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Kusjesvanons is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the name Kusjesvanons with Chamber of Commerce number 60774851.

  I can be reached by email for questions, suggestions or other matters. I also handle messages sent to me via Instagram Private Messages.

All articles and photos  on Kissesvanons are copyrighted. It is not allowed to copy or distribute texts and photos and any other form of use of texts and photos is not allowed without written permission from the owner. is developed with great care. However, it is possible that published articles contain factual inaccuracies or are incomplete. No rights can be derived from the content.  All articles on Kissesvanons are written  based on our own experience and opinion. There will be no articles that I do not support. is not liable for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of Kusjesvanons is also not responsible for the content on sites referred to and linked to.  The content of is subject to change and may be published at any time  be changed by the author at any time and without notice.

Privacy Policy

1- Guarantees Privacy

Ensuring the privacy of visitors to is an important and accurate task. Hence this privacy statement and policy about the information that collects and how it is used.

2- Consent

By using the information and expressions on, you agree to this privacy statement and the conditions contained herein.

3- Questions

If you want to receive more information, or if you have questions about the privacy statement of, you can email me at

4- Mail to Kissesvanons

You can email me at Your sent mail is stored on a secure mail server. Only Kisses from us  has access to this server.

5- Google Analytics for monitoring visitor behavior – analytical cookies

Kissesvanons uses various statistics to keep track of who visits the website, what visitors view and which pages are visited. This provides information that contributes to the quality of the website and content. Kusjesvanons places analytical cookies with visitors.

The information registered via these cookies includes the type of browser and the pages viewed. It is also seen where visitors first visit and from which page they leave. This information remains anonymous and is not linked to further personal information.

Google Analytics cookies placed by comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • By means of a concluded processing agreement.

  • Data is processed anonymously and cannot be traced back to an individual. IP addresses are made anonymous for this.

  • 'Data sharing' is disabled. This means that no statistics are shared with Google and the following options are all disabled:

    • Google Products and Services

    • Benchmarking: Sharing aggregated and anonymous data with Google and third parties

    • Technical Support

    • Google Account Specialists

    • Data sharing

    • User ID

  • No other Google services are used in combination with Google Analytics cookies.





6- Disable cookies

You have the right to choose to disable cookies. You do this by using the options of your browser. You will find more information about these options on the website of the provider of the relevant browser.

7-Our advertisers works together with various advertisers who sometimes place their own cookies*.

These advertisers use ad technology and the links in their ads that are instantly recognized by your browser. Among other things, they use automatic recognition of IP addresses that are sent directly to advertisers.

In addition, javascript cookies are used to check the effectiveness of campaigns. Kissesvanons has no influence nor control over the cookies, the javascript that advertisers use.

All these advertisers have their own privacy policy and use it for the use of their website and the associated services. More information about how these parties deal with privacy can be obtained on their own websites.


8- Privacy policy of advertisers and third parties

Do you want more information about the privacy policy of advertisers?  affiliated with  then you can visit the websites of these parties. Kusjesvanons has no influence on these cookies and the privacy policy of cookies placed by third parties. These cookies are outside the scope of the privacy policy of

9- Contests, Advertising and Hosting.

Kusjesvanons regularly organizes giveaways with collaborating partners. By entering these competitions, you agree that if you win, you will share your address and email address with me. I will forward it to the relevant partner who will then send the prize won. Kissesvanons does nothing with this data.

For advertising on Facebook and Instagram, Kissesvanons uses the data (country, gender, age) that  are known about you on Facebook and Instagram. This data helps Kusjesvanons to show the ad to the right people who may be interested in my content. This data is general and cannot be traced back from person to person.


10- Dutch Data Protection Authority and data breach notifications.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) monitors compliance with privacy legislation. If you have a complaint about the use of your personal data, please send me an email and I will be happy to help you find a solution. If you do not agree with me, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority .

As of January 1, 2016, as a website administrator, I am obliged to report data breaches to the Personal Data Authority . A data breach is a security incident in which there is unauthorized access to, destruction, alteration or disclosure of personal data. In the event of a data breach, personal data must have been lost or unlawful processing of personal data cannot be ruled out.

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