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10x things to do in Berlin, one of the most interesting cities in Europe

Berlin is one of the most interesting cities in Europe. And despite the fact that it is a city with a lot of history, this city feels very modern and unique. The history can of course be found in the monuments from the Second World War and especially the Cold War, of which some unique sights can still be seen.

But it is above all the diversity in Berlin that impresses the most. And that counts not only because of the diversity of buildings and sights. It is also the diversity in people, shops, art and culture. Berlin is truly a fusion of history, style and people, a unique blend. At first, Berlin may not be the city that appeals to you most in terms of sights, but you will still be amazed and amazed after a city trip to Berlin..

We made a list for you with the 10 activities and sights that you should not miss during your city trip to Berlin.

Berlin East Side Gallery, the most famous wall in Berlin

The Berlin Wall is one of the most popular sights in Berlin, a sight that you should not miss during your city trip to this city. Not because the wall is so special, but because so much history resides in this wall.

Everyone has learned at school about the Berlin Wall, why it was put up and what it meant for the history of Germany and Europe. And it is this history that makes seeing a piece of the Berlin Wall so special.

The East Side Gallery is the largest surviving piece of the Berlin Wall in Berlin. The entire wall is covered with drawings and graffiti by artists from around the world. That makes this wall extra cool to see, because it is a very cool collection of art with enough hidden messages about politics, the environment, etc.

Do you also love Street art? Then read on in this blog, because at the end of this blog we share the place with the most beautiful Street art collection in Berlin.

Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, remembering history in Berlin

The Memorial of the murdered Jews of Europe can be found about a 5-minute walk from Brandenburg Gate, in the center of Berlin. The plans to create a place in memory of the Jews started in 1999. The architect Peter Eisenman is the one who came up with the design. The project was completed in 2005.

The design consists of 2,700 blocks of cement in different sizes, different heights. At first we thought it was quite boring. But when you walk deeper into the blocks, the monument feels more impressive than we thought at first glance.

Please note that you are expected to treat this place with respect. Memorial of the murdered Jews of Europe is, after all, a place in memory of the fallen Jews. Unfortunately, the monument also looks a bit like a large playground, so children tend to jump up and down on the large concrete blocks quite quickly. This is not appreciated and there is therefore security around to put the children and people who do this in the place.

Brandenburg Gate, an iconic monument in Berlin

Ok, this is very touristy to do during your Berlin city trip, but Brandenburg Gate is one of the most iconic buildings in Berlin. Brandenburg Gate is another piece of old history in Berlin. This Gate is no less than 200 years old and is inspired by Greek architecture. The Branderburger Tor used to be a symbol of the oppression in Germany. Both Hitler and Napoleon paraded through this impressive gate. Today Branderburger Tor is a symbol of the unity of Germany.

It is always very crowded at Brandenburg Gate, so to take a good photo with this piece of history you will have to get there very early.

Visit Museum Island, a collection of museums in Berlin

As the name suggests, Museum Island is for museum enthusiasts. Museum Island is a museum complex in the heart of Berlin. This attraction is also one of the most visited sights in Berlin. And it is really not only visited by Museum enthusiasts.

Besides the Altes Museum, the Neues Museum, the Alte Nationalgalerie, the Bode Museum and the Pergamon Museum, you will also find another important attraction at Museum Island. Museum Island is located on Spree Island, which is the name of the island in the center of Berlin. On Spree Island you can also admire the Berliner Dom. The Berliner Dom is an imposing church with no fewer than towers and a hundred meters high Dom. This Blue dome and the golden cross are not to be missed when walking through Berlin.

If you like churches, you should definitely see the Berliner Dom from the inside. Because inside this church is just as impressive as from the outside.

Checkpoint Charlie, an iconic gate in Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie is another iconic landmark in Berlin, as it was an important location in the history of Berlin, of Germany. It was the most famous gate in Berlin to go from East to West Germany or vice versa. They left the gate exactly as it was years ago. Only now it is a normal road that goes around it.

The passing cars do take away from the charm of Checkpoint Charlie a bit. The sexy gatekeepers that you can take a picture with for a fee, however, make up for that. Checkpoint Charlie is actually not that much, but it is just one of those stops that you have to make when you are in Berlin. So take a quick photo and then move on to the next fun attraction in Berlin.

Reichstag Berlin, a Berlin view

The Reichstag is a historic government building. It was built in the 19th century and officially opened its doors in 1894. In the years that followed, several authorities housed in this building. Sadly, in 1933, the Reichstag was set on fire and the government building was damaged even further during World War II. The building was therefore declared unsafe. An attempt was made to renovate in the 1960s, but it was only after 1990 that the renovation of the Reichstag really started.

So much for the history of the Reichstag, because although it is an impressive and beautiful building to see, the building itself is not even the biggest attraction. That is the large glass dome on the day of the Reichstag. From this glass dome you have a 360 degree view of Berlin and you also have a look down at the entrance hall of the Reichstag. This, in combination with the special incidence of light in this dome, makes this dome the biggest attraction of the Reichstag.

Tiergarten Park, a place of piece in Berlin

Tiergarten Park is the Central Park of Berlin. If you want to escape the bustle of Berlin for a while, Tiergarten park is the perfect place for this. With no less than 210 hectares of forests, Tiergarten park is the green heart of Berlin. It is right in the center of Berlin, you will therefore also encounter many people who come to the park for relaxation. Here you can quietly read a book on the grass or jog your daily dose of meters. Tiergarten Park is very close to Branderburger Tor and you will also find some interesting monuments in the park, such as the Soviet War monument. From Tiergarten Park you also get to Zoo Berlin. Zoo Berlin is the largest zoo in Europe and an absolute must when you visit Berlin with children.

Visit a Biergarten, experience the culture of Berlin

When you are in Berlin, you really have to visit a Biergarten. It's actually just a terrace, but a Biergarten still sounds nicer. Moreover, the Biergartens are really part of the culture of Berlin. Some of the most beautiful and visited Biergartens are; Golgatha, Schleusenkrug and Zollpackhof Biergarten.

It might be an idea that you only go here at the end of the day, because if you stay too long at the Biergarten, visiting all the other sights in Berlin may become a bit more difficult. So save this activity for the end of your Berlin city trip.

Photoautomat, old-fashioned fun in Berlin

Photoautomaten ( Photo vending machines ) can be found in various places in Berlin. They're actually so old-fashioned that's what makes them so much fun. Nowadays, of course, we no longer have to sit together in a photo booth for a photo, because enough selfies are already taken with our phones. But secretly that is of course much more fun. Crammed together into a booth to have your picture taken with your craziest face. Photo vending machines are located in various places in Berlin, you will also find two on the Raw Berlin site.

Raw Berlin, a unique place in Berlin

Raw Berlin is in our opinion one of the coolest places in Berlin. Raw Berlin can be found in an old industrial complex, which dates back to the time of the GDR. This old industrial area has developed into a cultural hotspot of Berlin in the last ten years. You will find all kinds of cultural activities in the 6,000 m2 of spaces. You will find a skate hall, studios, bars and various clubs. But you will especially find a lot of graffiti by artists from all over the world. Moreover, the works of art are constantly changing, so that a visit to Raw Berlin is always different. The atmosphere in Berlin is unique and Raw Berlin fits perfectly with the vibes you get during your Berlin city trip.


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