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Monestir de Poblet, a beautiful piece of architecture

Monestir de Poblet is one of the historical sites in Tarragona, which has been on my wish list for a long time. Unfortunately, the rest of the family was less enthusiastic about visiting this historic monastery. Fortunately I was able to convince them all in the end and we finally got to admire Monestir del Poblet.

The History of Monestir del Poblet, Tarragona

Monestir de Poblet is a monastery founded in 1151 by monks from France. Since 1991, this beautiful monastery is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Over the years, the monastery has been used for multiple purposes, such as as a military complex, but also as a royal palace.

The awarded Monestir de Poblet in Tarragona

In 2010, the monastery Monestir de Poblet also received the highest Catalan award, the Medalla d'Or de la Generalitat, for its cultural and historical record. Monestir de Poblet is still inhabited. There are still about 50 monks living in Monestir de Poblet. You will also encounter these monks when you visit this historic monastery.

De stijlen van Monestir del Poblet, Tarragona

Monestir del Poblet is built in the typical architecture of the 12th, 13th and 14th century, Cistercian style. You can clearly see that this monastery was built during several centuries in the architecture of Monestir del Poblet. There are several masterpieces on display in this monastery, where you can clearly see in which century they were made. According to many, Monestir del Poblet is the perfect example of the Cistercian style, in Tarragona.

The multimedia room of Monestir del Poblet, Tarragona

The tour of the monastery starts with a multimedia room, in which they explain the history of Monestir de Poblet in a modern and interactive way. From this multimedia room you will be directed to a film room.

This space is not suitable for small children

Our advice is to skip this movie with children. Why we advise not to visit this space with children is because our son has been afraid of churches and monasteries since he has been to this film. The film is not so much scary, but the way it is delivered can be intimidating for children. The film is about faith. You take a seat in a completely white room, where the door closes automatically. Our boys felt a little trapped. Then faith is discussed with some dramatic music. Even for us it felt quite strange. But after that it's not finished. You now walk further into a completely black room, where the door closes automatically again. Unfortunately I can't tell you what this film is about, because our son started hyperventilating and we fled through the emergency exit.

So I don't really recommend these videos if you visit this monastery with children. Moreover, they do not really add anything to the experience of this beautiful piece of architecture.

The first look at Monestir de Poblet, Tarragona

When you're done in the multimedia room, continue to the historic monastery, Monestir del Poblet. As soon as you walk in, you are actually immediately drawn to the lovely courtyard. A beautiful garden in the middle of the monastery surrounded by a beautiful corridor with beautiful arched ceilings. And through the gracefully decorated windows you have a beautiful view of this garden.

The piece in Monestir de Poblet, Tarragona

In the gardens of Monestir de Poblet there are several benches where you can quietly take in the monastery. Walking through the corridors of Monestir de Poblet experience the peace and tranquility of this historic monastery. From these corridors, the corridors that surround the inner garden of Monestir de Poblet, you can go through different doors to the different rooms in the monastery. You can take a look at the old kitchen, but also in the current dining room or the library. Each and every one of them impressive spaces that are all built in the same beautiful architecture. The large indoor fountain in the courtyard completes the picture.

The second floor of Monestir de Poblet, Tarragona

Via the stairs you reach the next floor of Monestir de Poblet. There you enter a large room for groups and meetings. This space feels very large. It is especially the ceiling with the beautiful vaults that attracts the attention in this room. Furthermore, there are no spaces upstairs to explore. You can also walk along the top of the courtyard, and you will have new views of this monastery from above.

The Cathedral of El Monestir de Poblet, Tarragona

When you walk back down in El Monestir de Poblet, you will automatically come to the cathedral that belongs to this historic monastery in Tarragona. Both from the courtyard of El Monestir de Poblet, and from the front you have access to this grand cathedral. An impressive piece of architecture. The altar in the cathedral of Monestir de Poblet is especially a gem. What a masterpiece this altar is. You must also see the various small altars behind the large altar. The beautiful stained glass windows and the size make these small altars feel very intimate.

What an impression does Monestir de Poblet make

Our conclusion from Monestir de Poblet is that this historic monastery certainly impresses. The architecture of Monestir de Poblet is especially impressive. The windows, the vaults, the statues… There is so much beauty to see.

The entrance fees of Monestir de Poblet, Tarragona

Unfortunately, there is also an entrance fee for Monestir de Poblet. The price may be a bit high for this monastery, but I personally would not have wanted to miss this. And I am glad that I was able to visit this unique monastery. The entrance fee for adults is € 12.00 and for children € 8.00.

For more information you can check out the website of Monastir de Poblet.


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