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Casa Mila is really just an apartment block in the L'Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona. But of course an ordinary apartment block would not be a famous landmark in Barcelona and attract so many tourists every year.

Of course not. Casa Mila is a completely unique building by the architect Antoni Gaudi. Again a building of his hand, which you cannot compare at all with his other designs.


Casa Mila, or is it La Pedrera?

Casa Mila was built between 1906 and 1920. In Barcelona, Casa Mila is nicknamed La Pedrera. Literally translated, this means the quarry. This nickname refers to the rugged appearance of this apartment building. But originally this nickname was not meant positively. Because just like the other buildings by Antonio Gaudi, Casa Mila deviates considerably from the architectural style of that time and not everyone was pleased with this design. So at the time, La Pedrera was actually a negative nickname for the completely unique Casa Mila.


Casa Mila was inspired by nature

Nature was also the main source of inspiration for the architect Antoni Gaudi when designing Casa Mila. This is mainly reflected in the organic and natural shapes and lines of Casa Mila.


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Casa Mila was Antoni Gaudi .'s last private project

Antoni Gaudi's career was at its peak when he was commissioned to design Casa Mila. It was even his last private commission before he started designing and building the famous Sagrada Familia. It was the wealthy industrialist Pere Mila who commissioned Antoni Gaudi to build this block of flats. Unfortunately, the collaboration between the two gentlemen did not go completely smoothly, because the tastes of the gentlemen were quite different. For this reason, Antoni Gaudi even left the project early.

Mr. Pere Mila himself lived for some time on the first floor of Casa Mila. Unfortunately, the rest of this apartment building proved difficult to rent out. This was mainly due to the rounded corners in the apartments.


Park your carriage at Casa Mila

Another fun fact about Casa Mila – La Pedrera is that you could find the first parking lot of Casa Mila here. During the first period of Casa Mila, the residents of Casa Mila could drive their own carriage to their floor and park there. Later this was of course possible with cars. Elevators were not installed until much later in Casa Mila – la Pedrera.


Casa Mila, a must see attraction in Barcelona

Today Casa Mila is a major landmark in Barcelona.

There are several things to see in Casa Mila – La Pedrera. Casa Mila houses a museum with changing exhibitions. On the fourth floor there is an apartment furnished, as it looked when Casa Mila was designed in the early 20th century.

In the attic of Casa Mila you can visit a permanent exhibition about Antoni Gaudi.

The absolute highlight of Casa Mila – La Pedrera is the roof terrace. On this roof terrace you can clearly see that Casa Mila is a design by Antoni Gaudi.  The roof terrace has special lines and shapes, from which you also have a beautiful view of Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia.


When you visit Casa Mila, the elevator will take you directly to the roof terrace. From there you walk down the stairs and you will automatically pass the Gaudi exhibition and the other sights of Casa Mila.


Address: pg. de Gracia, 92, 08008 Barcelona

Practical information

How do I get to Casa Mila?

Casa Mila is located in the center of Barcelona, close to the equally famous Casa Batllo.

So you can walk there in about 15 minutes from the center of Barcelona. If you already have enough kilometers in your legs or prefer to go by metro, that is also possible.

With metro line 3 or 5 you can go to Casa Mila. You have to get off at the Diaganol metro station.


Where can I buy my tickets for Casa Mila?

Casa Mila only has a limited number of tickets available per day and the queues can be long. If you want to stay ahead of this crowd, it is wise to buy your tickets online in advance. You can then walk straight through and be sure that you will not miss a visit to Casa Mila. You can reserve your tickets for Casa Mila via the link below.

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