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A little piece of paradise in the mountains of Tarragona, La Fontcalda

Sometimes you find those places that you know are special. La Fontcalda is one of those.

La Fontcalda, a beautiful part of nature in Tarragona

From far away you can hear children playing, but you cannot see anything yet. You can only hear sounds of big splashes and laughing children. You know you are near La Fontcalda. And then you see it. A beautiful piece of nature. A bathing water surrounded by a gorge. A place that radiates tranquility despite all the people there. It feels a bit like a secret place in Tarragona, a discovery.

La Fontcalda, a natural spa in Els Ports, Tarragona

La Fontcalda is a natural spa in the middle of the Els Ports Natural Park, Tarragona. In this spa, water runs from a hot spring where water flows from 25 degrees Celsius. It is said that the water that flows in La Fontcalda is medicinal because of the minerals in this water.

Sometimes a pilgrimage is even organized to this healing place in Tarragona/ Because of the warm water that flows into la Fontcalda, the water of the rest of the pool is pleasant.

La Fontcalda is not icy cold like most mountain waters are. It is therefore really wonderful to spend time in this water.

La Fontcalda is an absolute party for the kids.

It is absolutely fantastic here for children. La Fontcalda has many rocks on all sides to jump from. High and low, so all children can make great splashes. Watch and listen carefully to the locals, who come to la Fontcalda more often. You really have to be sure that the water is deep enough, where you want to jump off the rock. You have to be careful. You will also find numerous crayfish in these waters in Tarragona. Especially at the end, where the stairs starts going up, you will find a lot of these red friends in the water. So if you want to catch crayfish, la Fontcalda is the place to start searching in Tarragona.

Follow the path of la Fontcalda

You can also walk a little further, of course. Then follow the path up next to la Fontcalda and you will automatically reach the footpath. A bit further on the hiking trail you also come to a small beach, with its own water. Also a nice quiet place in Tarragona to enjoy all this beauty of nature.

How to reach la Fontcalda

You can reach Fontcalda by car. Or by bike, via the ViaVerde. But get ready for quite a bit of cycling. See the exact location on Google Maps below. And like so many beautiful places in nature, it is completely free. That's a bonus.


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