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Camino de Ronda, hiking along the rugged coast of Catalonia

High rocks, blue sky and an even bluer sea that is what you will see when you hike the Camino de Ronda, a beautiful hiking trail that runs along the beautiful coastline of the Costa Brava.

Costa Brava, the wild coast of Catalonia

The popular Costa Brava is located in Catalonia and literally means rugged, wild coast in Catalan. And the Costa Brava certainly lives up to its name. On the Costa Brava you will find beautiful cliffs with breaking waves, interspersed with beautiful small bays with clear blue water and white hidden sandy beaches.

Camino de Ronda, 191 kilometer hiking along the Costa Brava

The Camino de Ronda is a path of no less than 191 kilometers long and runs along almost the entire coastline of the Costa Brava. Cami de Ronda starts just below the French border at Portbou and runs all the way to Lloret de Mar, a lively coastal town just above the more famous town of Blanes. The Cami de Ronda runs from one beautiful beach to the next beautiful beach along the entire 191 kilometers. It really takes you along all the beautiful bays that the Costa Brava has to offer and gives you beautiful views over the Catalan coast.

Hiking the old smugglers trails, Cami de Ronda

The Camino de Ronda was made years ago for the Customs officers of Spain, the Guardia Civil. The Cami de Ronda was supposed to help control the coastline, as the Costa Brava coastline, close to the French border, was a popular route for smugglers. Today it is just a popular hiking trail that takes you along the most beautiful coves and hidden beaches of the Costa Brava.

The colorful villages of the Costa Brava

The Camino Ronda actually consists of all small sections of hiking trail, which together form the long hiking trail of 191 kilometers. The Cami de Ronda is regularly interrupted by cozy, colorful villages and lively, lively coastal towns. On the promenades of these cozy coastal towns of the Costa Brava it is often nice to have a drink on one of the many terraces.

Camino de Ronda, an easy hiking trail on the Costa Brava

Cami de Ronda is a trail that is quite easy to walk. Most of the route consists of concrete slabs that have been laid there, but there are some places where you still walk over rocks or sand. The route is also very clearly marked on the Cami de Ronda with signs along the entire route. You really can't go wrong here.

The most beautiful part of the Costa Brava of the Camino de Ronda

In our opinion, the most beautiful part of the Cami de Ronda is the part between Begur and Sant Feliu de Guixols. Begur is one of the most beautiful villages of the Costa Brava and therefore also the perfect starting point. This route is about 43 kilometers long in total and can therefore not be walked in a single day. There are hikers who walk this route in 2 days, but you can of course also choose to walk small parts of this route. This is highly recommended, especially with children, because the entire Cami de Ronde between Begur and Sant Feliu de Guixols may be a bit of a long walk.

The three most beautiful beaches on the Cami de Ronda

There are many beautiful bays and beaches to see when you walk the Camino de Ronda. But there are some beaches that really stand out. We have listed the three most beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava for you.

Aiguablava, the most beautiful crystal blue water of the Costa Brava

The name Aiguablava literally means blue water in Catalan. And this beach on the Cami de Ronda really has the most beautiful blue water. As soon as you go down the stairs at Aiguablava, the blue sea comes towards you. This blue water is combined with white sand and a cozy bay, where you will find several restaurants and bars. This beach has the feel of Ibiza with the appearance of a Caribbean beach.

Cala Montjoi, an untouched beach on the Camino de Ronda

Cala Montjoi is located in the beautiful Cap de Creus nature reserve. According to many, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. This is mainly because this Cala Montjoi is located in a nature reserve and has therefore not been affected by humans. This beach feels like an unspoilt piece of nature on the Costa Brava. You can only hike to this beach via the Cami de Ronda. It is impossible to get here by car. So don't take too much with you, because it is a bit of a walk to this beach.

Cala Senyor Ramon,a piece of the Caribbean on the Costa Brava

Via the Cami de Ronda you also walk along this beautiful beach, Cala Senyor Ramon. Cala Senyor Ramon is a small bay, which lies against a high rock. Due to the high rocks that surround the beach to the left and right, the beach feels very private and secluded and it is wonderfully quiet here. Cala Senyor Ramon feels like a piece of the Caribbean on the Costa Brava.

Camino de Ronda, a must when you are on holiday on the Costa Brava

Of course these are only three of the beautiful beaches that you can find on the Camino de Ronda. But actually, almost all bays on the Costa Brava are gems and you can enjoy a wonderful stay here anywhere. The combination of a short walk on the Cami de Ronda with a dip in the crystal blue water and the occasional terrace in a cozy coastal village, is in our opinion the perfect way to spend a day on the Costa Brava. We hope to discover many more parts of the Cami de Ronda in the coming years.


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