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Savognin, a green paradise for kids

The surroundings of Savognin, the mountains of Graubunden, are truly a paradise for children. With the beautiful lake Lai Bargagn, the playgrounds, the nice walking routes, the running marmots and even a small ferry, Savognin really has everything to make your family holiday a success.

Savognin, the perfect family destination

As we mentioned above, Savognin has everything you need for a great holiday with the whole family. Savignon even has the official label of being a family destination. And in Savognin they have really done everything to make this place an unforgettable experience for young and old. There are special themed walks for children with games, activities and interactive elements. Playgrounds have been laid out everywhere and you can have a picnic with the family in different areas. Savognin has more than earned the family destination label.

Where can you find Savognin?

Savognin is located between the well-known Chur and the luxury destination of St. Moritz. Savognin is located in southeastern Switzerland at an altitude of 1,200 meters. Unfortunately, this height also ensures that it can cool down considerably in summer evenings. Savognin is a small, but lively village with about 1,000 inhabitants. But it is especially the surroundings of Savognin, which are really stunning. Surrounded by high mountain peaks with greenery and flowers everywhere, it really is a small Swiss paradise.

Hiking in Savognin

There are many different hiking trails that you can hike from Savognin. There are challenging hiking routes for experienced hikers, but there are also simpler routes that are also easy to walk for children. In total there are no less than 500 kilometers of marked hiking trails in Savognin. So if you like hiking, Savognin is definitely a good destination.

Hiking with the whole family in Savognin

In addition to the more difficult hikes that you can do in the Savognin area, there are also theme and family walks indicated. There are various themed walks that are very nice to walk, especially for families with children. For example, you can walk the route Flurin`s Sommerzauber.

Flurin’s Sommerzauber, hiking with children through the mountains of Savognin

When you have taken the cable car up and you choose the hiking route Flurin's Sommerzauber, the children receive a nice booklet with information about the hiking route. While walking this route you will come across various route posts with fun assignments for the children. The children go on an exciting journey of discovery through the mountains of Savognin and learn all about the Alpine flowers and herbs that you can find on these mountains. During this route you will pass nice picnic spots where you can rest from the walk and enjoy the view. This hiking trail is also easy to walk with prams, when you are on holiday with the little ones. But there are many more great hiking trails with children, such as lpleben Somtgant-Radons, where children learn all about life in the Alps.

Hiking through the Alps is therefore definitely a fun activity when you are on a family holiday in Savognin.

Cool off in Lake Lai Bargagn during the hot summer days in Savognin

Despite the fact that Savognin is quite high and it can be quite cold there, there are certainly plenty of warm days during the summer days. You can cool off in Lake Lai Bargagn. A great lake to go with the kids. Lake Lai Bargagn is a blue lake with green lawns all around. You can do various sports activities and if the children are still bored, they can also enjoy themselves in the spacious playground next to Lake Lai Bargagn. On warm days there is also a small kiosk open by the lake, where you can buy drinks and ice creams.

Parc Ela, the most beautiful natural park of Savognin

Parc Ela is a nature park in Savognin and is one of the largest nature parks in Switzerland. This nature park, which is located in the heart of the Graubunden region, consists of untouched nature and picturesque villages. Part of Parc Ela is even a Unesco World Heritage site. This natural park is no less than 600 km2 in size and includes the Albula and Julier mountain passes. Parc Ela has a varied landscape with a wide variety of plants and animals.

It is especially the untouched nature in Parc Ela that really impresses.

Alp Flix, the highlight of Parc Ela

Alp Flix is ​​a plateau in Parc Ela, above the village of Sur. Alp Flix is ​​wonderful to walk around and enjoy all the views this plateau has to offer. Everywhere you look you see mountain peaks, beautiful lakes, lots of greenery and flowers and winding water streams. Alp Flix is ​​also known as a treasure trove of biodiversity, as scientists once found more than 2,000 different plants and animals here in one day. In the middle of Alp Flix you will find the Agroturismo farm Cotti Agricultura. This farm offers various activities in Alp Flix, including horse riding. You can even spend the night in a traditional yurt or simply enjoy a delicious meal.

Savognin, definitely recommended

The mountains of Switzerland are beautiful and when you go on holiday with the whole family, Savognin is also highly recommended. It is one of the most child-friendly destinations we have ever been to. We stopped in Savognin for a few days on our way to Italy, but we could certainly have stayed much longer in Savognin.


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