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City trip Granada with kids ,3 day guide

Granada, wow what a surprising city.

Whoever thinks of a city trip may not immediately think of Granada. But man, what can I recommend this city. This city immediately gives you that nice, relaxed feeling. Maybe it's the guitar-playing hippies on the many terraces that give this city its nice vibe. Or the feeling of walking through a fairytale when you walk through the Alhambra palace.

Or it's because it might not even feel like Europe anymore. Granada feels more like a piece of Morocco than a city of Spain. In any case, it is a unique city that you have to experience.


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A city trip Granada with kids

Visiting Granada with children is great fun, especially because there is something magical about this city. In the Albaicin neighborhood children will feel like they are walking on the set of a 1001 nights movie. The Alhambra feels as if they have walked straight into a fairy tale and their eyes will be gazing at how the kings used to live. And you can't skip the cave houses in Sacromonte either. The tiny cave houses feel like gnome houses and give a completely different view of the city of Granada.

But because Granada is partly located on a hill, you have to plan the days well. Because if you do everything on day 1, chances are that on day 2 you will no longer be able to take a step from the muscle aches and pain in your feet.

Our tips for a 3-day city trip to Granada with children

Granada is a diverse city, with lots to see and do. We have listed our tips for a 3-day city trip with children to Granada for you. Each day we share useful walking routes with you, so that you can see the best of Granada in a 3-day city trip.



Welcome to historic Granada. Today we are going to discover the historic center of Granada, the neighborhoods of Albaicin and Sacromonte.

Explore Granada's Albaicin District

Albaicin is the old Moorish quarter in Granada and you should definitely not miss it during your 3-day city trip to Granada. Due to the still visible Moorish influences, this district has an Arab feel. Albaicin is located on a hill, right in front of the Alhambra. The River Darro runs between the Albaicin district and the Alhambra. A few picturesque bridges run across the river, which only give the Albaicin district in Granada even more atmosphere. Albaicin is especially nice to stroll through the small streets, to shop in the Arab tourist shops and to drink a tea at one of the beautiful tea houses.

The sights of Albaicin, Granada

Albaicin has some sights that you should not miss during your city trip to Granada. We have put together a walking route for you to explore this cozy Albaicin district.

Plaza Nueva, Rennaisance in Albaicin, Granada

Start at the cozy plaza Nueva, with the impressive Real Chancilleria on it. A large building in Renaissance style.

Adress; Plaza Nueva, 18010 Granada

Al Banuelo, bathing in Albaicin, Granada

If you then follow the street Carrer del Darro, along the river, you will automatically pass El Banuelo. An old arabic bath house. Very small, but how the sunglight fills this bath house is so special that this is a must see.

Adress: Carrera del Darro, 31, 18010 Granada


Casa de Castril, Albaicin

Continue your way and you will automatically pass Casa de Castril. Casa de Castril is a striking mansion, which will impress you with its beautiful facade.

Adress: Carrera del Darro, 41, 18010 Granada

Paseo de los Tristes, cosiness with a view in Albaicin, Granada

Paseo de los Tristes is a lovely square along the same street as Casa Castril. Paseo de los Tristes is, despite the name suggests otherwise, a cozy square with nice terraces in Granada. In the center of the Paseo de los Tristes square is a beautiful fountain, but it is above all the view of the Alhambra that makes this square so special.

Adress; Paseo de los Tristes, 18010 Granada

El Mirado de San Nicolas, the best view in Albaicin

From Paseo de los Tristes you walk to El Mirador de San Nicolas. El Mirador de San Nicolas gives you a beautiful view of the Alhambra from the Albaicin district. The sunsets are said to be truly unforgettable, but it can get a bit crowded with other tourists around this time. That doesn't make the sunset any less special, though. This is the place to be for a special sunset during your city trip to Granada.

Adress: Plaza Cementerio de San Nicolas, 8, 18010 Granada

Calle Calderia, a piece of Alladin in Albaicin, Granada

Did you enjoy the view from El Mirado de San Nicolas? Then walk to Calle Calderia. Calle Calderia is a part of Granada, which comes straight out of an Alladin film. In Calle Calderia you can shop till you drop in the cozy tourist shops. And you should not miss drinking a cup of tea in one of the beautiful, colorful tea houses. This part of Albaicin is a truly unique part of Granada with its own unique atmosphere.

Adress; Calle Calderia, 18010 Granada

Sacromonte, cave houses in Albaicin, Granada

On paper it is only a short distance from the Albaicin district to the Sacromonte district , known for its cave houses. But don't underestimate this. The hike to Sacromonte is only uphill, so it's quite a tough walk. Especially difficult with children. Unfortunately, the Granada City tour does not go here.

But there are a lot of taxis driving up there. So you can walk or take a taxi for a short distance. The small ride up is not very expensive.

You can also see the cave dwellings of Sacromonte from the inside. Fun to do and to get an idea of ​​how cozy such a cave house actually is.

Adress: Barranco de los Negros, s/n (acceder por, C. Verea de Enmedio, 18010 Granada

End of the first day of our city trip to Granada

That was it for our first day. Fill the rest of this day with good food and drinks, because Granada is the perfect city for that. And above all, take it easy. It can also be hot here, especially in summer, so drinking well is a must.

