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Ljubljana, the cutest capital of Europa

Slovenia's capital is not comparable to other capitals. Ljubljana is a small, cute and somewhat crazy capital. Ljubljana is built along the river that flows through the middle of the city. On both sides of the river you will find the beautiful center of this capital.

Pronouncing the name of this city is a challenge in itself. In English it would be pronounced Loo-blyah-na or something similar. But the difficult name doesn't make the city any less fun. Anyone who visits Ljubljana will instantly fall in love with this unique capital.

Ljubljana is not to be missed when traveling through Slovenia

When traveling through Slovenia, Ljubljana is almost unmissable. When you drive through Slovenia, it is almost impossible not to drive past this capital. With its central location, you can reach the lively center of this capital from every corner of Slovenia in a short time. Distance is certainly no reason not to visit this city when you are in Slovenia and believe us, you really don't want to miss this city.

Ljubljana is the perfect city to stroll through, go shopping or enjoy a drink on a terrace. Especially the terraces on the river are cosy, lively and you can eat delicious.

Ljubljana, one of the smallest capitals in Europe

And another great advantage to Ljubljana; you don't have to wonder how you are going to explore the city. You don't need anything more than a pair of legs. The city is so compact that you can see the entire city within an hour or two. With only 300,000 inhabitants, Ljubljana is one of the smallest capitals we have ever visited.

At the tourist center of Ljubljana you can book a tour to explore the city. With a guide you will walk through the city, who will tell you all the interesting facts about Ljubljana. There is also a free tour that you can walk around the city. This tour takes you to the most beautiful sights of Ljubljana.

The beautiful location of Ljubljana

It is mainly the location of Ljubljana, in the middle of the impressive Slovenian nature, which makes this capital so special. This particular location is best seen from the top of Ljubljana Castle, creatively named; Ljubljana Castle. From this castle you have a beautiful view over the city and the mountains that lie behind the city. An absolute picture.

If you have the opportunity to visit Ljubljana Castle during sunset, we say do it! The light that falls over the city is truly magical.

Strolling through Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a nice city for shopping. You have all the important chains, but in the small cobbled streets you will also find the more unique shops. You will find small clothing boutiques, vintage shops, but also record stores and shops with nice gadgets.

The pleasant streets and the boulevard along the river are ideal for many pleasant terraces and restaurants. Moreover, the food and drinks in Ljubljana are also wonderfully affordable.

But what is there to see and do in Ljubljana?

As we wrote before, Ljubljana is a small, compact city. So you don't have to take days off to explore this city. It is actually mainly the atmosphere of this city, a relaxed, fairytale atmosphere that you should absorb as much as possible. But of course there are also some sights in this city that you don't want to miss. Below our favorite activities and sights in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Explore the Old Town of Ljubljana

In fact, everything you need to see in Ljubljana can be found in the old town. Everywhere in the old center you will find cute streets, cozy squares, beautiful bridges and some special buildings. And the river that runs through the center completes the atmosphere of this old city center.

Cathedral de St Nicolas, the cathedral of Ljubljana

Ljubljana's cathedral, St Nicolas Cathedral, stands in the middle of the capital's old town. The history of this cathedral goes all the way back to the year 1200. If you are curious about the architecture of this cathedral, you can also admire this cathedral from the inside.

The bridges of Ljubljana

Ljubljana is known for the many bridges that cross the river through the city. We have listed the three most beautiful and important bridges of this capital in Slovenia for you.

Tromostovje, de Triple Bridge in Ljubljana.

There are several bridges to see in Ljubljana, but the Triple Bridge is the most special and famous bridge in this capital. The Triple bridge consists, as the name suggests, of three separate bridges that together form the Triple bridge. This bridge connects the old town of Ljubljana with the famous square, Preseren Square. Moreover, from this bridge you have a beautiful view over the city.

Butchers Bridge, another famous bridge in Ljubljana

In English, this bridge is also called Butchers Bridge. This bridge in Ljubljana is best known for the many padlocks that are hung here, as you see in many other cities. Also here in Ljubljana many couples have put a padlock on the bridge to record their eternal love.

Dragon Bridge, the bridge of dragons in Ljubljana

The last bridge in Ljubljana on our list is the Dragon Bridge. Dragons are the symbol of Ljubljana. On the corners of this famous bridge are statues of dragons. When you visit Ljubljana in the summer, you will see that the color of the statues is the same color as the color of the river that runs through this city.

Preseren square, the most important square in Ljubjana

Preseren square is the main square of Ljubljana, where several roads converge. It is not in the old center of the capital, but on the other side of the river. From the old center you can walk directly onto Preseren Square via the Triple Bridge.

This central square is named after Slovenia's most famous poet; France Preseren. In the middle of this square you will find a statue in memory of this famous poet. But that's not the only famous building you can see in this square. Overlooking the square is the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation. The beautiful red color of this church symbolizes the monastic order of the Franciscans.

Visit the market in Ljubljana

Right next to the river, between the Dragon Bridge and the Butchers Bridge, you will find a large market full of cozy stalls, where you can buy flowers, vegetables, fruit and many other things. Whether it's raining or 40 degrees, this market is always open. Ljubljana's market is the perfect place to eat good food. There are several food stalls, and we recommend that you eat the famous Slovenian sausages here. When you stroll past the various market stalls, you will automatically pass the indoor market. Because they also sell fresh products and delicious snacks here.

Just enjoy walking through Ljubljana

Of course you should visit all the sights of Ljubljana, but especially enjoy walking through this city and taste the atmosphere. Ljubjana is a beautiful city and an absolute must visit when you are on holiday in Slovenia or traveling through Slovenia.



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