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Camping Cala Gogo, a fun family campsite on the Costa Brava

Camping Cala Gogo is a fun campsite in the lively seaside town of Platja d'Aro. It may not be the most luxurious campsite on the Costa Brava. But with the good location, you don't need the luxury that other very large campsites offer.

Camping Cala Gogo, walking distance from Platja d’Aro

In our opinion, the best thing about camping Cala Gogo is the location of this nice family campsite. Camping Cala Gogo is located on the border of the lively seaside town of Platja d'Aro. Platja d'Aro is certainly not one of the most beautiful seaside resorts on the Costa Brava and certainly does not have the beautiful history that the other villages on the Costa Brava have. However, the liveliness of this seaside town more than makes up for it.

Platja d'Aro is actually a long street with lots of shops and restaurants. At the end of the street you will also find a nice, permanent fair. There is also a long boulevard on the large beach of Platja d'Aro. You can find cozy terraces and delicious restaurants on this boulevard.

From Camping Cala Gogo it is only a short walk to Platja d'Aro. When you walk along the road, you are in Platja d'Aro within ten minutes. But there is also a more beautiful route that runs along the coastline of the Costa Brava. You may walk for about half an hour from Camping Cala Gogo to Platja d'Aro, but the views are phenomenal.

Cami de Ronda, from Cala Gogo to Platja d’Aro

As we mentioned above, there are two ways to walk from Camping Cala Gogo to Platja d'Aro. The most beautiful walking route to Platja d'Aro is via the Camino de Ronda, the walking route that runs along the coastline of the Costa Brava. Camino de Ronda is a walking route that runs along the entire coastline of the Costa Brava. We already told you more about this in another article, read it here. A part of this Camino de Ronda also runs from Camping Cala Gogo to Platja d'Aro. You walk along beautiful bays with azure blue water, nice beaches and beautiful viewpoints. This walking route is certainly one of the advantages of Camping Cala Gogo.

A private piece of Costa Brava beach

Camping Cala Gogo has its own beach. Because Camping Cala Gogo is located against a rock, it is quite a tough walk up and down. That is why a train drives from the top to the bottom of Camping Cala Gogo. This little train runs all day long up and down to the beach. So you certainly don't have to walk to the beach if you don't want tired legs.

The beach of Cala Gogo, the bay, is really beautiful. It is surrounded by beautiful rocks and you can sunbathe, swim and snorkel here. There is also a restaurant on the beach for a snack and a drink.

Watching the sunset at Camping Cala Gogo

The beach of Camping Cala Gogo is also the ideal place to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Whether sitting on the beach or on the terrace with a snack and a drink, a sunset on the Costa Brava is always magical. We have found a "secret" spot on this beach, which in our opinion is the most beautiful spot for a sunset. When you descend to the beach, turn right towards the Camino de Ronda. You walk directly past a large rocky outcrop. When you climb this rocky outcrop from the path, you will see a staircase leading down into a small bay that you will have all to yourself. With the beautiful pink colors of the sunset, this place definitely feels like a piece of paradise during your holiday on the Costa Brava.

The facilities of Camping Gogo

Camping Cala Gago has several swimming pools. However, the pools are not very big. So when the campsite is full in high season, the pools may be a bit small for the number of guests. There is a nice pool for small children and a pool with slides. There are also sun loungers by the pool, but certainly not enough for all camping guests. On the other hand, a larger pool is also not necessary, as the campsite has its own beach.

Eating at Camping Cala Gogo

Camping Cala Gogo has several restaurants. There are restaurants by the pools where you can eat both during the day and in the evening. The restaurant at the beach is also highly recommended. In the evenings there is often live music at the restaurant on the beach, which makes the atmosphere even more pleasant. By the way, don't expect a culinary spectacle at the restaurants on Cala Gogo. You can simply dine here, with a nice piece of meat or a pizza.

For delicacies in your cottage or caravan you can go to the supermarket of Camping Cala Gogo. In this supermarket you can really find everything you need. The sanitary facilities at Camping Cala Gogo are also excellent. There are several toilet and shower blocks, both new and somewhat outdated. But the facilities are also very good in the more outdated sanitary buildings.

Sleeping at Camping Cala Gogo

Camping Cala Gogo has various accommodations. There are various providers that rent out mobile homes and tents at Camping Cala Gogo. This is how we rented a tent through Vacansoleil. These tents are surprisingly spacious. They are spacious tents where everything you need is already present. The beds in these tents were also fine. We think such a tent is ideal, because it gives you the real camping feeling and you don't have to take much with you.

But as we mentioned earlier, at Camping Cala Gogo tents and mobile homes are rented from different providers. They are all somewhat similar. Would you like to go to Camping Cala Gogo with your own tent, caravan or motorhome, that is of course also possible. There are several areas with pitches spread over the site.

Conclusion Camping Cala Gogo

Our conclusion about Camping Cala Gogo is that it is a great campsite for a wonderful family holiday. It is not a super deluxe campsite. It doesn't have large, tropical swimming pools, but not everyone wants them either. The location and the beautiful beach more than make up for the less luxurious facilities of Camping Cala Gogo. We therefore definitely recommend this campsite if you like a medium size campsite and are simply looking for a nice family campsite.

We especially think the location on the beach and the location in relation to the nice seaside town of Platja d'Aro is really great and the biggest plus of camping Cala Gogo. Have you become curious about Camping Cala Gogo?

Address: Av. Andorra, 8, 13, 17251 Calonge, Girona


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