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15x Madrid with kids

Spain is perhaps one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With the long coastline with the most beautiful beaches, the rich history, the unique architecture and the impressive mountain ranges, Spain is a diverse and beautiful country to visit. And especially for children, Spain is a very nice country, because the Spanish population is always very friendly to children. Children and family are the most important thing to the Spanish people. A holiday to Spain with children is therefore always a good idea.

Madrid, 15x Madrid with children. Read all our travel tips on our travel blog Kusjes van ons for a city trip to Madrid with children.

But which cities are fun to visit with children in Spain? Is Madrid a good destination for a city trip with children? Read it below in our travel blog 15x Madrid with children, a complete travel guide for your Madrid city trip.

Is Madrid a good destination for a city trip with children?

In Spain there are several cities that are fun to visit with children. Madrid is not one of the first cities you think of for a city trip with children, and yet Madrid is a very child-friendly city. The lively and grand capital of Spain is a very nice city to discover with children. Madrid has beautiful parks, unique museums, palaces and you eat churros with chocolate for breakfast, which sounds more than great for children.

How to get around in Madrid

Madrid is a compact city with the main attractions in Madrid within walking distance of each other, which is perfect when you are traveling with kids. If you don't feel like walking right now, you can also take the metro in Madrid. The metro system in Madrid is clear and simple and will take you to the main attractions in Madrid without having to walk.

We always like to just walk through the city with the boys and absorb the atmosphere of the city. But if you are still looking for some tips about what you can do with children in Madrid, besides walking through the city, then we have listed 15 fun things to do with children in Madrid for you.

15 things to do with kids in Madrid

Madrids Hop on Hop off City tour, the complete tour of Madrid in 1 day

A nice and fast way to discover Madrid is with the Hop On Hop Off City tour. These buses can be found in all major cities, including Madrid. We always find this a very nice way to discover the city, especially with younger children. You're sure you won't miss any sights and the bus stops in front of all the mayor attractions in Madrid.

Buy your tickets for HERE for the Hop on Hop Off City tour bus of Madrid.

Madrid, 15x Madrid with children. Read all our travel tips on our travel blog Kusjes van ons for a city trip to Madrid with children.

Rowing in Buen Retiro Park, the most beautiful park in Madrid

Buen Retiro Park is, in our opinion, the most beautiful park in Madrid and perhaps one of the most beautifully landscaped parks we have ever seen. In this park you can certainly enjoy yourself for a few hours and the children can also run around freely. To make your time in Buen Retiro Park even more fun, you can rent a rowing boat on the artificial lake. Half an hour of rowing in the sun is a super fun experience for children. And it is actually a relaxing activity in the middle of the busy city of Madrid.

Eating Churros and Chocolate in Madrid

The most important and most famous delicacy in Madrid is Churros with Chocolate. Whether you choose to eat it for breakfast or as a snack, it is certainly tasty. You can really buy Churros with Chocolate on every street corner in Madrid, but the most famous place to eat these Churros with Chocolate in Madrid is surely Chocolaterie San Gines. According to both locals and tourists, you can really buy the most delicious Churros with chocolate here.

Parque de attraciones Madrid, A nice day out in Madrid

Parque de attraciones Madrid is an amusement park on the outskirts of Madrid. The park is not very big, but very nice. There are many attractions for small children and Nickolodeon land is especially fun. This is perhaps the nicest part of the park with the Paw Patrol and Spongebob characters. There are also plenty of restaurants for a delicious lunch.

Buy your tickets HERE for Parque de Attraciones Madrid.

Staring at the Koalas at the Madrid Zoo

Madrid has a surprising big and fun Zoo. We also visited the Zoo in Valencia and the Zoo in Barcelona , but the zoo in Madrid is way more fun than these two. The Zoo in Madrid has an Aquarium, a reptile center and even a Dolphinarium. But our favorites were really the pandas and the koalas. I don't know what it is, but a koala is just too cute to see. And of course there are also playgrounds and restaurants in the Madrid Zoo. Due to the size of the animal park and the shows and activities, you can certainly enjoy yourself here for a whole day.

Do you want to visit the Zoo and Aquarium in Madrid, Click HERE for the tickets.


Madrid, 15x Madrid with children. Read all our travel tips on our travel blog Kusjes van ons for a city trip to Madrid with children.

The Prado Museum, history and culture in Madrid

The Prado Museum in Madrid is also called the Louvre Museum of Madrid. The Prado Museum is a very large museum with mainly classical works by, for example, Goya. Because the museum is so large, you can also enjoy yourself here for hours. It might be wise to read up in advance about what can be seen in the Prado Museum. Because it's so big, you can quickly walk around a bit lost here without a goal. Just like in the Louvre, there is just too much to see.