Southern Spain is known for its tapas. Granada is certainly one of them. On almost every terrace where you order a drink, you get a tasty tapas. You can't choose, so you just get the tapas of the day. These tapas can therefore be disappointing every now and then. But we think it is just great to get a nice surprise with every drink.

You can also do a tapas tour in Granada, which is super fun.




For day 2 we take a day for the children. After all that walking and sightseeing, a day especially for the kids where they don't have to walk from one historic building to the next is a nice change for the kids.

Parc de las Ciencas, discovering science in Granada

A visit to the museum; Parc de las Ciencas is an absolute must. They have several nice exhibits here. In addition, they have a planetarium, a butterfly garden, an outdoor playground and, as icing on the cake, a biodome. A kind of mini zoo with an aquarium, crocodiles and monkeys. And on Tuesdays and Fridays there is a bird of prey show. Although I personally don't really recommend this one. He is very informative and complete in Spanish. So listening to a story in Spanish for half an hour isn't very interesting if you can't understand it. The birds are nice. We thought we would enjoy ourselves here for a few hours, but we actually ran out of time. It is a really nice museum with lots of fun activities for children.

The entrance fee for the museum including the Biodome is € 11.00 for adults and € 9.00 for children. If you also want to visit the planetarium, this costs € 2.00 for children and € 2.50 for adults.

More information can be found at the link below.

Adress: Av. de la Ciencia, s/n, 18006 Granada

Running and playing in Parque Federico Garcia Lorca, Granada

When you're done at the museum, you can let the kids run and play in Parque Federico Garcia Lorca. Named after a Spanish poet, it is open to the public all day and entry is free. There are nice playgrounds and while you enjoy the Spanish sun, the children can play and run around freely.

Adress: C. Virgen Blanca, S/N, 18004 Granada

More fun activities for kids in Granada

Water park Aquaola

This water park in Granada, is located just outside the city. You can get there by bus as well as by taxi. Like any water park, Aquaola water park is a park with many slides. But there is also a wave pool, a lazy river and of course a fun area with lots of water fun for the smaller children. A day at the Aquaola water park in Granada is really refreshing during the warm summer in Spain.

Adress: C. Garcia Lorca, 53, 18190 Cenes de la Vega, Granada



After a day out with the kids, it's now time for another day of sightseeing. There is still a lot to discover during your city trip to Granada.

Just a dream, the Alhambra, Granada

Starting at the Alhambra, you cannot skip this palace when visiting Granada. Everything about this beautiful palace feels like a fairy tale. You can choose to only visit the General life at the Alhambra, there you can enjoy the beautiful gardens and the accompanying palaces. But you really don't want to miss the Nasrid Palace. You really have to buy the tickets well in advance for the Nasrid Palaca. You can only enter here at a time of your choosing. Be on time, as they are very strict. The Alhambra is actually a combination of several palaces surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens. You have the Nasrid Palace, a beautiful Arab palace, but also the palace of Charles V and Alcazaba.

The Arabic elements, the colors in the gardens, the stateliness of the palaces make it feel like a fairytale, where children will certainly enjoy themselves. Tip from us; go on time as it can get quite busy. Every year 2.5 million people visit this place. So being early is actually a must. And take your time. Take the time to stroll through the palace gardens, enjoy the view and rest on a bench while the children have fun in the gardens. It is best to set aside half a day for a visit to the Alhambra.

Adress: C. Real de la Alhambra, s/n, 18009 Granada

Finished with the Alhambra, the rest of the city is still on the schedule.


Granada Cathedral, grand and impressive

The cathedral of Granada is definitely not to be missed and that is why it is the next stop during our city trip to Granada. Because wow, with its 115 long and 67 meters wide, this cathedral really impresses with its grandeur. According to the Spaniards, this building is one of the first Renaissance buildings in Spain. It took over 200 years to complete this Gothic style cathedral.

Next to the cathedral is Capilla Real, where several Catholic kings are buried..


Adress: C. Gran Vía de Colón, 5, 18001 Granada

Shoppen during your Granada city trip

But if you have had enough of walking to the various sights, go shopping and enjoy the beautiful terraces in Granada. If the kids still feel like doing some sightseeing, here are some beautiful historic places.

Nog meer historische bezienswaardigheden in Granada

From the cathedral it is 8 minutes walk to Monastery of St. Jerome

Adress: C. Rector López Argüeta, 9, 18001 Granada

3 minutes walk to Plaza de Bib-Rambla, a pleasant square with many terraces and street performers. A square where there is always something happening and something to see. Also fun for the kids.

Adress; Plaza de Bib-Rambla

14 min walk to Palacio de Dar al-Horra, also a historic building with Arabic features.

Adress: Cjón. de las Monjas Albayzin, s/n, 18008 Granada

Take the Granada City tour during your Granada city trip

If you have small children or just don't feel like walking a lot, you can always opt for the Granada City Tour. This takes you along the main sights with different entry and exit points. We always like these buses and trains, especially with small children. The disadvantage is that you sometimes miss a bit of the atmosphere of the city you are visiting and miss the cozy squares and corners that are skipped by the bus.

City tour with POPguide The City tour from POPguide is also a nice way to walk through the city. While walking you can listen to the Audio guide, which gives you all kinds of nice information while walking.

Explore the surroundings of Granada during your city trip

If you have more days in Granada, there is still a lot to see and do in the surroundings of Granada. For example, from Granada you can drive to the coast and explore the beautiful beaches or you can go to the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and the beautiful villages there.



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