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24 Hours in Budapest: A One-Day Travel Guide with all the Highlights of this City

Are you planning to spend 24 hours in Budapest and do you know what you can see and do in this short time? In this blog post we share a complete travel guide with the highlights of this beautiful city, so you can make the most of your short stay. From historic sights to bustling markets and delicious local cuisine, discover everything Budapest has to offer for an unforgettable day.

City trip Budapest - Find a complete one-day travel guide for the perfect 24 hours in Budapest here.

Budapest is a big city. So make sure you get to Budapest so that you have enough time to see the main sights in Budapest and so that you have enough time to actually absorb the atmosphere of this lively city.

Breakfast with traditional Hungarian delicacies

After arriving in beautiful Budapest, it is time to explore the tasty Hungarian cuisine. Start your day with a traditional breakfast consisting of delicious treats such as rétes, a sweet strudel filled with apple or cherries, and lángos, fried dough drizzled with garlic oil. These authentic dishes are a perfect introduction to the rich flavors of Hungary and provide the energy needed for a day of adventure.

After a hearty breakfast, it's time to explore the historical highlights of Budapest. Take a short walk to the majestic Buda Castle, an architectural masterpiece that offers breathtaking views of the city and, in our opinion, the one sight you really don't want to miss when visiting this great city.

Address: Budapest, Szent György tér 2, 1014 Hungary

Explore the cobbled streets and admire the beautiful medieval and baroque buildings. Nearby is the fairytale Fisherman's Bastion, a neo-romantic structure with seven towers that offers a picturesque panorama of the Danube River and the Parliament. It is an ideal location to take unforgettable pictures and offers a glimpse into the rich history of Budapest.

Address : Budapest, Szentháromság tér, 1014 Hungary

City trip Budapest - Find a complete one-day Travel Guide for the perfect 24 hours in Budapest/City trip Budapest - Find here the complete one-day Travel Guide for the perfect 24 hours in Budapest.


The Danube is the great river that runs straight through Budapest. There is plenty to see and do on the banks of this river.

Visit the Chain Bridge and the Parliament Building

A visit to Budapest is not complete without exploring the beautiful Danube embankment. Start by crossing the iconic Chain Bridge, which connects the Buda and Pest parts of the city. The bridge offers breathtaking views of the river and the majestic buildings on either side of it. Don't forget to take some photos to capture this unforgettable experience.

Continue your exploration by visiting the imposing Parliament Building, a masterpiece of neo-Gothic architecture. Admire the beautiful facade and consider taking a guided tour to experience its rich history and beautiful interiors up close.

Address: Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3, 1055 Hungary


Lunch at a local restaurant by the river

After admiring the sights, it is time to enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the many cozy restaurants on the river. Choose a local restaurant to enjoy authentic Hungarian dishes such as goulash, langos or a refreshing salad. While you enjoy your meal, relax and take in the beautiful surroundings of Budapest, overlooking the bustling Danube.

After a tasty lunch, you will be energized to continue exploring this enchanting city.

Explore Budapest from the water

Instead of just walking the banks of the Danube, you can also choose to admire Budapest from the Danube, from the water. There are several river boats that sail past the most beautiful sights of Budapest in about 1 hour. The view of the parliament building and Buda Castle is absolutely unique from the water.

City trip Budapest - Find a complete one-day travel guide for the perfect 24 hours in Budapest here/

Pest is the liveliest part of Budapest. Here you will find all the nice shopping streets full of shops, restaurants and bars. Unfortunately, you can never see the whole of Pest in 24 hours, so we take you through the places you really don't want to miss in this nice center of Budapest.

Walk along Andrassy Avenue

Andrassy Avenue is one of the most iconic streets of Budapest, and a walk here offers a glimpse of the beautiful 19th-century architecture. Take a leisurely stroll along this tree-lined boulevard and admire the stately mansions and chic shops. Don't forget to visit the Hungarian State Opera, one of the architectural highlights of the street.

Visit to St. Stephen's Basilica

An absolute 'must-see' during a visit to Pest is the imposing St. Stephen's Basilica. Named after the first king of Hungary, this beautiful church offers a breathtaking interior with lavish decorations and beautiful domes. Don't forget to experience the 360-degree panoramic views from the dome - it's well worth the climb.

Address: Budapest, Szent István tér 1, 1051 Hungary

Time for a coffee break

After all that sightseeing, it's time to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a nice beer. Fortunately, Pest is known for its abundance of cozy coffee houses and bars. Take a seat in one of the classic cafes and treat yourself to a delicious coffee and a local pastry while enjoying the atmosphere and the view of the streets of Budapest.

After all that walking, the best way to end a day in Budapest is with a visit to the thermal baths. Below is an overview of the most popular thermal baths in Budapest.

Enjoy the healing waters at Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Széchenyi Thermal Bath is one of the largest and most popular thermal baths in Budapest. It offers a range of hot spring baths, steam baths and saunas. The healing properties of the water are well known and attract tourists and locals alike. The minerals in the water help relieve muscle pain, joint problems and improve blood circulation. By visiting Széchenyi Thermal Bath you can relax and enjoy the therapeutic effect of the baths. In our opinion, Széchenyi Thermal Bath is the most beautiful thermal bath in Budapest. But we are not alone in this, so it can get quite busy here.


Address: Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 9-11, 1146 Hungary

Exploration of the Gellért Spa

Gellért Spa is known for its beautiful Art Nouveau building and its healing waters. The thermal bath dates back to the Middle Ages and offers a unique and picturesque experience. In addition to the lush indoor pools and hot springs, Gellért Spa also has an outdoor pool where you can relax while enjoying spectacular views of the Danube River. It is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in peace and serenity.

Address: Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4, 1118 Hungary


City trip Budapest - Find  a complete one-day travel guide for the perfect 24 hours in Budapest here

Is 24 hours in Budapest enough? With our Travel Guide it is

Budapest offers an abundance of attractions and experiences for visitors who have just 24 hours to explore the city.

From the beautiful architecture and relaxing thermal baths to the rich history and culinary delights, there is something for everyone.

Can you see the whole of Budapest within 24 hours? Absolutely not. But with proper planning and prioritization, travelers can experience an unforgettable day in this enchanting city and certainly get a sense of the city's atmosphere and all the beauty it has to offer. With the right choices you can certainly admire the most beautiful and important sights of Budapest and still have time to soak up their atmosphere.


Budapest is a very large city and there are many nice hotels, luxury hotels, but also budget hotels. Check out our favorites in Budapest below.

City trip Budapest - Find a complete one-day travel guide for the perfect 24 hours in Budapest here

City trip Budapest - Find a complete one-day travel guide for the perfect 24 hours in Budapest here.

City trip Budapest - Find a complete one-day travel guide for the perfect 24 hours in Budapest here.


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