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Hallstatt, love at first sight

Hallstatt is such a village, where you can't help but fall head over heels in love with.

Hallstatt can't really be described in words. It is a fairytale village with cobbled streets full of colored houses. And all this is surrounded by a clear blue mountain lake and the Austrian Alps in the background. Hallstatt is a work of art. And when you walk through the small streets of Hallstatt you will discover that every house and every corner has its own charm.

You have to experience Hallstatt and you will see that you too will fall in love with this village. Hallstatt really invites you to just stroll through the streets past the pastel colored houses. Hallstatt exudes a kind of authentic tranquility that you will not find in other famous cities and towns in Europe.

Hallstatt, a famous hotspot for tourists

Until the 19th century you could only reach Hallstatt by boat or by hiking over the mountains. Today Hallstatt is one of Austria's most popular tourist destinations. When you are planning your next holiday to Austria, you will undoubtedly see pictures of Hallstatt on your screen.

No less than a million people come to this Alpine village every year. And as good as that is for Hallstatt's economy, it can also become too much. And then it diminishes the beauty and authenticity of this village in the mountains.

Hallstatt at its best

During the day it is therefore more difficult to see the beauty of Hallstatt, as it can be quite busy with day trippers. If you want to see the real beauty of Hallstatt, we think you should really spend a night there.

Because when you walk through Hallstatt in the early morning, you really see how beautiful and magical this village is. When Hallstatt is empty… The day trippers are not there yet, Hallstatt still really feels like Hallstatt.

Walk alone through the cobbled streets and take in the view and the wonderful smells. Slowly but surely you will see Hallstatt awaken.

Hallstatt is always beautiful

Hallstatt can be visited at any time of the year. In summer the mountains are green, the sky blue and the colors of the houses in combination with the flowers come to life. But in winter, with the snow-capped peaks, the snow-covered roofs of the colored houses in combination with the blue water and the mist that hangs around the mountains in the morning, gives Hallstatt a fairytale atmosphere.

Hallstatt from the water

One of the things you should not miss when in Hallstatt is renting one of the electric boats. Don't miss the opportunity to admire Hallstatt from the water as well. It's a view you definitely don't want to miss.

Unfortunately you cannot reserve these boats. So you may have to queue for these boats, but it is absolutely worth it.

For 15 euros you can sail for half an hour by boat. The lake is not very big and neither is Hallstatt, so you really don't need two hours on the water. Bring a drink and make the most of the 30 minutes you have and especially enjoy the view from the water on Hallstatt.

What is there to do in Hallstatt?

Hallstatt is actually a major attraction. And just walking through Hallstatt is really the only activity you really have to do in this pretty village. But if you still want to admire Hallstatt from a different angle, there is another activity you can do. Namely the Hallstatt Skywalk. From the Hallstatt Skywalk you have a fantastic view from above over Hallstatt.

Hallstatt from above, the Hallstatt Skywalk

The Hallstatt Skywalk is open from 9 a.m., so we recommend getting there early in the morning. As everywhere in Hallstatt, it can get very busy at this view point.

You can walk towards the Hallstatt Skywalk on foot. That is quite a climb up. Don't feel like walking.. Then take the funicular up.

There is also a bar upstairs where you can have something to eat and drink. And it goes without saying that this restaurant has an AMAZING view.

Hallstatt's salt mines

In the past, the main source of income for Hallstatt was the extraction of salt. These salt mines go back no less than 7,000 years. These salt mines have ensured that Hallstatt has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997. According to UNESCO, the salt mines ensured prosperity in Hallstatt until about the middle of the 20th century. This prosperity is reflected in the special appearance of Hallstatt.

Inside Hallstatt's impressive salt mines

You can still visit one of these old salt mines today. This salt mine is located to the Hallstatt Skywalk. Unfortunately we didn't have time for that, but from what we understand it is a very cool thing to see inside.

You can even see the oldest stairwell in the world here. This staircase was discovered in 2002 and has been researched for years because of the history of this special staircase.

Much of the salt mine is open to the public and easily accessible. But if you are looking for a little more adventure, you can also book the adventurous route.

There are a number of souvenir shops in Hallstatt where you can still buy this salt from Hallstatt. That's a nice souvenir to take home.

Time for a little snack in Hallstatt

Then a little bonus tip from us! In the center of Hallstatt you will find a small bakery stall with the most delicious pastries. One of the tastiest things you can order here is the Schaumrolle. A light pastry with a kind of marshmallow-like filling. Yum! This small bakery doesn't really have a name, but it is known for the name Taglich Frisch gebacken, which of course simply means freshly baked daily.

Practical tips for your visit to Hallstatt

Then some practical tips to make your visit to Hallstatt as smooth as possible.

Book your overnight stay in Hallstatt on time

There are not that many hotels and accommodations in Hallstatt. If you want to stay overnight in Hallstatt you will have to book.

Bring cash to Hallstatt

Make sure you have cash with you. There are still many places in Hallstatt that accept credit cards, but only cash.

Parking in Hallstatt

Hallstatt is completely car-free. That means that if you come by car, you have to park outside the center. There are several parking spaces outside the center, which are clearly marked when you drive to Hallstatt. The parking spaces themselves clearly indicate how many spaces are still available. We were in parking lot 1. From this parking lot it is in any case no further walk to the center of Hallstatt. If you have a hotel in Hallstatt, you can probably take advantage of the free shuttle service they offer.

Food & Drinks in Hallstatt

The restaurants and shops close early in Hallstatt. Where the restaurants in Southern Europe often don't open until after eight o'clock, the restaurants here in Hallstatt already close around this time. Austrians eat early in the evening. It is therefore wise to take this into account and not to go to bed hungry. Even having an evening drink in Hallstatt is not that easy. Many places are closed in the evening. There are only 1 or 2 places where you can have a drink in the evening.

This is of course because there are mainly day trippers to Hallstatt who all leave early in the evening. The number of tourists during the evenings is not enough to keep all the bars and restaurants open.

You too will fall in love with Hallstatt

Hallstatt is not big. It's actually just a small village where there isn't even that much to do. And yet Hallstatt is such a village that you just want to visit once. It is the location of this village in combination with the beautiful houses and cozy authentic streets, which ensure that you cannot help but fall in love with this place.

Just try to avoid the very busy times, when Hallstatt is completely packed with thousands of tourists. All those tourists take away from the magic of Hallstatt a bit.


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