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Splashing around in uShaka Marine World

uShaka Marine world is a well known and loved park on the Golden Mile in Durban, South Africa. The park has even received several awards and with its 15 hectares it is the largest marine park in South Africa.

The aquarium in uShaka Marine World

uShaka Marine World has a large aquarium. If you look at the volume of the water, this aquarium is even in fifth place of the largest aquariums in the world.

But we as Dutch people are of course a bit spoiled in terms of zoos and aquariums. And while everyone is enthusiastically talking about the uShaka Marine World aquarium, we didn't find it particularly impressive. It was beautiful, it was big, there was a lot to see, but not necessarily more beautiful or better than other aquariums we have already visited.

UShaka Marine World Durban, more than just the aquarium

The great thing about uShaka Marine World is that this marine park continues outside. So in addition to all the sea creatures in the uShaka Marine World aquarium, you will find the nicest animals outside.

Shows in uShaka Marine World, Durban

There are several shows to be seen in uShaka Marine World. You can see a very nice dolphin show, but also, for example, a sea lion show. Dolphins are of course always fun to watch and this dolphin show at uShaka Marine World is really fun entertainment for the kids. This dolphin show at uShaka Marine World is very informative and the kids really learn a lot about dolphins here. You can even attend this dolphin show with 1200 people. uShaka Marine World is really built to receive a lot of visitors.

The funny sea lions at uShaka Marine World

The sea lion show at uShaka Marine World is just as fun as the dolphin show. A sea lion is always funny and also in uShaka Marine World these animals are definitely the most funny attraction. But like the dolphin show, the sea lion show at uShaka Marine World is also informative and tells a lot about this fun animals.

Many more animals at uShaka Marine World

There is of course much more fun to see at uShaka Marine World. For example, the penguins are also ready to welcome you with their waddling characters. And of course it goes without saying that there is simply a lot of fish and underwater animals to see at uShaka Marine World.

Book extra activities at uShaka Marine World

You can also book additional activities at uShaka Marine World. For example, you can snorkel or dive in one of the aquariums of uShaka Marine World. A great way to get a closer look at the fish that live here.

Laze on the beach at uShaka Marine World

UShaka Marine World has its own beach where the children can play and where you can do many activities. You can go windsurfing, play beach volleyball, kite surfing, etc. You can even book a boat trip here at uShaka Marine World to spot dolphins in the wild.

The swimming paradise of uShaka Marine World

Wet 'n Wild World is another part of uShaka Marine World. A swimming paradise for young and old. There are quiet pools, calm currents to relax in or high slides for the adrenaline junkies among us. And if you don't feel like swimming at all, settle down on one of the beaches or lawns and relax, while the children have fun on the slides.

Lots of water at uShaka Marine World

uShaka Marine World revolves around everything that has to do with water. uShaka Marine World has a wide variety of activities involving water. You can see a lot of underwater life, see very cool shows, do sports activities on the water and enjoy a swim. In short, uShaka Marine World is a great park for a pleasant day out and lots of water fun.

The boulevard of uShaka Marine World

When you walk to the entrance of uShaka Marine World, you walk through a cozy, lively street where you can shop in one of the nice shops or eat in one of the restaurants. It's not just souvenir shops that you will find here. You also have some really nice clothing stores in this street. The promenade of uShaka Marine World is a really nice addition to this water park.

Our conclusion after a day at uShaka Marine World

If you're staying near Durban and don't know what to do, a visit to uShaka Marine World is definitely a fun day out. But it is certainly not a must visit in your trip through South Africa or during your visit in Durban. It's a fun activity if you have some extra days to spare during your tour of South Africa. Or when the weather is bad for a day, uShaka Marine World is certainly a fun activity.

If you want more information about this uShaka Marine World, click HERE.

Adress: 1, King Shaka Ave, Point, Durban, 4001, Zuid-Afrika


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