Do you want to visit the Prado Museum, Click HERE for tickets.

El Palacio Real, how the kings in Madrid lived

El Palacio Real is the royal palace of Madrid. The palace belongs to the Spanish royal family, although this Palacio Real has only been used as a working palace since 1931. The royal family now lives in a simpler palace in a suburb of Madrid. El Palacio Real is a real palace, exactly like you see them in the movies.Classic, exaggerated, grand and majestic. During a city trip to Madrid with kids, I would definitely recommend visiting the Royal Palace. Because for children it really is a glimpse into how a royal family lives and that is really very impressive.

Do you want to visit El Palacio Real, The Royal Palace of Madrid, click HERE for tickets.

Madrid, 15x Madrid with children. Read all our travel tips on our travel blog Kusjes van ons for a city trip to Madrid with children.

Caixaforum, culture and modern architecture in Madrid

Caixaforum is a special museum and cultural center in Madrid located on the Paseo del Prado. The museum has an impressive modern art collection, but mainly has many temporary exhibitions. For example, there was already an Andy Warhol exhibition, but also, for example, a Disney exhibition. Before you go here, it is therefore useful to see what is currently on display in the museum. Although you could also visit this building for the architecture alone. Because both the green, botanical wall on the outside and the cool staircase on the inside are guaranteed to attract attention.

Click HERE for more information.

Parque Madrid Rio, escape the bustle of Madrid

Parque Madrid Rio is a park on the other side of town, the opposite sit of Buen Retiro Park. The park runs along the Manzanares River and is best known for the large number of playgrounds you can find here. You can find no fewer than 17 playgrounds here, which are spread over the entire length of the park. So if you want to let the kids play for a while, then this is definitely a place where you can do that.

Mercado de San Miguel, delicious tapas in Madrid

Mercado de San Miguel is a market hall where you can eat informally. It is a market hall with tables in the middle of the hall, where you can sit comfortably. You can try different tapas at the different market stalls. It is especially the informal atmosphere that is very nice here for the children. They don't have to sit at a table, but can walk around and choose their own tapas.

CLICK HERE for more information about Mercado de San Miguel.

Madrid, 15x Madrid with children. Read all our travel tips on our travel blog Kusjes van ons for a city trip to Madrid with children.

Bernabue Stadion, the stadium of Real Madrid for the football lovers in Madrid

This is especially a fun activity during a city trip to Madrid for children who love football, because a visit to the Real Madrid football stadium is certainly not at the top of everyone's list. Bernabue Stadion is the stadium of Real Madrid, one of the most famous football clubs in Spain and Europe. For football fans, this is a bit of a must do when you are in Madrid. You can book various tours here to view the stadium from the inside.

Would you like to visit Real Madrid's Bernabue stadium, click here HERE for tickets.

Aquapark Madrid, water fun in Madrid

Especially in the summers it can get quite hot in Madrid and a day of cooling off in one of the water parks on the outskirts of Madrid is a welcome change from this heat. The two most famous water parks in Madrid are Aquopolis Villanueva Madrid and Parque Warner Beach. They both have fun slides and enough water fun attractions for the smallest, only Parque Warner Beach looks just a bit nicer. But both parks are really nice to visit

Buy your tickets for Aquapolis Madrid HERE

Do you prefer going toParque Warner Beach? Click HERE

Parque Warner Madrid, A little bit of action in Madrid

Parque Warner Madrid is a second amusement park on the outskirts of Madrid. This park is not very big either, but there are plenty of fun attractions. And you can even find the Looney Tunes here. Here you will find Europe's tallest suspended roller coaster, Europe's tallest drop tower and one of the longest wooden roller coasters. Moreover, there are also a number of water attractions to cool off during the hot summer. In any case, it is certainly not a boring activity during a city trip to Madrid.

Do you want to visit Parque Warner Madrid? Click HERE for tickets.

El Rastro market, shoppinh in Madrid

Every Sunday you can go to El Rastro markt in Madrid. It really is a magical market, where you can look for all kinds of vintage treasures with the kids during your Madrid city trip. The main street of El Rastro market mainly sells clothes, but in the side streets you will also find many antiques, vintage and unique new items. If you are in Madrid on a Sunday, you really don't want to miss this market.

Faro de Monclao, the best view over Madrid

Faro de Monclao in Madrid is a viewpoint, from which you have a view over the whole of Madrid. It is a watchtower of no less than 92 meters high and one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Madrid. From the platform roof you have a 360 degree view of Madrid. If your children are not afraid of heights, this is a great outing during your visit to Madrid. Certainly an activity with the best view during your city trip Madrid.

Click HERE for more information about Faro de Monclao.


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