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L'Oceanografic, Valencia

Unique is the best description for l'Oceanografic in Valencia. We have already been able to visit many beautiful aquariums in the world, but l'Oceanografic in Valencia is truly unique in its kind.


The special architecture of l'Oceanografic, Valencia

When you arrive at l'Oceanografic you immediately see why this aquarium is so special. The architecture is modern and unlike any other building and aquarium we have ever seen in Valencia. The aquarium was built by the architect Felix Candela Outeriño. Felix Candela Outeriño has many designs to his name as an architect, including churches, clubs and markets. L'Oceanografic was the very last design of this well-known architect. His last building was not fully completed until five years after his death.

The different buildings within l' Oceanografic, Valencia

L'Oceanografic consists of several separate buildings. The buildings are all very different, but all equally spectacular. The buildings in combination with the beautifully landscaped botanical gardens make these buildings a fantastic whole, despite the differences.

L'Oceanografic seems small, but there is a surprise

When you walk into l'Oceanografic, the size of this aquarium may be a bit disappointing. Because despite the special buildings, it seems rather small. But there is a little surprise. Most of the aquariums in l'Oceanografic are underground. So you actually have no idea how big l'Oceanografic actually is when you walk in here.


The different worlds within L'Oceanografic, Valencia

L'Oceanografic is divided in different worlds. The worlds within l'Oceanografic are based on the areas where the different fish and animals actually live. This gives you an idea of ​​how these animals in the oceans live side by side.

Océanos, the most beautiful underwater tunnel of l'Oceanografic

Océanos is the most impressive world within l'Oceanografic. L'Oceanografic consists of several underwater tunnels, but the most beautiful underwater tunnel can be found in the world Océanos. In the water tunnel of Océanos you walk under sharks and large rays. We have been to an aquarium with an underwater tunnel before, but this underwater tunnel at l'Oceanografic in Valencia is the most impressive water tunnel we've ever walked under.

Delfinario, dolphins in l'Oceanografic Valencia

Delfinario, as the name suggests, is the dolphinarium of l'Oceanografic, Valencia. Delfinario is the largest dolphinarium in Europe with no fewer than 5 swimming pools for approximately 30 dolphins. The dolphin trainers of l'Oceanografic give a nice dolphin show here several times a day. The show is informative, but it is mainly the interaction between trainer and animal that makes this show at l'Oceanografic so much fun. The summers in Valencia can get quite hot, so try to avoid a spot in the sun at this show, as it can get quite sweaty.

Cocodrilario, the crocodiles at l'Oceanografic, Valencia

At Cocodrilario you see something different than just the fish of l'Oceanografic. At Cocodrilario you will find crocodiles in a beautifully landscaped world.


Mediterráneo, the Mediterranean in l'Oceanografic

Mediterráneo is an underground aquarium in l'Oceanografic. In this world you can see the flora and fauna as you can see it in the Mediterranean. In Mediterráneo you can see the underwater world, as you can see it when you go diving along the coast of Spain.

Humedales, an interesting birdcage in l'Oceanografic

In Humedales you can see waterfowl, turtles and reptiles from the Spanish swamps & tropical mangroves. The architecture of Humedales is particularly beautiful and also inside this dome you can see a special world within l'Oceanografic. A tip from us, don't stay too long under the tree with birds. We were rewarded with poo on our arms and feet.

The reptiles here were also very special here. Although you might be able to pet them, we preferred to stay at a safe distance.

Templados y Tropicales, a tropical aquarium in l'Oceanografic

Templados y Tropicales is an aquarium world with fauna from the temperate and tropical seas. In Templados y Tropicales you will not only find fish, but also seals and penguins.

Islas, South American Islands

In the world Islas of L'Oceanografic you can see animals that live around the islands that lie along the South American coast.

Mar Rojo,the Red sea in l'Oceanografic

In the world Mar Rojo van l'Oceanografic you will find aquariums with all kinds of different fish that live in the Red Sea.

Ártico, the largest ocean animals of l'Oceanografic

Ártico is a special world in l'Oceanografic. In this world see the largest sea creatures you can see in l'Oceanografic. You can see walruses and Beluga whales here. Standing by the large glass walls of this aquarium and watching them swim by is a magical moment.

Antártico, the cute animals of Antarctica at l'Oceanografic

At Antártico you will find the happiest animals of l'Oceanografic. The penguins that live in Antarctica. Watching penguins make everyone happy.


Movie Theater at l'Oceanografic, Valencia

When buying your tickets for l'Oceanografic you can also watch a 4D film for € 3 extra per person. You can choose from 2 different films. Please note that you pay € 3 extra per person per film. So if you want to see both, an additional €6 per person will be added. We have done both. You have the movie “Hurricane”. This is actually more of a short documentary. We may have found this a bit disappointing, but the kids really liked it. And then you have an animated movie about a submarine. This one is really fun for kids and only lasts 13 minutes. We ourselves liked this one more. So if I had to pick either one, I'd definitely go for the animated movie.

L'Oceanografic, a nice day out in Valencia

L'Oceanografic is a beautiful and special aquarium and therefore definitely recommended when you are in Valencia or in the vicinity of Valencia. L'Oceanografic is not super big, so you probably need half a day to see everything here. The park is not very big, but certainly unique and impressive. Also definitely a nice thing to do when you are in Valencia with children for a city trip.

Adress: Carrer d'Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1B, 46013 València, Valencia


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