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It is snowing Confetti! Coso Blanco Salou

What a party this is!! El Coso Blanco is one of the coolest events we've ever been to. From start to finish we had a big smile on our face, we felt like children again, while 25,000 kilos of confetti fluttered over us from the air.

Coso Blanco Salou 2019, a constant smile on my face

That feeling that you can't stop laughing, that is the feeling I had during the Coso Blanco 2019. The first time we were at this amazing event. I had already seen images from previous years, but I still didn't really know what to expect. The weather was nice, so we decided to go to Salou early in the afternoon. During a nice drink in the sun we saw the first people in costume pass by. But it was not really busy… But then night fell and Salou slowly but surely filled up.

Coso Blanco Salou, a large open-air disco

Because it was getting busier in Salou, we also decided to find a spot along the street to watch the parade pass. The street had turned into an open-air disco with the deejay already setting the mood. The music set the mood right and people started dancing on the street.


Suddenly it is completely silent during the Coso Blanco Salou

And then suddenly everything goes silent. Everyone is quiet. The laser show starts, the Deejay starts counting down…3…2…1…And then you only hear people cheering and screaming and you are completely absorbed in the enthusiasm of all the people. You see the cannons go on, on your left and right and you know that Coso Blanco is about to start.

Confetti everywhere during the Coso Blanco Salou

Not much later, confetti is snowing everywhere. There is confetti as far as the eye can see, wow. That happy feeling you get just overwhelms you. I couldn't help but laugh, an indescribably happy feeling. Within minutes you'll be knee-deep in confetti dancing to the music. And those faces of the children, what an experience!!

Coso Blanco, Carnaval in the streets of Salou

The confetti during the Coso Blanco of Salou is enough to give you an unforgettable evening. But as a bonus, there is also a carnival parade through the streets with floats that scatter even more confetti and candies. One beautiful float after the other follows and scatters confetti and candy. After a few hours we call it quits. But the party goes on well into the night.


Coso Blanco Salou, Confetti up to your buttocks

Before we got into the car, we literally undressed on the street. There was confetti everywhere. There was confetti in my hair, sweater, bra and even our knickers. Despite this striptease, as soon as we stepped into our house, there was confetti on the floor. A souvenir of this great celebration. A souvenir that would appear for months from jacket pockets, backpacks, shoes and trouser pockets. Even when I put my winter coat back on one winter later, I still found confetti in my jacket pocket and laughed again thinking about this great evening.

Coso Blanco Salou, an annual celebration

Coso Blanco Salou is celebrated every year on the first Saturday of February as a kind of pre-carnival celebration. We hope to go back to this great party every year, because what a spectacle this is.

Are you able to go here? This year or any other year, grab that chance. Because you will never forget it!! The annual Coso Blanco is every year on the first Saturday of February. The confetti starts blowing at 7 pm in the streets of Salou. Where? Calle Ciutat de Reus in Salou.

There are a lot of people coming, about 20,000, so keep in mind that parking spaces are not unlimited. The Coso Blanco is part of the Festa Mayor in Salou. Besides the Coso Blanco, there are other festivities in Salou that week. For example, the Festa Mayor is closed on Sunday with fireworks.

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