nice restaurant for the evening? Below are some suggestions for nice and tasty restaurants in Berlin.

BLESS Restaurant, an atmospheric restaurant with hip, Asian dishes.

Address:Hausvogteipl. 10, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Dae Mon restaurant, luxury Asian dishes

Address: monbijoupl. 11, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Night Kitchen, a bohemian restaurant with Mediterranean dishes to share

Address: Heckmann Höfe, Oranienburger Str. 32, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Hackethal's, real German food with a real German atmosphere. 

Address: Pflugstraße 11, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Day 2, to the center of Berlin

Berlin is so big and there is so much to see. Day 2 is therefore another full day with all kinds of historical sights in Berlin. You can actually call the whole of Berlin the center of Berlin, but this part is literally called the Middle of Berlin. 

9. Friedrich Ebert bridge, walking along the Spree in Berlin

The Spree is the river that runs right through Berlin. So you can walk along the waterfront of this river almost anywhere in Berlin.

From the Friedrich Ebert bridge you have one of the most beautiful views over the Spree. 

From this bridge you can see the Bode museum behind the river, a beautiful building. But in the distance you can also see the TV tower, another landmark in Berlin. 

It is wonderful to walk between the trees along this river. But of course you can also enjoy this river on the water. 


10. Museum Island, a collection of Berlin museums in historic buildings

Museum Island is literally an island in Berlin where you can find the most important museums of this city. You will find no less than 5 important museums here; the Altes Museum, the Neues museum, the Bode museum, the Alte Nationalgalerie and the Pergamon museum.

They all have their own specific art collection, each of which is worth seeing. 

Especially art lovers can easily enjoy themselves for a whole day at Museum Island. Because we only have three days in Berlin in this travel guide, we advise you to allow a maximum of 3 to 4 hours for Museum Island.

Do you not feel like visiting a Museum during your Berlin city trip? Then Museum Island is still worth a stop during your trip to Berlin. Because the buildings in which these museums are located are all beautiful.

There is also a green park on Museum Island with a large fountain in the middle. 

Museum is just a very nice picture and should just be a stop during your city trip to this city. 






11. Hackescher Markt, shopping in Berlin

From Museum Island we cross the river to walk to the Hackescher Markt. This is just a cozy square in Berlin. This square and the adjacent streets are especially the perfect place for shopping and to have a snack and a drink. 


In the vicinity of Hackescher Markt you will find many good and nice restaurants in every kitchen you want, Vietnamese, Vegan, Italian, Japanese, German, etc. Below are some suggestions.

Qui Nguyen, one of the best vegan restaurants in Berlin

Address: Oranienburger Str. 7, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Das Lemke - Biergarten, Brauerei, Deutsche Küche, a real German place with real German food

AddressS-Bahnbogen 143, Dircksenstrasse, 10178 Berlin, Germany

curry 61, here you can eat the most delicious Curry Wurst in Berlin

adress: Oranienburg Str. 6, 10178 Berlin, Germany

12. The Television Tower I view over Berlin

The Television Tower is a landmark building in the Berlin skyline. This tower, located next to Alexanderplatz, is no less than 368 meters high. 

The Television Tower was built in what was once East Germany. 

Nowadays this tower is very recognizable, because it can be seen in many places in Berlin due to its height. This height also provides a great view of the city. 

At a height of 200 meters there is a panorama deck and restaurant to enjoy the view over Berlin.

Make sure you book your tickets here in time. 

Address: Panoramastraße 1A, 10178 Berlin, Germany


13. Holzmarkt, a nice stop for a drink in Berlin

From the television tower we go for a walk. Get ready for a walk of 45 minutes in total, but with 2 fun and special stops along the way. 

The first stop is the Holzmarkt in Berlin. This hippie-like market is located along the river. Here you will find food stands, food trucks and terraces and decoration in cheerful colors. It's a creative piece of Berlin. And these pieces are one of the reasons why we think Berlin is such a super cool city. 

Address: Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Berlin Travel Guide - 10x must do in Berlin b.jpg

14. The Eastside Gallery, a piece of the Berlin Wall

When you think of Berlin, you think of the Berlin Wall. A visit to the Berlin Wall therefore simply belongs on your must-see list during a city trip to Berlin.

But perhaps this Berlin wall is not quite what you would expect. 

