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Tossa de Mar, a gem on the rugged Costa Brava

Surrounded by nothing but rocks, Tossa de Mar is one of the most beautiful gems of the Costa Brava. This large bay which consists of several beaches is no less than 1 kilometer along and is surrounded by the historic streets of Tossa de Mar, which is built against the rocks that surround Tossa de Mar. This authentic fishing village has all the ingredients for your perfect holiday on the Costa Brava, the rugged and most beautiful coast of Spain.

Tossa de Mar, the perfect destination for your holiday on the Costa Brava

Whether you are looking for beautiful beaches, impressive nature, a bit of culture or just want to eat and drink delicious food, Tossa de Mar has it all. National Geographic has even voted the beaches of Tossa de Mar as one of the 25 best beaches in the world. If that isn´t a reason to visit Tossa Mar and don´t know what is.

Where is Tossa de Mar located?

Tossa de Mar is located on the most northern coastal strip of Spain, the Costa Brava. It is located in the Gerona region, in the province of Catalonia. Tossa de Mar is located about 100 kilometers under the French border and about 100 kilometers above Barcelona. With a size of no less than 1 kilometer it is one of the widest bays of the Costa Brava.

10 tips for your visit to this gem of the Costa Brava, Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is the perfect destination for your holiday to the Costa Brava. We have listed 10 tips for you to make your holiday to Tossa de Mar even better.

Stroll the streets of the Villa Vella, historic Tossa de Mar

Villa Vella is the historic center of Tossa de Mar and is one of the most beautiful parts of Tossa de Mar. The Vila Vella, the old part of Tossa de Mar, is the only fully remaining fortified town on the Catalan coast and was built around the 12th century. A large wall was built around the city center to protect the city against piracy. This city wall has ensured that the city has been perfectly preserved. In 1931, this historic district of Tossa de Mar, Villa Vella, was declared a National Historic Landmark of Spain.

Because the old town is surrounded by the high city wall, you can only enter the city through one of the two medieval city gates. And as soon as you enter these gates, you walk through the most picturesque streets lined with beautiful medieval houses on both sides. You will also find some really nice, authentic shops and a few restaurants with cozy terraces here.

Museo del Far de Tossa, the most beautiful viewpoint of Tossa de Mar

There used to be the Castillo Tossa de Mar, a beautiful castle within the city walls of Villa Vella. Unfortunately, very little of Castillo Tossa de Mar has survived. You can still find the 7 round towers of Castillo Tossa de Mar and the cannons that were used to defend the city, but the large tower of Castillo Tossa Mar was unfortunately demolished in 1917.

A lighthouse was built in the place of this large tower. And here you will find Museo del Far de Tossa. This museum is not necessarily a Must Visit when you are in Tossa de Mar, but the view from this lighthouse is really beautiful. From the Museo del Far de Tossa you have a great view over the rugged coastline with the crystal blue waters of the Costa Brava.

In the Museu del Far itself you can learn all about the history of this lighthouse and Tossa de Mar.

Address: Vila Vella, Passeig de Vila Vella, s/n, 17320, Girona

Vila Nova, the new part of Tossa de Mar

In addition to the historic district of Tossa de Mar, there is also a very cozy new area in Tossa de Mar, Vila Nova. The Vila Nova originated outside the city walls of Vila Vella and has been continuously developed since the 18th century. This part of Tossa de Mar has many cozy streets with nice shops and many restaurants. Vila Nova is one of the districts that make Tossa de Mar so great as a holiday destination.

Vila Nova has some nice historical sights, such as San Vicens, the chapel Mare de Deu del Socores and the old Sant Miquel hospital.

Stroll through the Tossa de Mar market

Like all towns and villages in Spain, Tossa de Mar also has a weekly market. The weekly market of Tossa de Mar takes place on Thursdays from 9am to 2pm. With more than 100 stalls, the weekly market of Tossa de Mar is quite large. You will find a wide variety of articles. You will find nice trinkets, but also just vegetables and fruit.

Taste the local seafood in Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is a fishing village and that is why you will find many restaurants here that offer the most delicious sea dishes. One of the most popular dishes is of course the Spanish Paella. This Spanish Paella consisting of shellfish and rice can be found in countless variations in Spain, but according to many, the Paella on the Costa Brava is the best Paella in Spain.

The beaches of Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is a wonderful place to just relax on the beach. There are several beaches around Tossa de Mar that are on walking distance from the city center.

The main and largest beach of Tossa de Mar is Platja Gran. Platja Gran is no less than 400 meters long and equipped with all facilities. You will find cozy beach bars for a delicious snack and a drink. But there are also lifeguards, toilets and showers. Platja Mar Menuda and Platja Es Codolar are beautiful, somewhat smaller beaches, which are less than a kilometer walk from the center of Tossa de Mar.

If you have a car, there are many more beautiful beaches to discover in the vicinity of Tossa de Mar, such as Platja Porto Pi and Santa Maria de Llorell.

Rent a Kayak and discover Tossa de Mar from the sea

You can rent kayaks at Platja Gran in Tossa de Mar. Kayaks are perfect for exploring Tossa de Mar from the sea. Tossa de Mar is even more impressive from the sea than from land with the picturesque streets that you see running up the slopes. And especially the beautiful coastline, the Costa Brava makes a great impression from the sea. And how wonderful it is to just float over the water with the kayak and enjoy the tranquility for a while.

Discover the coves of the Costa Brava from Tossa de Mar

The best thing about the Costa Brava are all the beautiful bays that this rugged coastline has. Surrounded by high rocks with crystal blue water, you really feel like you are on the Caribbean on these beaches. There are a number of entire bays less than a five kilometer drive from Tossa de Mar.

Cala Bona, Cala Llevado, Cala Pola, Cala Morisca and Cala d`en Carlos are some of these beautiful coves that you can find in the area of ​​Tossa de Mar.

Hike Cami de Ronda from Tossa de Mar

Camino de Ronda is the most beautiful hiking route in the Costa Brava. It is a path of no less than 191 kilometers that runs along the entire coastline of the Costa Brava. Camino de Ronda takes you along some of the beautiful coves that the Costa Brava has. From Tossa de Mar you can walk all the way to Blanes on this Camino de Ronda. But of course you can also just walk a short distance and relax on one of the beaches.

Visit one of the cities near Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar has a reasonable central location. Tossa de Mar, for example, is less than 100 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​the capital of Catalonia. Barcelona is definitely a must visit city when you are on holiday in Tossa de Mar. But also the historic and very beautiful city Girona is easy to visit from Tossa de Mar. Some other coastal towns such as Blanes and Begur are certainly worth a visit when you are on holiday in Tossa de Mar.

Have fun in Tossa de Mar

We think Tossa de Mar is definitely one of the nicest and most enjoyable destinations on the Costa Brava. Although Tossa de Mar is not very big, it does have a very pleasant and touristic center with many nice shops and delicious restaurants. This, in combination with the beautiful beaches and historic sights, makes it the perfect holiday destination for us on the rugged Costa Brava.


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