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15x must do in Valencia

Valencia does not have the amount of famous sights such as Barcelona and Madrid do, but secretly that makes Valencia a very nice destination for your next city trip. Where it is impossible to see Barcelona and Paris completely within a 3 day city trip, Valencia is a wonderful city to explore and you can see all the beauty that Valencia has to offer within 3 days.

Valencia, a relaxing city trip

Valencia is a beautiful city, with a very nice old center. This old center is full of imposing, historic buildings. But it is above all the cosiness of this city that will certainly appeal to you. Everywhere you will find cute squares and streets with bars and restaurants. On a lovely summer day, all these terraces are full and it is a pleasant bustle in the old center of Valencia. From this historic city center, Valencia's main attractions are all within walking or cycling distance. In Valencia you don't have sore legs from the tens of kilometers that you have to walk, because all sights are a relatively short distance from each other. Only the beautiful beach of Valencia is a bit further, but the beach is easily accessible by metro or by bike..

Things you really must do during your city trip to Valencia

Although Valencia does not have the sights, such as Barcelona, ​​there are certainly a number of sights and things that you should not miss during your city trip to this city. We have listed the 15 most fun things that you really should do during your city trip to Valencia.

Explore the futuristic Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències

Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències literally means City of Art and Science. Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències can be found in the Turia Park, located in the old river of Valencia. This futuristic city of Arts and Sciences is perhaps the most popular attraction in Valencia. This is mainly due to the special architecture of this building complex. The modern buildings of Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències form a great contrast to the historic buildings that you find in the city center of Valencia.

From the city center of Valencia you can walk or cycle to Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències. We recommend going here by bike, because the park in which this city of Arts and Sciences is located is also very nice to explore by bike. Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències consists of several buildings. You can visit a theater, the museum of science and an aquarium. All very nice to visit during your city trip to Valencia. Certainly the museum of science and the aquarium are great fun for children.

Address: Av. del Professor López Piñero, 7, 46013 València, Valencia

Stroll through the streets of El Carmen, a hip neighborhood in Valencia

In our opinion, El Carmen is the nicest neighborhood in Valencia and is definitely a neighborhood that you want to explore during your city trip to this city. El Carmen is known for its narrow streets with cozy bars and restaurants and for its Street art. Stroll under the palm trees through the cozy streets of El Carmen, enjoy the atmosphere, view the street art and have a drink on one of the nice squares in El Carmen.

Climb the tower of the Valencia Cathedral, El Micalet

El Micalet is the name of the tower that belongs to the cathedral of Valencia. The tower and the cathedral of Valencia have separate entrances and you have to pay for this separately. Be prepared for a steep climb when you climb El Micalet, because with a staircase of no less than 207 steps it is a steep climb to the top. But the view over Valencia from El Micalet is definitely worth it. The colored houses, the blue domes and the beautiful squares laid out with palm trees make the view from El Micalet really beautiful. Climbing El Micalet is certainly an intensive activity during a city trip to Valencia, but it is absolutely worth it.


Address: Pça. de la Reina, s/n, 46001 València, Valencia

Relaxing on the beach of Valencia

Valencia has beautiful, wide sandy beaches with a nice boulevard and lots of palm trees. Moreover, you will also find many restaurants and bars on the beaches of Valencia. You can take the metro to the beach, but it is actually much more fun to cycle to the beach. In Valencia you can find several bicycle rental companies. From the Old Town you can cycle through the Turia Park all the way to the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències. Unfortunately, that is where the park ends and it is another 20 minutes by bike until you reach the beach. There you can relax after your bike ride and stretch out on the beach in the sun.

Walking through the Park Jardin del Turia, the largest park in Valencia

We already mentioned the name of the Park Jardin del Turia above. Jardin del Turia is a park in Valencia that they have created on the spot where the river used to flow through Valencia. They have built Jardin del Turia in these riverbeds, a park of no less than 9 kilometers along and an attraction that you really shouldn't miss during your city trip to Valencia. Besides that Jardin del Turia is a wonderful green appearance in the middle of the city of Valencia, you will also find beautiful fountains, bridges, playgrounds and of course Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències. It's quite a walk to explore the whole of the Jardin del Turia park on foot, so we recommend that you hire a bicycle to explore this park and take an occasional break under the many trees in the Jardin del Turia.

