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5x the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the world to daydream about

Are you already dreaming about your next holiday in the sun or trip ? We certainly do. It is certainly one of our biggest hobbies to dream about new travels. And no, our budget is not endless and most dreams will not come true for a while. But you can always dream, right?

So we thought we would go even further with this blog with 5x the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the world. Beautiful hotels that we can only fantasize about to visit them one day. But they are definitely on our bucket list, our very long bucket list....

Perhaps the most beautiful luxury hotel in Greece, Hotel Calilo, Ios

Hotel Calilo is one of those hotels that you can only dream of. A hotel that is on your bucket list, because you hope to get the chance to go here one day. Carved out of an indigenous rock, Hotel Calilo is a refuge in the middle of the Cyclades just a stone's throw from Mykonos and Santorini, the most beautiful islands of Greece.

Hotel Calilo, an oasis of peace in Greece

With only 30 suites amidst olive trees and the sea, this hotel is an oasis of tranquility in Greece. The architecture of Hotel Calileo is a true work of art, both inside and out. Hotel Calilo has beautiful spaces and nook everywhere and that is why Hotel Calilo is also on our list of the most beautiful hotels in the world.

And take a look at the gallery below with the most beautiful pictures of hotel Calilo

Sleeping on a luxury private island, Como Laucala Island, Fiji

Como Lacaula Island is such a resort that is just bizarrely luxurious. A resort that only the richest in the world will visit. It is said that Oprah once spent a week here for the small price of no less than 1 million euros. For most of us, something like this will never be possible, but then we can still drooling at the beautiful pictures of Como Laucala Island Resort in Fiji. This exclusive resort was built by the sadly deceased Red Bull co-founder Dietrich Mateschnitz.

Como Laucala Island, an island that has been transformed into a luxury resort

He bought this island for "only" 10 million euros. He then quickly hired a property developer to turn it into a luxury private resort. And it certainly succeeded. For example, you can play golf on a world-class golf course, you can go on an excursion with a mini submarine or you can just relax on the beach and let your own butler take care of you.

Another fun fact about Como Laucala Island Resort is that you can only get here with the plane service from the island itself. No other planes can land. Well if all that isn't a luxury...

And take a look at the beautiful pictures of Laucala Island Resort in the photo gallery below.

Luxury Romance in Mallorca, Hotel Cap Rocat

In a fortress, hidden in the sandstone cliffs of Mallorca, you will find the small luxury hotel; Cap Rocat. In addition to its special appearance, this 5-star hotel has a spectacular view over the Mediterranean Sea.

Hotel Cap Rocat, a place of luxury

In this hotel you have everything for a romantic luxury holiday. Dine in the luxurious restaurant, relax in the hamman, unwind with yoga, jump in the pool or take a refreshing dip in the sea. Hotel Cap Rocat is located in Palma Bay. A place on Mallorca that is known for its beautiful water and beautiful underwater life. And how cool is it to dine here with the colors of the setting sun over the Mediterranean? If that's not a luxury romance....

Sleeping in the trees, Resort Azulik Tulum

Azulik Tulum may not quite belong on our family friendly travel blog, as it is an adults only resort. But this hotel resort is such a gem, Azulik Tulum just belongs in this list. And parents sometimes need some quality time together too, right? And then Azulik Tulum is the ultimate romantic dream.

Azulik Tulum, the view is just a dream

Hotel Resort Azulik Tulum is a dream in the trees of Tulum. You sleep between the trees with a view of the Mexican jungle on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other. That view alone is a dream come true.

The extraordinary architecture of Azulik Tulum

But it is above all the architecture of Hotel Resort Azulik Tulum, which makes this hotel so very special. You've probably seen photos and videos of this hotel on Instagram more than once, because influencers just can't get enough of this hotel. The light, the corridors, the view, it can really only be described with pictures and we can't wait to visit this special place one day.

Bathe in luxury at Hotel Resort Azulik Tulum

Of course Hotel Resort Azulik Tulum is also equipped with every luxury. With a spa, a beauty center, massages and traditional Mayan treatments, you can completely pamper yourself at Hotel Resort Azulik Tulum. And if we have to believe the stories, eating at Hotel Resort Azulik Tulum is the ultimate food experience. And good food always makes us very happy,

View the photo gallery below full of beautiful pictures of Hotel Resort Azulik Tulum.

Sleeping in the Wild West, Hotel Resort Amangiri, Utah

Hotel Resort Amangiri Utah is an extraordinary hotel in a remarkable landscape. When you sleep in Amangiri Utah, you sleep in the middle of the red rock landscape of Colorada, the original Wild West of the United States. This desert landscape consists of red rocks, impressive canyons, ridges and gorges. And amidst this rugged landscape stands the modern and minimalist Hotel Resort Amangiri Utah.

Hotel Resort Amangiri Utah, sleeping in a modern suite or in a tent

The modern Hotel Resort Amangiri Utah offers various sleeping accommodations. You can sleep in one of the modern suites of Amangiri, but they also offer the possibility to sleep in one of the tents. Now the title of tent is of course a complete understatement, because it is of course just a luxury accommodation with all the luxury that entails in the form of a tent. But trust us, you will never have the idea that you are sleeping in a tent in these accommodations.

Waking up with a view, Hotel Resort Amangiri, Utah

But the best thing about the accommodations of Hotel Resort Amangiri is the special view over the desert landscape. From all accommodations you have a great view of the desert landscape of Colorado. The large windows make it seem like you are sleeping in the open air in this desert. The accommodations are truly one with the landscape.

Be inspired by the special Hotel Resort Amangiri, Utah in the gallery below.

More beautiful and luxurious hotels?

These were just 5 of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the world. But there are so many more of these beautiful hotels. So there will be a part 2 of our blog coming soon; The most beautiful luxury hotels in the world? Absolute!! Because we can never get enough of daydreaming about all these beautiful hotels. Even though our bucket list may be getting a bit too long by writing these blogs


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