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A day to Salobreña, Granada

If you are on holiday in Granada and want something different from the city and mountains, the coastal town of Salobreña is a good idea for a wonderful day out. With the beautiful historic center on a rock and with the wonderful beaches, you can certainly enjoy a day here in Salobreña.

Salobreña a historic center overlooking the Costa Tropical

Salobreña is located in the Granada region on the Costa Tropical. The historic center of Salobreña is built on a rock. The historic center of Salobreña consists of narrow streets and whitewashed houses. At the top of the mountain, on top of the historic center of Salobreña, is a beautiful Moorish castle. From this Moorish castle you have a spectacular view over the coast and the Sierra Nevada. In winter you can even see the beautiful snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada from Salobreña.

So if you want to combine a day at the beach with a bit of culture, be sure to take a look at the beautiful village of Salobreña.

Salobreña, the new center by the sea

At the foot of the mountain, near the coast, the new Salobreña has been built. Ending in two wide beaches.

These two beaches of Salobreña are separated by a large rock. You can climb this rock. A staircase has been constructed, with which you can easily climb the rock. The views from this rock, in the middle of the two beaches of Salobreña, are phenomenal. As well as the sunsets, which are also really spectacular here. From this rock you have a spectacular view of the sunset.

Sunset dinner on Salobreña Beach

The sunsets are also beautiful from Salobreña beach. In addition, the restaurants in Salobreña are great. Your mouth will be watering when you walk past the various restaurants on the beach, where the squids are freshly smoked and the smells meet you. The food is delicious, but it is the food in combination with the location and the view that makes dining in Salobreña so special. A dinner with a pink sunset on the beach is simply magical.

The pebble beach of Salobreña

Are you looking for a beautiful white sandy beach? Then you should definitely not go to the beaches of Salobreña. Unfortunately, Salobreña only has pebble beaches. The beaches of Salobreña consist of large and fine pebbles, but there is no sand in sight. And although we are really not fans of pebble beaches, it did not bother us. You can even walk on it barefoot.

A beach chair is recommended, because after a while the pebbles really start to prick your buttocks. And you really don't feel so comfortable on this beach anymore.

Snorkeling in Salobreña

Because Salobreña only has pebble beaches, the water is very clear. And that clear water has another nice side effect, which is that you can snorkel fantastically in Salobreña. You can see hundreds, maybe thousands of fish swimming close to you in large schools. The big and small fish that pass right by your feet, a really beautiful sight for those who like snorkeling. Especially at the large rock in the middle of the two beaches of Salobreña, you will find large schools of fish.

A day trip to Salobreña

Salobreña is therefore the perfect combination of a bit of culture with a lazy day at the beach and is therefore the ideal destination for a day trip in the Granada area.

If you come by car, there are plenty of parking spaces along the beaches of Salobreña to park your car. Unfortunately, the parking spaces in Salobreña are paid parking.


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