Try the famous drink in Valencia, Agua de Valencia

Agua de Valencia is a famous drink in Valencia and you can order it on every terrace in Valencia. This alcoholic drink consisting of Cava, Orange juice, Vodka and Gin is really a surprisingly fresh drink on a hot day in Valencia and you should really try this drink during your Valencia city trip.

Taste the Pinchos in Valencia

Pinchos or Pintxos are delicious tapas that you really should eat during your city trip to Valencia. These Pinchos are small sandwiches with a skewer that are filled with the most delicious ingredients, such as Iberian ham, chorizo, mozzarella, etc. These Pinchos cost an average of 1 to 1.5 euros each. Eating Pinchos is of course not enough for a whole meal, but it is above all a tasty snack during your Valencia city trip.

Plaza de la Virgen, Valencia's lively square with a sexy side

Plaza de la Virgen is a large square around the corner from the cathedral in Valencia. Plaza de la Virgen is a fairly large and lively square in Valencia, which is surrounded by beautiful historic buildings. However, Plaza de la Virgen is best known for the sexy fountain that stands in this square. In the evening, Plaza de la Virgen really comes to life, when the square is full of street performers and the terraces are pleasantly full.

Address: Plaça de la Verge, 4, 46001 València, Valencia

Stroll through the cool Rusafa district

Rusafa is an upcoming neighborhood in Valencia and is known as the hipster neighborhood in Valencia. Rusafa is a very nice area for shopping, because you will find the more unique shops here instead of the big chains. Stroll through the many vintage and second-hand shops or enjoy a healthy, vegetarian lunch in one of the great restaurants, such as Bluebell in the Rusafa district.

The Serrano Towers, the city gate of Valencia

The Serrano Towers are a popular landmark in Valencia. In the past, the city center of Valencia was surrounded by a large city wall. The Serrano towers form the last city gate of this old city wall. You can also climb these Serrano towers. From these towers you have a beautiful view over Valencia and the mountains that lie behind the city of Valencia.

Address: Plaça dels Furs, s/n, 46003 València

Sunset from one of the rooftop bars in Valencia

Watching the sunset is always a fun activity, no matter where you are. In Valencia, we recommend that you go up high during the sunset for a beautiful view of this city. When the sun turns red/orange you can, for example, go to the Rooftop terrace of hotel El Barcelona, ​​which gives you a special view over the Jardin del Turia and Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències. Or visit the Rooftop Bar on Plaza de l'ajuntament and enjoy a view over the old, historic city of Valencia.

Address: Plaça de l'Ajuntament, 18, 46002 València, Valencia

Delicious food at El Mercado Central in the old town of Valencia

El Mercado Central is one of the many market halls that you will find throughout Spain. However, El Mercado Central is one of the most beautiful market halls in Spain and a must-see during your city trip to Valencia. But besides the beautiful architecture of El Mercado Central, you will find a lot of good food here. In addition to fresh products, you can also enjoy delicious sandwiches, tapas and pintxos.

Address: Plaça de la Ciutat de Bruges, s/n, 46001 València, Valencia

La Lonja de La Seda, the historic silk fair of Valencia

Another beautiful historic building in Valencia is La Lonja de La Seda. La Lonja de La Seda is the old silk exchange and can be found right next to El Mercado Central. La Lonja de La Seda is not a very large building, but with the beautiful chandeliers and special stained glass windows it is certainly an impressive building in the old city center of Valencia.

Address: Carrer de la Llotja, 2, 46001 València, Valencia

Palau de Marques de Dos Aguas, perhaps the most beautiful building in Valencia

Palau de Marques de Dos Aguas is a beautiful, historic building that you will find in the vicinity of the Rufasa district. In Palau de Marques de Dos Aguas you can visit the Ceramic Museum. According to many, Palau is the Marques de Dos Aguas and one of the most beautiful buildings in Valencia due to its special facade and impressive interior.

Taste Horchata, a typical Valencian drink

During your city trip to Valencia, you should not miss tasting Horchata. Horchata is a drink made from the tuber chufa. This tuber can only be grown in a soil with special characteristics. You will find this soil in Valencia and that is why this drink is a typical Valencian drink. Horchata can be tasted in many places in Valencia, but according to many, the horchata at Horchatería Santa Catalina is the best horchata in the city.


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