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We've been working on this for months. And in September it will finally be online!


A complete course consisting of E-books and video material consisting of modules that can be ordered separately for anyone who dreams of a life abroad. ​


Are you in the research phase and don't know yet if emigrating is something for you? ​


Has the decision already been made and are you going to emigrate, but you don't know where to start yet? ​


Would you like to emigrate, but are you still looking for work? ​


Would you like to work online or start an online business and are you still looking for what you could do? ​


Do you want to start your online business, but you have no idea how to do it and where to start? ​


For all these questions about emigrating and working abroad, we offer various modules, which can all be ordered separately. ​


Do you want to emigrate to Spain and do you want to know what is involved in an emigration to Spain?


Or are you going to emigrate to Spain and do you want to start your own company in Spain? ​


We also offer various modules for this. ​ In short, from mid-September we offer a complete course in which we tell you everything about living and working abroad, based on our own experiences and our many conversations with various experts.

And of course from mid-September we will also share many articles with you, full of tips for everyone who wants to live and work abroad.

Do you want to know first when our complete course will be online? Sign up below and you will be the first to receive a message and you will also receive a great discount.

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