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Mountain Inn, Swaziland

Wow, what a view this hotel has. The Mountain Inn hotel has a beautiful garden with a great view over the Ezulwini Valley in Swaziland.

The view from Mountain Inn Swaziland is the biggest plus

The view from the garden over the Ezulwini valley in Swaziland is actually the biggest plus of this hotel. Unfortunately, the the rest of the Mountain Inn hotel has little appearance. Mountain Inn is a much larger hotel than the outside suggests. The decor is a bit dated in the rooms as well as in the rest of the hotel. If you stop here during your tour through South Africa and Swaziland, you will miss the cozy atmosphere that you can find in many other accommodations in South Africa and Swaziland.

The facilities of hotel Mountain Inn Swaziland

Mountain inn has all the necessary facilities. This hotel in Swaziland has a restaurant, a sun terrace, a babysitting service, a fitness center, room service, a swimming pool, etc. In short, all the facilities you could wish for. But when you walk into the Mountain Inn hotel it feels a bit like you are walking into a large hotel chain. You also miss the friendliness and cheerfulness of the other accommodations in South Africa in this hotel in Swaziland. Everyone is doing their job well, but there could be a little more laughter.

Having dinner in hotel Mountain Inn, Swaziland

The restaurant of the hotel Mountain Inn, on the other hand, is very good. Both the breakfast buffet and dinner are served in the restaurant. And both breakfast and dinner at the hotel Mountain Inn are very good. It is a very large restaurant and a lot of people can eat in this restaurant, so it is very noisy when it is busy.

The rooms in hotel Mountain Inn Swaziland

The rooms and bathrooms at the Mountain Inn hotel are just okay. The rooms are neat and clean, but like the rest of the Mountain Inn hotel a little dated. We were lucky to have a separate, small house, close to the pool. The cottage had 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The room we had, had a large glass door overlooking the pool and had a separate front door. Furthermore, there is little to criticize about the sleeping accommodations of the Mountain Inn hotel. I think the best description is that everything is fine. But compared to other accommodations in Swaziland, I think you could call this hotel luxurious

Hotel Mountain Inn Swaziland is in a very good location

The location of hotel Mountain Inn in Swaziland is very, very good. Hotel Mountain Inn is only a few minutes walk from downtown, where you can find many restaurants. Because the food in the hotel restaurant was just good, we just decided to eat in the hotel. But it is very nice that the cosiness of the city is within walking distance of the hotel.

What is there to do near the hotel Mountain Inn in Swaziland?

There are several activities you can do at a short distance from the Mountain Inn hotel. But this hotel and its location also invite you to do nothing at all, especially if you stop here during a tour of South Africa and Swaziland. Just relaxing by the pool with the picturesque view over the Ezulwini valley is very tempting here. And it is what we did.

Is hotel Mountain Inn a must when you are in Swaziland?

Swaziland is really different from South Africa, which became clear to us immediately when we crossed the border. Here you are directly confronted with the poverty of this country. In this large hotel, the Mountain Inn hotel, you don't have that feeling at all. Hotel Mountain Inn is a great hotel, with good rooms and good food. It's not all that special, but it is a great stop to spend the night in Swaziland.

Do you want more information about hotel Mountain Inn, click HERE.

Adress: Princess Drive, Mbabane H100, Eswatini


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