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Roompot Bospark ’t Wolfsven, a place to relax

Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven is located in the middle of nature, near the village of Mierlo, between Helmond and Eindhoven. The name Bospark is the perfect description for this holiday park, because the entire park is located in a forest and you are surrounded by tall trees everywhere.

The different parts of Roompot Bospark ’t Wolfsven

The holiday park is divided into different parts. Each section has its own cottages. Roompot has been working hard in recent years on the renovation and expansion of Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven. You have the parts of the park with the somewhat older houses and mobile homes, but also the new parts where you can sleep in brand new holiday homes.

These new holiday homes are really great, but the somewhat older mobile homes and holiday homes are also really great for a nice family holiday. Moreover, these mobile homes and cottages are certainly budget-proof and you can spend a week in the middle of the forest for a good price.

Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven also has a section that is used as a campsite. Here you can camp with your own caravan, camper or tent.

Sleeping in the newest houses of Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven

We slept in one of the newest Roompot holiday homes at Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven. And all I can say is WOW. These new holiday homes are really fully equipped. You really just have to see them to experience it, but we'll list a few of the perks of these houses to give you an idea of ​​these luxury vacation rentals.

The modern holiday homes of Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven

It all starts with the look and styling of the new holiday homes at Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven. The wooden exterior with black accents give the holiday homes a modern look. The furnishing of the new holiday homes is really up to date, totally in today's style. The combination of wood, black, white and sand colors give the houses a pleasant atmosphere.

Cooking in luxury at Roompot Bospark ’t Wolfsven

The new holiday homes have a luxury kitchen and are equipped with all necessities. There is a dishwasher, a large hob and a combination microwave. So you can really cook anything you want in these holiday homes. Although you can of course also just go out for dinner at Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven. But if you want to cook, then you certainly have everything at hand in this kitchen.

Relaxing after a long day at Roompot Bospark ’t Wolfsven

The new holiday homes at Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven have a nice sitting area with a corner sofa and large television. Watching television is perhaps not something that is at the top of your list, when you think of a quiet holiday in the middle of nature, but we found this fine seating area very nice. Because when you've spent the day outside at Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven and explored the area, there's nothing better than watching a movie with your feet up in your house. Especially during the colder months. In addition, the television has an integrated Chromecast, so that you can continue watching your own Netflix Series and Movies in the house.

No need to share a shower at Roompot Bospark ’t Wolfsven

The bathrooms in the new holiday homes at Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven are just as luxurious as the rest of the house. We stayed in a 4-person cottage, with 2 bedrooms. And how nice is it that both bedrooms have their own bathroom with toilet and shower? So delicious! Both bathrooms are exactly the same. There is a toilet, a large bathroom furniture with storage options and a spacious walk-in shower with rain shower.

Sleeping in luxury at Roompot Bospark ’t Wolfsven

The bedrooms in the new holiday homes of Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven both have a double bed. There are plenty of storage options for all your clothes. There are even lights next to your bed with a USB port to charge your phone. After extensive testing, we can at least confirm that the beds sleep well. The bedrooms have blinds, so that you will not be bothered by the first morning light.

As we mentioned earlier in this blog, you should actually book these cottages to experience them for yourself. In any case, we could not find any faults in these new holiday homes at Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven.

What can we do in Roompot Bospark ’t Wolfsven ?

There is plenty to do at Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven. There is a large swimming pond with a small sandy beach. The swimming pond is divided into different parts, where the different depths per part are clearly indicated. This is great when you are at the park with children, because you know exactly in which part your child can swim and play safely.

There are lawns around the rest of the swimming pond, which you can also lie on. Watch out for the droppings of the ducks and geese, because there is more than enough of that on the lawns. On the beach you will also find a small playground, which is especially fun for the smaller children.

In addition to the swimming pond, you will also find the indoor pool of Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven. Do not expect a large swimming paradise with slides etc. But it is a nice pool with a nice play area for the children. A great indoor pool for this park.

Pedal boats at Roompot Bospark ’t Wolfsven

When you continue on at the swimming pond you come to a second pond. Here you can rent pedal boats for half an hour or an hour. On this pond you will also find the restaurant, the indoor playground and the game hall. At the indoor playground you can also find children's entertainment. Every day there is a nice mini disco and other children's entertainment.

Eating at Roompot Bospark ’t Wolfsven

The restaurant has a fairly extensive menu, where you can order both simple dishes and more luxurious dishes. Especially the terrace of this restaurant on the pond is a wonderful place to enjoy lunch or dinner. We have tried several dishes and were not disappointed once. The tapas board is especially recommended with both tasty cold and warm dishes.

If you just fancy fries and a frikandel speciaal, you can also order these in the restaurant. But you could also pick it up at the snack bar. The snack bar is located right next to the indoor pool.

And if you want to cook for yourself and you don't have everything with you, you can certainly find what you need at the supermarket of Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven. This supermarket has an extensive range and is also the place where you can get your fresh bread rolls for breakfast in the morning.

A great vacation at Roompot Bospark ’t Wolfsven

We spent ten days at Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven and were never bored at this park. Due to the location of the place in the middle of the forest, this park immediately gives you a peaceful feeling. However, there are plenty of activities to keep you from getting bored.

The surroundings of Roompot Bospark ’t Wolfsven

And if you want to get away from Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven for a day, there is also plenty to see and do in the area. For example, you can rent bicycles at Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven and ride one of the cycling routes in the area of ​​Mierlo and Geldrop. There are both short and longer routes for cycling. You can also visit Geldrop Castle with beautiful castle gardens.

If you want to go shopping for a day, Eindhoven is the city to visit. Within fifteen minutes you are in Eindhoven, a modern city with plenty to see and do. Strijp-S in particular is a unique place to visit in Eindhoven. If you want to know more about what there is to do in the vicinity of Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven, CLICK HERE.

Do you want more information about Roompot Bospark 't Wolfsven, CLICK HERE

Address: Patrijslaan 4, 5731 XN Mierlo, Netherlands


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