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Altea, a piece of Greece at the Spanish coast

Picturesque streets with white houses, blue roofs and pink flowers on a hill, overlooking the blue sea… Doesn't that remind you of the famous pictures of Santorini?

This could also just be a Greek village if you see the pictures, but nothing could be further from the truth. This beautiful village is not at all near Greece. Altea is a gem that you can visit during a holiday in Spain.

Altea is on of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Read our Altea Travel guide on our Travel blog

Altea, a gem on the Costa Blanca

Altea is located in the popular holiday region, the Costa Blanca. And when you are on holiday in this popular region in Spain, a visit to Altea should not be missed in your holiday planning.

The popular holiday destinations of Benidorm and Calpe are both less than 10 kilometers from Altea and a day trip from these destinations to Altea is therefore easy to do. Are you curious? Read more in this travel blog about Altea.

Altea, a new and an old center

Altea is no longer a small village and the village has been expanded over the years with all the needed facilities. Altea is divided into an old center and a new center. And as in most villages, the old center in Altea is the most beautiful part of Altea, the picturesque part of Altea. This old part of Altea is located on top of a small hill and offers beautiful views over the coastline of the Costa Blanca and the Mediterranean Sea.

You do not need a lot of travel tips to visit Altea

Altea is not a city that you have to rush through to see all the sights during your visit. It is especially a wonderful village to stroll through the small streets and enjoy the views over the coastline of the Costa Blanca and the Mediterranean Sea. With the subtle guitar music in the background and the smell of Spanish tapas in the air, a walk through this village is wonderful to stimulate your senses.

It is therefore not necessary to write an extensive travel guide with all kinds of travel tips with a walking route along the most beautiful sights of Altea. Altea is mainly a village with a wonderful holiday atmosphere.

Altea is on of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Read our Altea Travel guide on our Travel blog

Altea, a village for creative people

Altea is a village where the photographer in you will emerge and where your creativity will be stimulated.

It is a village where you see beautiful pictures everywhere to photograph. Every street, every square, every view and every corner is photogenic in this Spanish village.

Shopping in Altea

Altea is also a very nice village for shopping. In the old center you will not find any large chains or standard souvenir shops. They are all nice shops with their own style. There are several shops that still sell their own handicrafts. Of course you can also buy nice souvenirs here, but not the standard Spanish souvenirs that you can often buy in souvenir shops. Don't feel like shopping? Then it's nice to walk past the windows of these creative shops in Altea.

Altea is on of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Read our Altea Travel guide on our Travel blog

The only real attraction in Altea

If we have to point out a sight in Altea, it is the church in the middle of the village. In the middle of the village you will find the white church of Altea with the recognizable blue domed roof. The name of this gem in the middle of Altea is called "La Mare de Déu del Consol." This church is visible from almost the entire village and it is therefore the icon of Altea which makes this village even more beautiful.

A square with a view in Altea

The square on which this iconic church is located is a wonderful place for a bite or a drink.

When you cross the square opposite the church, you walk towards a viewpoint with a spectacular view over the sparkling waves of the Mediterranean Sea and the coastline of the Costa Blanca. This is one of several viewpoints in Altea, all of which you will all pass when you walk through the picturesque streets of this village.

Are you looking for a more lively part of Altea?

The more lively part of Altea can be found at the bottom of the hill on the boulevard that runs along the sea. Here you will find some nice and cozy bars, restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a bite, a drink and the Spanish sun. There is something for everyone here. Whether your style is boho, vintage or rustic, there is something for everyone on the boulevard of Altea. With a bit of luck you will be a day when they play live music.

Altea is on of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Read our Altea Travel guide on our Travel blog

Special sights in the area of ​​Altea

To make this travel blog a little bit more of an Altea travel guide, we would like to point out some sights just outside Altea, which are also definitely worth a visit. If you have come to Altea with your own transport, then these two travel tips are definitely worth a short (or long) stop.

The Russian Orthodox Church, a different kind of church in Altea

Just outside Altea you can visit this special church, the Russian Orthodox Church.

This church is completely made of wood and exudes a special atmosphere. Moreover, the people who work here are very friendly and for a small donation you get candles for the whole family to light in the church. When entering the church there are strict dress codes, but if you are not a believer in this church, they don't mind if you don't stick to it. This church is certainly a special place on the Costa Blanca.

Altea is on of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Read our Altea Travel guide on our Travel blog

Greenwich Marina, a luxurious feeling in Altea

Greenwich Marina is the beautiful port of Altea. If you like luxury, this is the place for you. Because here you see beautiful yachts, expensive cars and luxurious bars and restaurants. This port in Altea is certainly a nice picture with the rocks in the background.

Our Altea Food tip

Well actually it is not even our Altea Food tip, we would advise anyone who is on holiday in the Costa Blanca region to eat at this restaurant. We are talking about Tapas Bar Xef Pirata. Xef Pirata is really one of the tastiest tapas restaurants we have ever eaten in Spain, highly recommended. We could eat here every week.

Altea is on of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Read our Altea Travel guide on our Travel blog

Are you getting excited about visiting Altea?

Below we will share some useful travel tips with you for your visit to Altea.

How to get to Altea?

You can reach Altea by bus, train or taxi. The transport to this village is therefore in any case no reason not to visit this beautiful village.

If you go with your own car, you have to take into account that you have to park in the new center. Because the old center is on a hill, it means a short but steep climb to reach the old center of Altea.

Take traffic jams into account on your way to Altea

The road you have to drive to get to Altea is one of the busiest roads in the region and chances are that you will certainly drive a bit of traffic jam on your way to Altea. So expect some delay.

What is the best time of the year to visit Altea?

You can visit Altea all year round. However, we like spring and summer best. Spring is a nice season, because the temperatures are not as hot as in the Spanish summers. But in the summer the terraces are nice and full and that is also very pleasant in this Spanish village and makes this little villages more lively.

Although Altea is becoming more and more famous among tourists in Spain, this village is not yet overrun by tourists. So even when it is busier in Altea during the summer months it is still great to do.

Altea, definitely a bucket list destination

We think Altea is a village that should definitely be on your Spain bucket list. This village on the Costa Blanca feels different from most other Spanish villages and it is therefore quite right that Altea can call itself one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.


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