The Eastside Gallery is the largest surviving section of the Berlin Wall. But instead of leaving it a boring wall, they turned it into an art project. Artists from all over the world have been allowed to express themselves on a piece of the Berlin Wall; The East Side Gallery.

Many of these paintings convey a political statement, which also fits in with what the Berlin Wall stands for.

In any case, the Berlin Wall was not at all what we expected, but that does not make it any less impressive. 

AddressMuhlenstrasse 3-100, 10243 Berlin, Germany

15. RAW Berlin, everything Berlin stands for

Of everything we have seen in Berlin, we found RAW Berlin the best. As far as we're concerned, RAW Berlin summarizes everything Berlin stands for, a creative expression of yourself. 

And RAW Berlin is that creative place. This old industrial estate is unique. 

And especially for street art enthusiasts, this is THE place in Berlin, because all different types of graffiti come together here. 

At RAW Berlin you will find, in addition to a lot of street art, also some cool places to have a drink.

Address: Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Day 3, many more beautiful things in Berlin

Of course you haven't seen Berlin in two days, so a third day in Berlin is certainly not superfluous. 

Unfortunately, you will not be able to see everything in Berlin on this third day, especially since there are also a number of sights just outside the city.  

Here are our suggestions for the third day of this city trip to Berlin. 

16. Charlottenburg Palace, the most beautiful building in Berlin

In the east of the city you will find one of the most beautiful buildings in Berlin, Charlottenburg Palace. 

This palace was built in the 17th century for King Consort Sophia Charlotte of Hanover. 

It is the largest palace in Berlin and there is plenty to see.

As befits a real palace, there are many beautiful and decadent rooms, but the exterior and the accompanying gardens are also more than worth seeing. 

Address: Spandauer Damm 10-22, 14059 Berlin, Germany



17. Tempelhof, an abandoned airport in Berlin

Tempelhof is a popular photo spot in Berlin. It is an old airport which was used during the Cold War when the Americans used this airport to get to West Berlin. 

It is now the largest open space in Berlin. Nowhere else can you relax and feel so far away from the city in Berlin. 

And then there's the old airstrip, the perfect backdrop for a good Instagram photo. 

18. Zoo Berlin, the largest zoo in Berlin

Whether you visit Berlin with or without children, the Berlin Zoo is definitely recommended. 

The Berlin Zoo is the largest zoo in Europe. Pandas, Koalas, Dolphins, all animals can be found here. We saw nothing that this is a somewhat older zoo. 

Unfortunately we only had half a day to explore this zoo, but we could have enjoyed ourselves here even longer. 

19. Explore Kreuzberg, Berlin's hip district

Rather than a specific attraction, the entire Kreuzberg district is also really fun to explore. Kreuzberg is a hip, up-and-coming neighborhood in Berlin. This neighborhood is known for its tolerance and LGBTQ community. 

You will find unique shops, restaurants and terraces here. And it's just a very nice neighborhood to walk through in terms of atmosphere. 

20. A nice cool beer in Mauerpark, Berlin

Mauerpark is a real hipster park in Berlin. There is always something to do here. There is a regular flea market, there are festivals or you can do karaoke. But above all it is a place where people with a cold drink and a picnic take a seat on one of the hills to enjoy the view of Berlin. A very nice park to end your city trip in Berlin. 

visit Berlin


Berlin is the perfect destination for a city trip, because Berlin has the largest airport in Germany. Daily flights arrive here from cities all over the world. 

If you prefer not to travel by plane, you can also travel to Berlin from the Netherlands by train. 


The distance to Berlin is also certainly doable by car. Please note that if you want to park in the center of Berlin, day tickets are between 25 and 30 euros per day. In some districts, such as Kreuzberg, you can also park for free along the road. But do take into account the safety of the street where you park your car.

explore Berlin

Berlin is a big city. Berlin is therefore impossible to explore completely on foot.

On the other hand, public transport is very good. You can visit most of the sights by metro.


There are also many drivingtourist buses in Berlin, all kinds of different lines. But they all actually make the same stops. 

AHop-on Hop-off buses is certainly a great way to see all the sights in Berlin in a short time, especially for a large city like Berlin. Also try to walk through Berlin. Berlin is not a particularly beautiful city, apart from the sights. But the atmosphere in Berlin is very special and you just have to feel it.



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